What is the Best App for Real Estate Agents This 2021?

Real estate brokers are known to be always on the go, more so, they are required in the office and outside of the office every day. Luckily, technology has made their lives easier through mobile device and apps.

However, there are a number of apps out there that have complicated interfaces that can overwhelm users. In this article, we’ve listed the best real estate apps that will help you and your team leader become a pro in this modern world of real estate.

Reviews of the Top Real Estate Apps for Real Estate Agents

1. Best Overall: Connect Team

Some say Connect Team is like having a “digital briefcase/ business cards” and, we couldn’t agree more. It’s an important asset for one to be a successful real estate agent. Connect Team has all the features you need in a realtor app:

As the best app for real estate agents, Connect Team has everything you need in realtor apps. Real estate agents can do a bit of everything of anything to make fieldwork and office work coincide smoother and easier for them.

With the above features, Connect Team is a great app for any real estate agent assigned to fieldwork, as it gives everything they need to be efficient and effective outside of the office.



2. Best Value For Real-Estate Apps: Zillow / Premier Agent App

zillo premier agent

If you’re looking for an all-around application for when you are inside or outside of the office, Zillow is a must-have mobile app for your needs. It has a built-in robust CRM tool that consists of lead generation, sorting, task management, and lead assignment features for flexible use.

You can easily set up tasks, emails, updates like any other CRM out there. However, its core and unique feature that separates it from other real estate apps is it spoonfeeds you with a more focused view of what your target audience is looking for. It helps you to save time on both ends of the stick.



3. Best Budget Pick: Dot Loop

One of the most hassling responsibilities in every job is the amount of paperwork one needs to manage.

When done physically, it’s easy to misplace and lose important documents as it gets buried under the pile of hundreds of documents. Dot Loop fixes that problem by integrating every document you have into a digitalized space.

Dot Loop is tailor-made for real estate agents to have streamlined and smooth processes by allowing you to:

“More Time Driving Growth, Less Time Chasing Papers” as Dot Loop says. No to scan documents and filers, yes to shared and automated document space.



4. Honorable Mention: FreshChat

In every business, managing client expectations and concerns is a must. After all, what good is a business without healthy connections? This is why real-estate marketing apps are important in the field. Luckily, you have Freshchat to help you in that regard.

Freshchat enables you to connect and answer every inquiry or concern your lead has through its text messaging and chat system. You can partner up with other real-estate apps such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, Whatsapp, Slack, and many more to expand your reach and communication capabilities with your leads.

The best parts of FreshChat is it has a Live Chat feature that lets you have an instant response to queries and concerns of your new customers and potential buyers. Second, is it’s completely free! You will be able to enjoy the app that enables you to stay in touch with your customers live without any charges.



5. Hubstaff

If you’re working with virtual assistants, creating social media posts, generating Facebook lead ads, have multiple accounts to handle, then Hubstaff is the app for you.

Hubstaff acts like a personal concierge for your business; it helps you process payments through, track hotspots and cold spots in the area, as well as track your agents’ movement and activity. Hubstaff is a powerful app for your business as it has a lot of helpful features that eliminate tedious and monotonous tasks that waste time.



Best Apps for Real Estate Agents Buyer’s Guide


When looking for a great real-estate mobile app [1], UI is one of the key factors to consider before making a final decision. It should be clean, friendly, and easy to navigate for it to be suitable for a busy agent.

Luckily, Zillow has the interface you need for viewing a great open house and the sales price of homes. It gives you a bird’s eye view of what’s happening around your preferred neighborhood; crime rates, demographic status, education level of locals, and many more.

Not only is it informative, but the development team also created it to be immersive and eye-catching by using complementary colors.

Schedules and Checklists

An important feature a real-estate app should have is in-built scheduling tools.

white keyboard, notebook and iPad

With simple tools such as a notepad, calendar, and a checklist, it can immensely contribute to real estate agents’ responsibilities outside.

Liondesk does just the job for that. Their CRM platform combines every monotonous and tedious task in one place; task schedules, emails, calls, video sharing, and note-taking on calls.

It has everything to keep you organized and efficient while doing real estate.


Papers and forms are documents you’ll never be free of in real estate.

Manually written and signed papers mostly magically get lost in other piles of documents, which eventually leads to a state of confusion and chaos.

lady looking on the phone to sign a document

If you want to minimize manual paperwork, DotLoop is the number one app for you. As their tagline says “More Time Driving Growth, Less Time Chasing Papers,” it cannot be more than true.

Their app works to onboard every physical document you have into a more secured and collaborative digital space. This enables different parties as well as your teams to view and work on important documents regardless of location.

More importantly, Dotloop makes signing documents easier through its shared space.


Of course, security is the top factor of any app. If it’s not secured, there is no reason to purchase it.

hands holding a smart phone

Our team is here to tell you that all of our picks on this list are secured. In fact, all mobile apps’ development goes through security checks and briefs in their development phase for it to be safe and secure for everyone to use.


Everyone is looking to save money while getting the most value out of a product. But, the best option is always to look for free real-estate apps while still landing on the value you need.

Fortunately, we have that kind of tool: Freshchat. First of all, Fresh Chat is free. It acts as a messaging app specifically for your past clients and current ones. You can chat, make phone calls, and send multi-media files with clients, google contacts, and team members.

But its greatest strength is its Live Chat Feature. With that, your clients will never have to wait for an answer or reply from you again. This creates better business relationships through customer relationship management strategies

Our Top Pick for an App for Real Estate Agents: Connect Team

By far, our team landed on Connect App as the best app for real estate agents. It has everything a real estate agent should have. It has advanced features such as multi-media file sharing, listings for real-estate, team management for other agents, realtor tools, guides, workshops, GPS accurate tracking of agents, and property checking capabilities.

Another feature about this best real estate app is it offers free trials for 14 days. This includes every feature that Connect Team has, whether it’s the basic version or the free version. Although, there’s an increase of 50 cents for every other individual agent that joins.

This grants real-estate agents an experience like no other when managing their tasks and responsibilities in real estate.


The real-estate industry nowadays is competitive and tight. If you’re not on your feet, chances are that you’ll lose a potential lead or sale.

These apps help you become more composed, organized, and above all, stay on top of your competitors in the real-estate business. Our team’s best apps for real estate agents above will certainly up your game in the real-estate business if combined with dedication and perseverance.

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