The Best Apps For Real Estate Investors You Can Find This 2021

If you’re having trouble managing and tracking your portfolios in one platform, you might be in need of an app that can centralize your real estate investing deals, investments, and properties.

With a few taps on your smartphone, you can take real estate with you wherever you go. Our professionals will share our top-rated favorites that will surely help you stay one step ahead in the real estate industry.

Best Apps for Real Estate Investors


This application certainly created a buzz in Canada’s real estate community. is one of the best apps for real estate investors that runs on MLS system for its listing process and helps with investments and rentals.

With this app, users have full visibility on available properties for sale or for lease. Clients will also enjoy the features of this app. How so?

You can filter listings depending on property type, method, and list them according to when the properties were listed and made available to the market. In a few swipes, you’ll be able to connect with thousands of realtors and real estate investment opportunities in Canada!

What’s more, is it has a commercial investments section which further helps narrow down your search depending on your goal. Our team also loved how you can view the photos and area measurements of commercial or residential real estate.

This can help investors visualize the investment property – what it looks like inside, its exteriors, rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms. That means all vital information and images are accessible in one click.

2. Zillow


It might be hard to come across a real estate agent or investor who hasn’t used Zillow. Since its launch, it has garnered millions of users.

Similar to, it contains granular data you might need to get a clearer idea of the property. Clients looking for a lease or a real estate investment can rely on this app:

Aside from this, the app automatically updates your net worth tracker and helps you calculate or plan for your retirement. Lastly, we also appreciate its easy user-friendly interface.

As long as you have your phone with you, you can snap and upload the photos directly from your phone within minutes.

3. Loopnet


One of the best apps for real estate investors, Loopnet is also a crowd favorite for a number of reasons:

First, it carries similar features as Zillow, such as user-friendly filters. What separates it from most real estate apps would be the properties they contain. For those who are interested in commercial properties, Loopnet is a good place to find a quality listing.

In addition to the normal filters found in most real estate applications, in Loopnet, you’ll be able to see which commercial properties are up for open for auction – these include bank-owned properties, short sale, and foreclosure auctions.

It has a wider reach – even those that are not in the capital or city center are normally listed in Loopnet.

For commercial real estate investors planning to steer away from urban development and focus more on developing properties outside of town, Loopnet might just be the solution.

4. Realeflow


If you need a reliable app to help you manage and monitor all your properties and deals, we couldn’t recommend another better option than Realeflow.

Investors who are good at what they do can be better with this app. Every real estate aspect you can think of can be found here – rental income tracker, deals for multiple accounts, real estate purchases, and available listings.

It even has tools that can help you track and analyze trends!

Moreover, what we like about this app is you can improve lead management. For example, if you want to leverage your network through marketing campaigns or website creation for listings – you can do this through Realeflow!

5. Homicity


If you want to invest in real estate, another trustworthy app you can check is Homicity.

For investors who want to connect with both buyers and sellers, this platform offers a wide range of options.

Since this real estate app can help investors put extensive confirmation regarding their listing and numerous photos, it’s easier for investors to decide as they have all or most information they need in one click.

You can select properties and compare them side by side in order for you to gauge which is the better option and have a clearer idea of the overall market.

6. Matterport


If you want to maximize technology and apply it to your investments and portfolio, you can try exploring Matterport.

What separates it from the other apps in this list is you can make a 3D digital tour of your listings.

So, tenants or potential buyers can explore every part of the house in a more realistic way, compared to just still pictures.

7. Personal Capital

personal capital app

If you need to track income from your real estate business, Personal Capital is a great app.

It functions the same as the previous real estate investing apps. You’ll be able to see real estate investment opportunities such as homes or properties for sale or for lease. This app can also help track your portfolio and net worth.

7. LendCity Mortgages


If you need an app to help you apply for your mortgage, you can check LendCity Mortgages.

You’ll be able to see current mortgage rates, start with the application process, plus connect with thousands of other investors. Moreover, if you are unsure or if you’re just starting out, this app has a mortgage calculator to help you estimate your total and monthly mortgage payments!

Apps for Closing Deals

1. Docusign


Real estate investing is catching up on the digital shift. You can skip stacks of papers or the risk of “ruining” files from spilt water or coffee if you switch to digital.

There are a number of e-contract platforms but Docusign is our top pick. You can migrate your entire business online using Docusign.

It boasts of top-of-the-line digital security. You and your clients will be able to sleep peacefully knowing your contracts are encrypted and securely stored.

You can use your mobile device to draft and sign the contract. You can do this with a free version, but if you want to avail extra features such as more contract templates, storage, and even link it to a payment gateway, you can always upgrade to pro.

2. ScannerPro

scanner pro

If you prefer to have a hard copy then create a soft copy for safekeeping – ScannerPro is your next best friend.

This is one of the best apps for real estate investors as it can recognize text from the scanned document, which means you can create a text document just by scanning.

It has text recognition, so if you need a text-based document or PDF, this will solve your problem. What’s also impressive is it’s compatible with all smart mobile devices. Have your contracts ready in 1 click!

Benefits of Apps for Real Estate Investors

Be on Top of Investment Opportunities

With these apps, you won’t miss out on high potential and promising investment opportunities in the local market. You’ll be able to see all available listings and filter them according to your preference.


Have visibility of all your for sale and rental properties in one view. You can also see the latest available properties. It can help you save money and invest smarter as everything you need to narrow down your top choices are accessible in a few taps.

Real-Time Update

Being able to update and access listings, as well as the latest news on the real estate industry is crucial especially if you want to succeed in your real estate investing business.


You can also rely on these apps to help you monitor your net worth and progress.

Better Decisions

Apps can help investors improve their investment strategy.  As you have data at your fingertips, you can better analyze risks and returns based on real buyer data.

Widen Your Reach

Break geographical limits with apps. If the property listing you’re eyeing is across the country, you can close any deal using these apps. You can be a market leader wherever you are based.

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What Mobile Apps Do Investors Use?

Real estate investors use a number of apps to scout and look for their next investment. There are a number of apps that can help you scout, buy, lease, or sell properties.

There are also apps that can help you create, manage, and sign contracts. Moreover, you can also download apps that will assist in mortgage applications.

How Do I Find Investors for Real Estate?

Aside from traditional ways (network, gatherings, open houses) of finding and connecting with investors, real estate investor apps are a great way to find potential leads.

The more transparent you are about your listing or rental property, the more credible you would look. Being able to maximize the features and marketing campaigns in the apps would attract MORE investors.

What App Is Best for Real Estate?

The best app for real estate depends on what you need from the mobile app. If you’re looking for an app that helps you monitor your real estate properties that are up for buy and sell or for lease, our team recommends, Zillow, Fundrise, Loopnet, Realeflow, Personal Capital, Matterport, or Homicity.

For those who need to apply for mortgages, LendCity is our top choice. Lastly, for those who need a handy mobile app to assist in closing their deals, our top options are Scanner Pro or Docusign.


Our expert team hopes that this article helps you not only find the best real estate investor apps but also unlock opportunities that are accessible with just a few taps!

Whether you are a real estate investor, leasor, or property fixer, you can safeguard your financial future with these apps.

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