Which is the Best Condo in Toronto? — Find Your Next Home or Investment in This Canadian Metropolis (2021)

Real estate in the Toronto area has become more luxurious, but unfortunately, the price has also increased significantly in the past decade. You have to be careful which condo you choose to invest in, because it’s a commitment for the next 20 years or so. Our team has put together a list of the best condos in Toronto and the developers who created them to help you choose.

Reviews of the Best Condos in Toronto

1. One Bloor by Great Gulf


Our first choice for the best condos in Toronto is residences in the award-winning One Bloor by Great Gulf. As the 40th tallest building in the world, One Bloor offers residences from 2000 sq ft all the way to 6000. Located in the luxury neighborhood of Yorkville, One Bloor is just one of the best condos in Toronto to be erected in that area, but it definitely stands out in terms of elegant design.

One Bloor single-handedly defines the standard of opulence and luxury in Toronto and it is one of the most well-built buildings. Aside from One Bloor, Great Gulf also creates more affordable homes such as Westfield and Milton Village to name a few.



2. Four Seasons Residences by Menkes Developments

Four Seasons

Four Seasons isn’t only a hotel brand, they also have residences that are designed by Menkes Developments. Also located in the luxurious neighborhood of Yorkville, the Four Seasons boasts of affluent units and an overall lavish design. 

Aside from the residences, the condo development also features amazing amenities from a pool, to a treatment room and fitness centers to go along with the spacious units. You can find separate homes ranging from 2000 square feet to a whopping 9000! That’s larger than a lot of single-detached houses.

If you are looking for something large and luxurious, you can’t go wrong with the Four Seasons Residences. Menkes Developments also feature more affordable homes in North York and others in the downtown area.



3. YSL Residences by Cresford Developments

YSL Residences by Cresford Developments

YSL Residences is a clever acronym for Yonge Street Living, and not a direct homage to Yves Saint Laurent. However, Cresford Developments is known as a real estate developer that focuses on fashion-forward designs, often taking inspiration from notable fashion designers into their units. From these innovative designs you have great uniqueness and diversity.

Each of their units will differ from another, which is also what makes Cresford stand out from the rest. YSL is located on Yonge Street and will be 85 stories tall with a mix of office, retail and residential spaces.

(If you are considering to cut down cost on real estate, looking for Toronto’s best downsider precondos is an excellent option) 




4. Shangri-La Condos by Westbank Projects Corp.



To round out the list, we come to a close with Shangri la-Condos. It’s another brand that is better known for its hotels, but the units created by Westbank Projects Corp feature the same standard of excellence.

It’s also another multi-use property that combines retail, office, and residential. The Shangri la-Condos represent the pinnacle of Toronto luxury with its modern glass exterior and 66 story presence. The building features single-bedroom condos to two-story options, but the most impressive is, of course, the penthouse suites. 

One of the best features of the Shangri-La is the residents get to use the 5-star hotel amenities all year round.



A Guide in Choosing Condos in Toronto

Whether it’s luxury condos are ones that are priced at a more affordable range, there are a few things to look for when buying the best condos in Toronto. You first need to make sure it’s within your budget. As real estate is skyrocketing [1] across major cities in Canada, planning your payments according to your ability is of the utmost importance.

Look at the location of the building. If you are located in bustling Yorkville, it might be noisier than if you chose a condo located in a more suburban area. However, living in the heart of downtown will come with certain perks such as increased convenience.

The design and amenities are the next factors to consider. Of course, you need to go with a layout and design that you appreciate, but because this standard differs for everyone, our team won’t go into too much detail about it. Just make sure you like what you see.

The types of amenities the condo offers is essential as well. If you are someone who won’t be using them a lot, then paying extra fees for a building that has many facilities isn’t a good use of your money. Conversely, if you are a person who appreciates having access to communal spaces and amenities, then definitely look into what’s included.

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Our Top Pick For a Condo in Toronto: One Bloor


Our experts’ top pick for the best condo in Toronto is One Bloor by Great Gulf. The award-winning building and developer is worth the staggering price due to the location, design and amenities. They offer a differing range in units, so it won’t be difficult to find one to your liking. 

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