Buying real estate has made me money, why not you?

    Over the years I have had a great deal of success in buying my own pre-construction condos in Toronto and Hamilton. You can see below some of the projects that I have invested in. 

    I just park my money in a condo that I know will give me excellent returns. Usually I put down as little as 15% before closing.

    But its not that easy I had to do my research. The prices of condos is just like any other – supply and demand. The core of Toronto does have a great deal of demand, but the prices are quite high. Yes you can make some big money, however more importantly the how much you make over time.

    Examples (not taking fees, taxes in to consideration)

    Project 1 

    • Total deposit 20% of $750,000 = $150,000
    • Closing 3 years
    • Selling price $920,000
    • Returns %170,000 (+113%)

    Project 2 

    • Total deposit 15% of $350,000 = $52,500
    • Closing 2 years
    • Selling price $430,000
    • Returns $80,000 (+152%)

    Looking at both options the lure of the the big return is hard to ignore. However if you take into account that you need to tie up your money for an additional year and that its much easier to sell or rent a less expensive condo. Project 2 might now look like the better option. Plus for project 1 you need an additional $100,000 to invest!

    All projects are not built the same, some developers have a much better reputation

    We also have a primer on condo certificates, if you’re curious about that.

    I can help you find an amazing condo project

    If you want to get started or just have real estate questions fill in your info  and I can give you a call or email.

    Just some of my investments

    townhouse sold

    Townhouse in Toronto

    bought $499,000 sold $680,000


    Condo in Toronto

    bought $240,000 value of $550,00


    Condo in Hamilton

    bought $300,000 value $430,000


    Disclaimer: My experiences and previous results do not guarantee the same or similar results. Real estate is an investment and there are risks involved.