Top Pre-Construction Condo Developers In the GTHA

Your condo is only as good as the builder who develops it. The developer plays a vital role in your living experience for any pre-construction property, as they strategically handle, not just the creation of the condominium, but it’s prices, location, and the incentives that will be made available.

Every good developer will be able to provide suitable, sufficient answers for these crucial questions: Will the project be completed on time? Will the project be registered quickly? Does my condo have good resale value? If your developer cannot answer these questions properly, then it would be best to avoid them altogether.

These are different from information you can gather on pre-construction condos on your own.

Although more experienced developers charge a significant premium, it would be of your best interest to work with a more seasoned company for your pre-construction project, as oppose to one that lacks noticeable credibility.

To help you with your options, here are five excellent developers that reside in Toronto:


Daniels is a company with extensive notoriety, as they have been recipients of a number of Builder of the Year awards. They are famous for building some of the Greater Toronto Area’s most luxurious towers, such as the Festival Tower at 80 John, Limelight Condos at Square One, and Cinema Tower at 21 Widmer. One of Daniels most appealing features is their ability to create stunning low-rise buildings. For high-rise buildings, they have constructed a variety of extravagant finishes. As we speak, Daniels in in the process of constructing the Daniels Erin Mills Master-Planned Community, the Daniels Waterfront Community for waterfront property seekers, and Wesley Tower at Daniels City Centre.

Pinnacle International

Pinnacle is best known for their cost-effective services that allow for homeowners to easily afford their condominiums. As a high-quality developer, with great credibility in Vancouver, you can expect no delays in the construction of your project. All of their projects have been built with incredible efficiency, and elegance, which ultimately satisfies residents. Some of their gorgeous buildings include, but are not limited to, Grand Park 1 & 2 at Square One, The Ritz in Vancouver, and The Pinnacle on Adelaide. Currently, Pinnacle is in the process of creating a very desirable project, the One Yonge Community. This condominium will provide an exquisite amount of luxury, which will give residents an enormous selection of state-of-the-art amenities, such as beautifully scenic balconies that offer a panoramic view of the city skyline.


Although Diamante is not the most well known developer, they have created some of the GTA’s most sophisticated condominiums. If you’re to step into any of their buildings, opulent finishes, coupled with incredible suite layouts, will mesmerize you. They have chosen to place their focus on quality, as they believe that quantity is irrelevant if it doesn’t exemplify excellence. Proof is in the fact that they are the development team responsible for one of the ten most expensive condos in Toronto, The Florian on Davenport & Bay, who’s resale value is placed at $1,300 per square foot. Diamante is known for building some great properties, such as the previously mentioned Florian, Domus, and The Royalton. As of right now, Diamante is in the middle of creating two extraordinary projects, Mirabella at Lakeshore & Windermere, and 100 Davenport.

Lamb Developments

Lamb Developments is one of the most credible developers within the city, even though they have not been in business as long as some of the other developers on this list. Some of their incredible creations include, Theatre Park, Flatiron Lofts, and Glas. Currently, Lamb Developments is in the process of finishing Bauhaus at 284 King St East, and Television City in the city of Hamilton.

Urban Capital In summary, Urban Capital are amazing developers that aren’t as well known as others that reside in the city, but their longevity has allowed for them to still be very trustworthy in Toronto. This company is best known for building gorgeous projects, in a very timely manner. With over 3,500 condominiums completed, and an additional 1000 under construction, Urban Capital has proven to be a reliable developer that produces astonishing work. Of their numerous projects, some of them worth noting are The Camden Lofts in Toronto’s Fashion District, Tableau Condominiums at 125 Peter St, and Charlotte Lofts at 36 Charlotte St. As of right now, Urban Capital has partnered with Rogers to build M3 Condos, a pre-construction project located at Square One. M3 Condos will be an incredible master-planned community at the epicentre of Square One, which will include a large variety of noticeable amenities for residents.

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