Condo Owner Rights in Ontario — Everything You Need to Know

Owning a condo in Ontario means you will become part of a vast community with certain responsibilities and rules that come with it. You must abide by the condo owner rights in Ontario. Unfortunately, new owners don’t exactly know what this entails. Our experts will explain what these condo owner rights are in this article.

Condo Owner Rights in Ontario

Recently, people in Ontario are choosing to purchase a condo over other house types because of its affordability and reduced responsibilities [1]. However, when you are buying a condo, you need to be aware of specific rules and obligations. It helps to be mindful so that surprises don’t spring up.

Ownership Rights

As a condo owner in Ontario, you are entitled to some rights. Below are condo ownership rights you must know:

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Condominium Act

The Condominium Act is a set of laws that govern the condo owners association, the board, purchasing, and living. It also regulates how condo corporations are created, managed, and owned in Ontario. It requires them to comply with the act and the by-laws. 

The Condo Act lays out the requirements for how each governing document is created and amended. The governing documents must be consistent with the Condo Act. For instance, the Condominium Act governs how the declaration document, the by-laws, and the rules are formed and used.

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The declaration is a legal document that creates a condo corporation. It contains vital provisions and is often described as the constitution of the condo corporation. The by-laws dictate how the condo corporation will govern itself and conduct the affairs of the board directors. It’s often described as the administrative guide for the corporation.

The last documents contained in the Condominium Act are the rules. These rules are designed for the condo owners’ safety. If you are looking for a new condo to purchase, it helps to read and comprehend the corporation’s rules and restrictions to ensure that you are using the unit without any violations.

The Condominium Act has been amended on a few occasions to suit Ontario’s current living conditions, giving more power to the corporation and the condo owners.

Role and Responsibilities as a Condo Owner

As mentioned earlier, owning a condo comes with responsibilities. As an owner, the following are a few of the responsibilities you must keep in mind:

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Condo Board

Just like the condo owner, the condo board also has to perform certain duties. According to the Condominium Act, the condo’s board of directors is responsible for overseeing the affairs of the condo corporation. As part of their responsibility, the following is what the condo board can do:

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What are the rights of condo owners?

The rights of condo owners are stipulated in the Condominium Act. It requires the unit owners association and the board to fully adhere to the act’s by-laws, rules, and declarations. 

The owners have the right to inspect financial and other condo records. They can also file a lawsuit against the board or individual members who exceed their powers and violate the by-laws, the condominium act, or the declaration.

Can a condo board evict an owner in Ontario?

No, a condo board can’t evict an owner in Ontario. Ontario’s recent Condominium Act doesn’t give a condominium corporation the authority to force an owner to sell his unit or expel them from his or her unit.


Condo owner rights in Ontario are pretty straightforward. Our property team of experts is confident that if you follow all rights and abide by the stipulated rules in the Condominium Act, you will live at ease. 

Additionally, it’s crucial that as a condo owner to keep your responsibilities in mind. Performing part of your duties will resort to harmonious community living.

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