Condo vs House — Which is Better For You?

Purchasing a property is a crucial decision any buyer should take seriously. If you’re still unsure about the housing type you want to go for, our housing experts will break down all the factors to consider as well as the advantages and disadvantages of a condo vs a house. 

Benefits of a Condo

Benefits of a House

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A condo unit is a single unit within a larger condo building.  You have neighbours above, below, and next to you.

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On the other hand, houses, like an apartment, a single-story, or a multi-story structure, come in many shapes and sizes.

When you buy a house, you buy the structure plus the land it sits on. If you buy condos, you just own the area you live in, not the condo building or the land it’s built.

Overall, a condo and a house has their advantages and disadvantages.  So, which one should you buy? There are several things to o


The price of the property is the first factor that comes up when buying a property. 

You could use mortgages to buy a condo whether it is a warrantable or non-warrantable condo, but your credit score should be at least 580.  Buying a condo is cheaper than life insurance because of the small space.

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You’ll spend less on property taxes and home insurance since there is less square footage. The sale price, insurance, and taxes are usually higher for houses.  The HOA fee is often lower.

Homeowners maintain their own properties, and there are fewer communal expenses.  Condo owners chip in to pay for all improvements and repairs for the entire property. This doesn’t include the additional monthly fees for facilities.  Whether you use credit cards tools or not.

Location and Setup

Condo buildings are mostly in populated areas. It’s within walking distance to shops, local restaurants, and other businesses.

Condos are very convenient if you don’t have a car and use public transportation, unlike single-family homes that sit on their own piece of land far from the city.


Because of the lack of storage space, condos make up for it by having shared amenities. You also have the opportunity to get to know your neighbours.

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You’ll enjoy the perks of a doorman/security, swimming pool, grocery store, and gyms in condos. Buyers just need to pay them a small amount for maintenance fees.

Houses don’t have similar perks. However, since a single-family house has more space, there are yards to play in and have more privacy.


Owners need to consider some costs when buying a condo, a detached condo or single-family home.

Owning a single-family house requires total maintenance or repair liability.  It’s good to set aside savings for maintenance, especially if your home is older.

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You better stock up on different tools depending on different seasons.  We’re talking about gardening tools and roof rake tools for winter.

Meanwhile, condos cost LESS when it comes to maintenance.  You’re simply responsible for belongings inside your unit.  These are usual repairs like dishwasher, air conditioner, and mechanicals.

Price Trends of Houses and Condos in Canada

According to recent data from GlobalPropertyGuide [1], the housing market in Canada has been strong despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and the prices of homes in the country have burgeoned by almost 10%.

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The average rental price has begun decreasing.  Property owners try to attract clients from a significantly diminished pool of possible renters.

Renting a Condo or House

If you’re planning to rent, here are solid advantages you should know between a condo or a house.  

Renting a Condo

Ensuite Laundry

Having your own laundry area at home is the most overlooked joy of renting a condo. No need to haul your laundry basket to a basement or drive to a laundromat. Having this inside your home adds up to a lot of time and money saved. 

Guaranteed Air Conditioning

Most condos have a built-in central air conditioning system. The guaranteed AC is important for those muggy summer days. It is amortized into the condo fee, so it won’t cost you your whole summer paycheck.

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The Ever-Present Amenities

Taking advantage of all the facilities inside your condo will save you immensely.  But do remember that your monthly rent includes condo fees. 

These facilities are your gym, pool, party areas, meeting rooms, and urban gardens.

Renting a House

Short-Term Commitment

When renting, it doesn’t involve long-term commitment like buying property.  Renting a house is a good idea if you’re just getting settled in the city. 

You can try it out for a year and decide from there if you want to keep renting. 

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Less Worries About Maintenance

Extensive maintenance or repair is your least concern when you are a renter.  For plumbing or dishwasher issues, it’s still typically the landlord who takes care of it. 

Cheaper Monthly Payments

Renting a house is an excellent option if you’re short on cash and/or you don’t earn enough for a mortgage payment. When you buy a house, your mortgage payments build equity.

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Long Term Benefits

Buying a house is fast becoming out of reach for many, so renting may be a viable option for you.  You can save a lot of money while you rent, and you can start saving for your dream house.

Here are the benefits of renting a condo or a house long-term (5 years and up):


Is It Better to Buy Condo or House?

It is better to buy a condo if you are a first-time buyer transitioning from renting an apartment to owning one. Condo living is good for homeowners who want to downsize, and are willing to pay money for maintenance and the condo fee. A condo may be also for you if you have a frequent travel lifestyle.

Meanwhile, a house is better for growing families who want a lot more living space and privacy, and for people who are generally people looking for long-term real estate investment away from the city. If you want complete control over aesthetic and structural decisions and don’t mind maintenance and repair costs, then this housing type is for you.


Deciding whether to buy a condominium or a house depends on your priorities. Are you looking for convenience, affordability, or privacy?

Condos are perfect for those looking for a convenient living space.  It’s ideal if you’re not yet ready for the responsibilities of homeownership. Houses offer a safe environment with an outdoor space and a close-knit community. 

The home buying process should be easy if you work with a real estate agent. 

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