Condos in Canada Worth Over 10 Million — Most Luxurious Homes in the Country

If you love spending sky-high for a condo space, then this list we arranged will surely rouse your lavish taste. Our team gathered 7 condos in Canada worth over 10 million and all the features you will enjoy in spending a million bucks for it. After all, you want that spend to be worth the splurge.

10 Million-Dollar Condos in Canada

1. Yorkville Penthouse

With Yorkville’s prominence as Toronto’s shopping and dining neighbourhood, it’s no wonder that luxury comes with living in the area. Built with spacious walk-in closets, marble floors, and a picturesque view of the city, this 3-bedroom real estate penthouse property comes at $12,900,000, with around $5,000 dollars worth of taxes. 

The elite won’t mind spending a million dollars for a dreamy fireplace to come home to every day.

2. Montreal Condo at the Golden Square Mile

This 5,300 square foot glass-enveloped condo located in downtown Montreal is already a bounty with five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and an overlooking view at one of Montreal’s stateliest avenues – Sherbrooke Street. But what makes it worth all the money is the 1,700 square foot terrace that engulfs the unit perfect even for a 100-pax party. This $11,000,000 worth-unit also allows you to experience a downtown feel while preserving your longing for luxury.

condo view

3. 277 Thurlow Street

Elevate your living experience a hundred times more with this nearly $60 million penthouse condo situated in the Coal Harbour section of Vancouver.  You surely would wonder what’s in this overpriced condo space, but aside from the seven-car private garage for your Ferrari, it’s the privilege of living in a house interior designed by the award-winning firm House of Bohn. It encloses a panoramic view of the ocean, an 8,000 square feet worth of living space and 20-foot ceiling.

4. Four Seasons

Enjoy an everyday vacation life in this exclusive loft and penthouse located at the corner unit of this luxury condo in Toronto. Primed with an eccentric blend of colours, with a minimalistic finish, this $13.9 million pad will surely entice even the most luxurious of millionaires. 

Four Seasons

5. PH 02-1011 W. Cordova St. (Coal Harbour)

If you are looking for condos in Canada worth over 10 million, this $30 million two-storey residence will fit the bill three times more. This one is a four-bedroom, five-bath,6,552 square-foot penthouse in the Fairmont Pacific Rim. 

The expansive and luxurious living is even made better with a 2,900 outdoor terrace where you can enjoy the panoramic mountain and water view of the city. It’s the epitome of lavish amenities as it is situated above the Five Star Fairmount Pacific Rim Hotel, just a few blocks away from Vancouver’s business district [1]

6. 1550 Alberni St. (West End)

Let a Japanese interior invade your space, in this $13 million flat, set to be completed in 2022. Enjoy a three-bedroom, four-bathroom with a private Japanese garden on the balcony and a lavish living room with wood flooring. The building has elements of Shinto philosophy which was made to harmonize the structure with nature.  

7. 2601-277 Thurlow St. (Coal Harbour)

Occupy the whole 26th floor of the residential tower Three Harbour Green and enjoy your personal ozonated indoor pool in its 688 square feet terrace. This $32.8 million six-bedroom penthouse occupies over 6,670 square feet of the Coal Harbour beauty. The property looks like a live painting on the outside and a hotel lobby on the interior.

Condo Market in Toronto and Other Cities

The condo market in Toronto is reported to be the most expensive place to live in the country, continuously brimming with luxurious hotels and residences that are surging in prices year per year.

high rise building

The number of people transferring north may be one reason for the spike in sales. Yet while Toronto may have been coined a high-end boulevard of prestigious buildings, Vancouver and Montreal are lining up in the condo market too. 

Recently the Vancouver condo market has been gaining traction, bringing in young bachelors in the city. 

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Luxury condo sales in Canada are ceaseless in growth. For the elite, spending a million dollars on a home isn’t a bother as long as the extravagance and luxury are sustained. With the diverse list our team has provided, you surely won’t get lost finding condos in Canada worth over 10 million to afford you a lavish living experience. 

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