Burnaby 14th Avenue Townhomes


Selling Soon
2 years ago

14th Avenue Townhomes

7447 14th Avenue, Burnaby, BC V3N 1Z8, Canada.

Developer: Kingswood


Project Info
Type: Townhomes
Units: TBA
Status: Selling Soon
Est. Completion: 2022
Price: TBA
Location: Burnaby

Kingswood Real Estate is developing a contemporary townhouse project coming to Burnaby called 14th Avenue. Preconstruction of the townhouse is now underway at 7447 14th Avenue in Burnaby. A completion date of 2022 has been specified for it. There are 21 apartments on 14th Avenue, ranging from 500 square feet to 1200 square feet.

Living space is maximized in the 21-unit cluster design, which has abundant landscaping. The neighborhood would be pleased with the contemporary design.

Features‌ ‌and‌ ‌Amenities‌

The 14th Avenue townhouses in South Burnaby, British Columbia, are a collection of modest and secluded residences tucked away in a quiet neighborhood. The floor layouts are ingeniously developed and will be admired by the residents. Large kitchen islands, media rooms, and pantries aren’t the only contemporary features in this home. Each residence has three bedrooms and an attached garage.

Location and Neighborhood

Because of its closeness to Vancouver, Burnaby is a highly regarded and sought-after tourist location. Burnaby, located 13 kilometers from downtown Vancouver, has become a popular destination for individuals who want to avoid living in the city. As a result, the city’s borders are brimming with places to buy, eat, and have fun.

Four parks and four schools are within a few blocks of the 14th Avenue townhouses. As for schools, they include New Westminster Secondary School (Twelve Avenue Elementary), Our Lady of Mercy School (Our Lady of Mercy), and St. Thomas More Collegiate (Mercer Stadium Park). Residents may access all of them either by automobile or bus.

Langley Farm Market, a local grocery store, is only a few blocks away, where locals may stock up on food. In addition, the Walmart Supercentre on Seventh Street is a short drive away from locals.

14 Avenue townhouses are also only a short drive from various restaurants. The townhouses are within a short drive from Donair Star, Wild Thyme, Domino’s Pizza, Wendy’s, and McDonald’s. 

Kaminis Corner Cafe, Happy Mom’s Cafe, Waves, and Coffee House are all within walking distance. The drive to Royal Columbian Hospital from 14th Avenue takes around 10 minutes, and the bus ride takes about 12 minutes.


Burnaby and downtown Vancouver are just a short drive apart. The average commute time is less than 30 minutes. Time and money are saved as a result, However, there are numerous public transportation choices for this journey, so you should plan to spend money on automobiles, petrol, insurance, and if you elect to utilize transit, you may get a monthly Translink bus ticket to use the skytrain and buses.

There are two bus terminals located along 14th Avenue from the townhouses that may take you to various sections of Burnaby. 14th Avenue is within a short drive from restaurants, grocery stores, and retail centers along Kingsway. Residents may take 14th Avenue down to Griffiths Dr to Edmonds Stop, the nearest SkyTrain station.

There is a Walk Score of 67 for the property at 7447 14th Avenue. Residents and neighbors nearby may complete some errands on foot from this area. Hilda Park, Mary Avenue Park, and Cafferty Park are all nearby. Residents and investors may find many public transportation alternatives within a short distance of 7447 14th Avenue.

About the Developers

Over the previous 15 years, Kingswood has created more than 250 houses in different provinces as a boutique real estate development firm. Kingswood offers the expertise, understanding, and enthusiasm to produce exceptional homeownership outcomes from single-family subdivisions to multi-family residential developments. 

Working with the most remarkable people and paying attention to minor details leads to better project outcomes. Kingswood takes great pride in constructing high-quality residences in sought-after locations.

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