Vancouver 2027 York Avenue Townhomes


Selling Soon
3 years ago

2027 York Avenue Townhomes

2027 York Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1E4, Canada

Developer: Legendary


Project Info
Type: Townhomes
Units: TBA
Status: Selling Soon
Est. Completion: TBA
Price: TBA
Location: Vancouver

A new townhouse is coming to town!

The 2027 York Avenue is a townhouse project is developed in Vancouver currently in its process of preconstruction and will appear as an apartment consisting of four modern, minimalist, and uniform units. This townhouse project was developed in Vancouver by Legendary Developments and will soon stand in its full glory at 2027 York Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1E4, Canada.

Even despite being a limited area where you probably think there’s no room for leisure and entertainment, you’re wrong. This townhouse project allows you to enjoy its comforts like home and entertain yourself in its areas like you’re in a separate living room. Consisting of a party room and a rooftop terrace, this is like a perfect place for high schoolers to take a breather and have a night out at.

Features and Amenities

In spite of its limited space, this 2027 York Avenue Townhouse does not limit you from the things that you can possibly do in it. It has a specific barbecue area where you can bond with your family and friends together on a mundane Sunday afternoon. Aside from that, it also has a fitness centre where you can take your breaks when you are studying for straight hours. So, it is an abundant place where you can do things that can keep you holistically healthy even if you’re just in one place.

Canada has undeniably unpredictable weather. Yesterday it can be 40 degrees Celsius outside and today it can be freezing cold. So to prevent you from shaking because of its unpredictable weather, this 2027 York Avenue Townhouse is one to look out for because it has a fireplace lounge. 

Location and Neighborhood

Transit Options

Do you know what the key to getting the perfect place is? Accessibility. It’s not about how big or small the space is. What’s important is its accessibility to basic human necessities. The 2027 York Avenue Townhouse is near to schools, parks, restaurants, and bakeries. To get to places like shops and other establishments, the best mode of transportation is by car. 

If you want to incorporate exercise, you can just walk around the area or ride a bike to access different establishments since the area is just two blocks away from them. But if you would like to commute, you can catch a bus along Cornwall Ave. Various restaurants are lined up on Yew Street and York Ave. 

Area Details

There are nearby restaurants and other establishments that you can enjoy around the vicinity. For instance, there are restaurants on Yew Street and York Ave which are just two blocks away from the 2027 York Ave Townhouse.

Among the restaurants that you can choose from should you choose to explore the place are The Cider House, The Ellis Restaurant, Nook Italian Restaurant, and Local Kitsilano among many others. 

Apart from these, there are also coffee shops in the area like the Viva Cafe and Bakery where you can enjoy their pastries and different cups of tea and coffee. There’s also a gourmet grocery store down Maple St & W 1st Ave called Be Fresh Local Market. 

Right next door is Henry Hudson Elementary. Other than that, the townhouse project is close to several parks like Kitsilano Beach Park, Volunteer Park, Margaret Pigott Park, Vanier Park, and Seaforth Peace Park.

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