Scarborough 2872 Kingston Road Condos


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3 years ago

2872 Kingston Road Condos

2872 Kingston Rd, Scarborough, ON M1M 1N4, Canada

Developer: Artlife


Project Info
Type: Condo
Units: TBA
Status: Selling Soon
Est. Completion: TBA
Price: TBA
Location: Scarborough

A family-oriented luxury adds to the lovely ambiance of an east-side neighborhood that is transforming. Because of the area’s natural beauty and closeness to the magnificent Scarborough Bluff, many people believe it looks and feels more like cottage country than a large city suburb.

Scarborough’s 2872 Kingston Road Condo is a condominium ideal for families in Scarborough that is located east of St. Clair Avenue. The plan calls for a 10-story, 104-unit condominium skyscraper with ground-floor retail on a half-acre site that is presently a strip of businesses, including a Dairy Queen. Imagine living in a small neighborhood only steps away from the world-famous sandy cliffs that provide panoramic views of Lake Ontario and the surrounding countryside.

Features and Amenities

Architectural firm Studio JCI created a mid-rise skyscraper that blends seamlessly into its surroundings while also bringing contemporary design to an area that has been plagued by dated architecture for decades.

Cliffcrest has long been renowned for its bungalows, story-and-a-half houses, semi-detached homes, and two-story homes, but this new development will alter all that. Five thousand six hundred sixty-two square feet of retail space on the ground floor will include restaurants, stores, and services for the benefit of the neighborhood’s inhabitants and those in the surrounding area.

Fitness centers, party rooms, and outdoor lounges with grills and green space are expected recreational options. Spectacular views of the metropolitan skyline and the lush treetops may be from each suites’ balconies or patios.

Location and Neighbourhood

The residents of this Scarborough District apartment at 2872 Kingston Rd enjoy a high standard of living in the burgeoning Scarborough District. The revitalization of the region places a high value on accessible public transportation and welcoming public areas. 

A lively and accessible neighborhood surrounds the 2872 Kingston Road, and this, coupled with the condominium’s unique array of facilities, makes it one of Ontario’s most eagerly awaited condos.

This Scarborough apartment is perfect for families because of its proximity to many nearby schools and parks. Residents may find numerous dining establishments just across the street or next door. 

Accessibility and Highlights

Scarborough Town Centre is close by, making it convenient for residents of 2872 Kingston Rd to go shopping. There are more than 250 shops and service providers in this shopping center for your convenience. Aside from car repair centers and a Canadian Tire, Kingston Road has an unusual mix of tiny retail malls and eateries. 

Cliffcrest Plaza, located around Scarborough, has a big supermarket, a cheap department store, central banks, a gift shop, restaurants, and professional and medical offices. Cliffcrest Plaza is located in the Cliffside neighborhood of Los Angeles.

There is a lot of outdoor activity in and around the Bluffs and Lake Ontario. Residents can find a wide sand beach and many picnic tables at Bluffers Park, which is situated along Lake Ontario. A marina, boat clubs, and a famous waterfront restaurant may all be found in Lakeside Park.

About the Developer

Artlife’s vision is belled by excellence and effective planning. They have an advantage in the significant development sector because of their long history and highly skilled staff.

This company’s primary emphasis is on managing, leasing, and upgrading real estate in key areas across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and zoning for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes.

They’ve worked on several projects in various parts of the Greater Toronto Area. In addition to Artlife on O Connor Condos, they are now working on 2872 Kingston Road Condos.

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