Toronto 646 Dufferin Street Condos & Townhomes


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646 Dufferin Street Condos & Townhomes

646 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6K 2B4, Canada

Developer: Block


Project Info
Type: Condo
Units: TBA
Status: Selling Soon
Est. Completion: TBA
Price: TBA
Location: Toronto

In Toronto’s Brockton Village area, 646 Dufferin Street is a mid-rise condominium tower and townhouse development. Block Developments’ new condo building is situated at 646 Dufferin Street, just north of Dundas Street West.

This project will include an 8 storey condo tower with 78 dwelling apartments along Dufferin Street and 7 four-story townhouses along the west side of Boland Lane. The overall residential gross floor space will be 8,853 square meters when all units are combined.

Dufferin St is an excellent choice for people seeking a handy and contemporary area to live in. 646 Dufferin Street Condos are presently in the pre-construction stage and will be ready for occupancy later on.

Features‌ ‌and‌ ‌Amenities‌

Several floor layouts are available at Dufferin Street Condos 646, divided into three kinds of suites. There are 32 one-bedroom suites, 37 two-bedroom suites, and nine three-bedroom units on the premises. For all kinds of people, these floor layouts will offer excellent choices.

There are adequate parking spaces for all cars in the eight-story mid-rise structure. Parking is available for homeowners and guests on the one-level garage. There are 89 bicycle parking spaces available, 10 of which are temporary. Whether choosing a townhouse or condominium in Toronto 646 Dufferin Street has the best of these. 

Block Developments’ ground floor apartments have their private entrance. Its interior is 238 square meters, making it one of the most exemplary projects in Toronto. Dufferin Street Condos 646 has seven townhouse apartments with private ground-floor garages.

646 Dufferin Street Condos is a new and anticipated construction with these contemporary and attractive facilities and finishes.

Location and Neighborhood

Brockton Village, a long-standing element of Toronto’s history and development, is a neighborhood that can’t be beaten for public transit and walkability. Residents of Brockton Village, which was once a separate entity from the city that has since engulfed it, have maintained an independent spirit manifested in their support for artistic endeavors and specialty establishments unique to the area, many of which are located near the new condo.

Along Dundas Street West and College Street, people will discover a variety of local retail services and businesses, including grocery stores, banks, and pharmacies, as well as upmarket restaurants, specialized cafés, and diners. Brockton’s nightlife comes alive after dark with a thriving bar and club scene that includes Lula’s Lounge, Swan Dive, The Lockhart, the Federal, The Kitten, and the Bear.


The convenience of transit is what draws the working class and families from Toronto to this lovely neighborhood. Dufferin Street is a beautiful residential neighborhood well-known for having some of the most commutable and family-friendly services in the city. 

This area has an outstanding transit score of 85, which is exceptional. The Dufferin Mall, which is situated directly along Dufferin St, is just a few feet away. The Dundas Streetcar service is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Residents of Dufferin St. are within walking distance of the metro stations. 

The Dufferin Station on Line 2 is approximately seven minutes away via bus. There are interchanges accessible for both the half-hour and one-hour transit journeys by railroad to get to Union Station. Interchanges may be done at either St. Patrick’s or Dundas Stations, depending on the route.

About the Developers

Modern houses and condominiums in environmentally friendly settings are offered by Block Developments, a real estate company. The contractors are seasoned experts who have worked in various settings across the greater Toronto area in the past. 

They believe in ecologically beneficial initiatives and are proponents of energy and water-saving technology, which they have shown. They aim to create houses and communities suitable for both families and professionals on the job market.

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