Scarborough Amsterdam Urban Towns


VIP Sales
2 years ago

Amsterdam Urban Towns

1455 O'Connor Dr, East York, ON M4B 2V5, Canada

Developer: Rise


Project Info
Type: Townhomes
Units: TBA
Status: VIP Sales
Est. Completion: 2023
Price: 600,000
Location: Scarborough

Check out this most anticipated unique hometown development coming soon to East Toronto. 

Welcome to Amsterdam Urban Towns. 

This trendy townhome development near Scarborough will feature an urban box-typed property consisting of 52 adequately-spaced units, and several amenities that are open and accessible to all future homeowners. This area is under construction and is expected to be established completely by the year 2023.

Features and Amenities

The urban townhome development will consist of 52 units which are sized between 1000 to 2000 square feet. 

Considering the city’s elevated altitude, available amenities such as fireplace Longue will be suitably made for residents to occupy and warm themselves especially during cold winters. It will also offer a BBQ area and party room wherein particular celebrations and fun moments will be held. The needs of the residents will be catered to primarily in the dining area. A fitness center will also be available to execute your physical activities. If you want some peace, the rooftop terrace will also be open to everyone.

Location and Neighbourhoods

Located in O’Connor Parkview, homeowners will appreciate this pre-construction project in Toronto due to its status as a highly liveable and family-friendly neighbourhood. There are 13 public schools and 7 Catholic schools in this central area where your kids can get a great education from. This community is also park heaven. There are 7 parks and community recreation facilities within its boundaries including Charles Sauriol Conservation Area, George Webster Park, Willis Blair Parkette, etc. Many families come there together to go on community picnics, barbecues, and easter egg hunts.

Despite the resources, O’Connor Parkview is notably a very peaceful and quiet community. No wonder it is considered a home for elders/seniors. Diversity of the population is also observed since there’s still a great number of immigrants residing in this area despite the surge of urban development and gentrification that has been starting since 1981.  

The property values in this niche area continue to far surpass those in the rest of the neighbourhood. It offers an opportunity to live right next to it all, making this one of the most ideal places in Toronto.


This area is surrounded by entertainment such as shopping malls, boutiques, and community centers. It is also accessible to public transit, such as the 24 buses that pass by Victoria Park, including Victoria Park Station. A short Distance along O’Connor to Eglinton will allow you to reach the under-construction Eglinton LRT line which will likely be complete by the time Amsterdam Townhomes is finished. 

About the Developer

RISE leads the industry in providing customized solutions to multi-family and student housing development, managing, financing, as well as auxiliary needs. They strive to build every project into a long-term partnership by focusing on individual relationships and comprehensive management from predevelopment through construction and continued support following project completion.

This real estate company is not solely concerned about building four walls and a roof. According to them, it’s also about the people who are building their lives inside those four walls and under that roof. 

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