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3 years ago

Georgetown Condos

13645 102 Ave., Surrey, BC V3T 1N7, Canada

Developer: Anthem


Project Info
Type: Condo
Units: TBA
Status: Selling Now
Est. Completion: 2022
Price: 249,900
Location: Surrey

Located in Surrey’s Georgetown neighborhood, Anthem Properties is developing a new rising luxurious townhouse and condominium in Surrey. The exciting new building at 102 Avenue in Surrey, British Columbia, is now under construction. A completion date of 2022 has been set for the Georgetown campus. 

Surrey City Centre, the region’s newest and most lively commercial hub, is home to Georgetown, a 10-acre urban mixed-use community with a total floor area of 1.8 million square feet.

Features and Amenities

The townhouses and condominiums in this upscale neighborhood will have easy access to various shopping options, restaurants, specialized grocers, coffee shops, and other community amenities. Upstairs, in your very own apartment, you’ll find a private balcony with stunning views of the whole city, extending from Mount Baker to the North Shore mountains.

There are over 100,000 square feet of new eateries, retail space, and office space in this superbly built neighborhood that caters to all of your needs. It includes townhouses as well as seven residential towers and one mid-rise structure. A total of 40% of the new construction is geared toward families, with units including two and three bedrooms. Residents will get access to an additional 33,000 square feet of indoor ground-floor leisure area.

Residents in Georgetown may make use of a wide range of facilities. Outdoor dining, an outdoor theater, a coworking space, a fitness center, a guest suite, a fire pits, a private study lounge, a yoga studio, a gaming room, and more are all possibilities.

Location and Neighborhood

The city’s north, east, and westbound bus lines all have stops within walking distance of each other outside Georgetown. There are several eateries, coffee shops, grocery stores, pharmacies, schools, and parks along King George Blvd. and 102 Ave.

In addition, the Surrey Central Station is just two streets away from Georgetown, and the King George Station is only a short drive away. The Central City Shopping Centre may easily be reached by foot from Georgetown.

There are several eateries and transit hubs just outside Georgetown for residents to choose from. In the vicinity of Georgetown, you’ll find eateries such as All About Pho Vietnamese Noodles, White Spot Central City, Sushi & Roll, Freshslice, Sushi King George, and Bon Ga Korean Restaurant.

Accessibility and Highlights

Residents of Georgetown have easy access to various food stores where they may stock up on the essentials of life. Save-On-Foods, Safeway Surrey Central, and EgyCan are all within some drive off Georgetown.

Some of the city’s most popular coffee shops may be found only a few blocks away from Georgetown at the Central City Shopping Centre.

Georgetown’s schools are also within walking distance of the area, as are several others. With so many surrounding schools, after-school programs, summer camps, recreation centers, libraries, and community centers dedicated to children and families, it’s no wonder that Georgetown has earned its reputation as a family-friendly neighborhood in the area. 

Several parks may be found close by. Nearby parks include Civic Plaza, Holland Park, AHP Matthew Park, and Cedar Grove Park, where locals may get a taste of nature in the middle of a bustling metropolis.

About the Developer

Anthem Properties’s mission is to create better places for people and more vital communities via the development, investment, and management of the real estate. From master-planned mixed-use residential and multi-family communities to townhouse and single-family subdivisions, the company’s increasing residential portfolio comprises more than 15,000 residences.

Passion, success, and direct communication are the driving forces behind this 400-strong workforce. For them, building trust and keeping commitments is a priority. They are methodical about their approach to business:

  • They have a real estate plan.
  • They tirelessly pursue it.
  • They implement it in groups.

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