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2 years ago

The Branch Towns

2535 Gerrard Street East, Toronto, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Developer: Profile


Project Info
Type: Townhomes
Units: TBA
Status: Selling Soon
Est. Completion: 2023
Price: TBA
Location: Scarborough

Branch Towns is a new townhome development soon to rise in this south-end Scarborough neighbourhood. It will offer 37 residential suites with designs yet to be announced. The area surrounding the development will be rich with amenities for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Ideal for small families who want to live a life in a quiet, suburban neighbourhood.

Currently in pre-construction stages by Profile Developments, a team of highly experienced veterans in the real estate industry that specializes in building affordable homes in growing communities that lack affordable options.

This townhome development is expected to be completely established by the year 2023.

Features and Amenities

This townhome development in Scarborough is designed to be in an ultra-modern, box-type feature. Painted in all black, a vast expanse of window facade divides the interior and exterior environment of each unit. A floor-to-ceiling window brings in more natural light in the daytime, making it a more appalling and refreshing ambiance. Additionally, it also gives off more space as it creates a seamless transition between two environments. 

37 residential suites will be offered, yet the designs for each are yet to be announced. However, it is anticipated that the amenities here will include a dining area, party room, BBQ area, fireplace lounge, and fitness center. The rooftop terrace will also be made available for everyone. 

Location and Neighbourhood

Branch Towns is situated at 2535 Gerrard Street, Toronto, Scarborough. The Birchcliffe-cliffside community is a family-centric area that was first to be carried out under urban spread and gentrification resulting from expensive downtown homes. The community itself is an amalgamation of amazing houses, both big and small, spread amongst long time residents and new urban professionals who value space that downtown homes don’t offer.

With this growing community, a lot of amenities can be found and accessible on every corner. Future residents of the Branch Towns will find the place conveniently surrounded by supermarkets, grocery stores, schools, lakeside parks, and beaches. Start a tranquil suburban life in this lakeside neighbourhood today. 


This townhome development in Scarborough is also located in a student-friendly neighbourhood due to its proximity to learning institutions. Schools such as Blantyre Public School, Birch Cliff Public School, and Samuel Hearne Middle School are just some of the schools in the vicinity of the project.

The location is also minutes away from The Beaches neighborhood and numerous parks and green spaces. A few minutes away from the development are numerous eateries and grocery stores such as Tim Horton’s, Loblaws Grocery Store, and Metro Supermarket.

About the Developer

Profile Developments is specialized in sourcing, developing, and building missing middle housing to create a more diverse housing supply in growing communities that suffer from a lack of affordable options. While the majority of developers concentrate on economies of scale, they look to level the playing field.

Their team is composed of highly experienced veterans of the property development industry, with each member specializing in a key aspect of the development process. They are developers, planners, designers, engineers, and project managers who seek to visualize and build diverse housing units that help people purchase homes they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. 

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