St. Catherines The Clifton Modern Towns


Selling Now
2 years ago

The Clifton Modern Towns

4261 Fourth Avenue, Niagara Falls, ON

Developer: NewCastle


Project Info
Type: Townhomes
Units: TBA
Status: Selling Now
Est. Completion: 2023
Price: TBA
Location: St. Catharines

Newcastle Communities’ Clifton Modern Towns is a new townhouse development in St. Catharines at 4261 Fourth Avenue in Niagara Falls. The project is expected to be completed in 2023. There are a total of 100 apartments in the Clifton Modern Towns. This community is built around aspects that encourage passion, play, and pride, all made possible by choosing a strategic position close to Niagara Falls.

Features‌ ‌and‌ ‌Amenities‌

Elegant details are tastefully incorporated throughout the expansive floor plans, resulting in dwellings that exude a sophisticated sense of comfort and make you feel at ease from the minute you enter. In addition to these fantastic condo facilities, this many neighborhood amenities offer unequaled convenience for the inhabitants of the surrounding community.

Location and Neighborhood

Located in the heart of the Niagara Falls region, the city of Niagara Falls has an abundance of almost everything. This border city in Ontario’s southernmost province is also home to the world-famous Niagara Falls, which shares the same name as the city. Investors in Niagara Falls may look forward to a life of metropolitan convenience while being close to one of the world’s most spectacular natural marvels.

Northern Niagara Falls is a town in Ontario, Canada. An excellent area to invest and raise a family. Trails, parks, and community centers surround the property. Our partners and the city have planned for this neighborhood to expand at its fastest possible rate in the future.

The Clifton Modern Towns is the closest new townhouse community to the Go Station so that you may feel secure in your choice. Bus stations for St. Catharines Transit are conveniently positioned near the complex, allowing residents to commute to and from any place in the city.


This project is 3 minutes from the Great Wolf Lodge. Three minutes away from the Loccocos Market. Commisos Fine Foods is about three minutes away. Queenston Heights can be reached in 7 minutes. The Nexus Bridge is about a five-minute walk away. The Queenston Bridge is only a short walk away in 7 minutes. Within ten minutes is the Waterfalls.

About the Developers

The Normans constructed a wooden bridge across the River Tyne and a wooden fortification in 1080 AD. Newcastle-Upon-Tyne was given its name due to the construction of the bridge and the building of the new fortress. 

Newcastle was a crucial player in the Industrial Revolution, which helped to establish Britain as “the factory of the world.” Newcastle has grown into one of the most significant cities in the North East of England due to the innovation, tenacity, and persistence of its people.

There are many distinct types and eras of architecture in Newcastle, making it a varied city. We rely on this rich cultural and architectural past to design and construct houses that enable individuals to interact more readily with their families, friends, and the broader neighborhood. 

Our family-oriented houses help to convert neighborhoods into places of timeless elegance. Using form, function, and style, we design living spaces inspired by varied lifestyles and elegantly merge them. The locations we call home are safe havens and comfort zones; they are places where we may make new memories and commemorate milestones in our lives.

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