Downtown Toronto Skyline

The new condos in downtown Toronto

Downtown Toronto is a neighbourhood of artistry and splendour.The best the city has to offer if you’re ok with the hustle and bustle. The truth is downtown Toronto, is an exceptional place that you should be sure to live, enjoy and work while savouring all the finest things in life it has to offer. Having a new condo in this high brow area of downtown Toronto wouldn’t be a bad idea, though it might not come cheap as you would like, but you can’t take away the exquisite surrounding you will be enjoying at every turn you take.

If you are a suave and a debonair that needs to live life in style and poise then owning a new condo in this sophisticated area of downtown Toronto is a must for you. This is luxury at its best with some world finest residence, beautiful scenery environment, lots of recreational centers to enjoy and explore. Downtown Toronto, offers all urban and voguish lifestyle right in your face. To get more convince you should read the below to really understand the gains of having a new condo in Downtown Toronto. There are many other areas in the city that you can consider too like Toronto midtown or King West, but both don’t have the same offerings.   

Still looking at New condos in Downtown Toronto? Great because that’s just the beginning to what you expect in the city. 

Downtown Toronto can be described as the vibrant transit hub and as such it is a place where every lovers of the good life should be. New condos are springing up in the area constantly and it will be a delight for you to take advantage of this and get a new condo here either as a homeowner or as a tenant. There are arrays of new condos for sale in Downtown Toronto.

The list of new condos in downtown Toronto includes flour condos, YSL condos, plaza theatre district condos, panda condos, the well condos, Stanley condos, playground condos , artists alley condos , the united BLDG condos and the one condos, All of these are luxury condos and more condo developments are spring up. So keep your eye on our search page if you want to stay up to date.

Downtown Toronto, boasts of stunning towers that is of new architecture which is preeminence in the city skyline which make the city the most prestigious in the neighborhoods. So having a new condo in this area will make your future place be at par with most high-end hotels and luxurious hotels. Getting a new condo in Downtown Toronto will afford you the opportunity  of living your life in the vibrant hub, because downtown Toronto seems to be in the centre of everything because almost all the beautiful destinations of downtown is in this city.

Living in the core does have the advantage of a short walk to the Eaton centre and Dundas square, Canada’s times square. There is alway something to do or see.

Presently, the average cost of a new condo in Downtown Toronto goes for around $545,000 which is still affordable considering the luxury that comes with owning a condo in Downtown Toronto. Especially when you compare it to other desirable cities that are commonly compared with Toronto – New York and Vancouver.  With the rise in prices and seemingly no end to our growth. Toronto is worth the money spent, the taste is proportionate to the offers.

The condos projects comprised of residential condos which take about 93% of the properties that are sold, while the remaining 7% are divided into two for both townhouses and others use buildings.

What to do near your new downtown condo

The downtown area of Toronto is characterize by stylish and contemporary condos which have different features and attributes. The area has some high rising developments which date back to 1950. Most of those were used for commercial  purposes, but recently a few are being converted for residential use. These condo building tend to have a loft feel and are highly sought after, so if you’re interested get ready it might cost you more than you’re expecting.

Downtown Toronto is in the centre of everything be it in art, shopping, dining, recreation or entertainment it has it all. That’s why condo developers always have their eyes on the area because they know that owning a condo here for anyone is a good investment. So if you have been craving that dazzling neighborhood that will take your breath away, then you might want to consider a new condo in Downtown Toronto.  The fact still remains that buying a new condo in the downtown Toronto area is being at the epicenter of a dynamic and growing real estate economy.

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The developers of downtown Toronto projects

With so many new projects in the city there and the growth over the years, Toronto has attracted many local and international developers. One of the best is course no other developers  is the renowned Toronto based real estate development firm, parallax. Their level of expertise has spanned over three decades and counting and we can be sure with this level of experience, only the best way of executing a job can come from them.

It is on record that Parallax has executed over $200 million of projects, and it designs each of its projects with the right materials as well as its structures and designs to be of the highest standard.Parallax has completed about 75 industrial, residential and commercial projects. So with this we can imagine the level  of experience in the development of condos and homes.

We all know that no job can be done shabbily by experienced hands, that is why the downtown Toronto projects are undertaken by this dynamic building firm. With the perfect jobs done by parallax in market east, wellington west and the diamond at Don Mills then you should expect same befitting job with condos in downtown Toronto.You should request for your new condo in downtown Toronto today.

The amenities for new condos in Downtown Toronto

eaton centre indoors

If you are seeking to buy a new condo and only looking at a neighbourhood with the best amenities then you will do well, getting a new condo in Downtown Toronto. This is where you will have the luxury of choosing from all the various artistic and excellent amenities at your beck and call. Downtown has really perfect facilities to offer its residents and homeowners. There are numerous subway lines to ease movement, there are fast streetcars for quick journey, and public buses are available too, in case you need to leave the city to a neighboring town or city.

There is the option of riding your bike as the city has many different route that include dedicated bike lanes. Taking a stroll or walk and also boarding a taxi that will drop you at your door step.  This vibrant city offers most of its residents (depending on the building) the delight of using a well furnish gyms, swimming pools, outdoor balconies, spas , 24 hours concierge assistance, sleek finishes, 24 hours spa and quartz countertops. The newer the building the more of a focus the amenities as with the year the desire for better and better amenities has grown.

You will also have the privilege of enjoying other amenities like industrial buildings, secondary and tertiary education schools like the renowned Ryerson University and George brown college. It has first grade hospitals and facilities that offer quality health services, these facilities include the popular mt. Sinai hospital, Toronto general hospital and the hospital for sick kids. All these hospitals have one thing in common; they only provide best health care services.

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