New Condos For Sale In Park Lawn & Lakeshore

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On Toronto’s west side sits Etobicoke, with its waterfront paving a new and growing community called the Humber Shores, surrounding the Park Lawn Rd & Lakeshore Blvd intersection. This area is where you can find

The gorgeous Humber Shores area has experienced a surge of growth in the last decade, transforming into a waterfront community that’s brimming with life. A few condos have been built in the area in the last few years, as more and more people move into Toronto, and more seek a home conveniently located in the GTA. Only a 15-minute drive downtown, it feels like a quieter area of Toronto while still being close to the core.

This community is located right by Lake Ontario, with gorgeous views of Toronto and its unique skyline. At night, the lights from the skyline add a different kind of life to the shore. It’s a great place to sit by the water, especially in the summer.

Many people who live in the Park Lawn and work downtown actually bike or even rollerblade down the Lakefront path as their commute to work. The waterfront bike path was recently re-done to accommodate the growing community, and to encourage Torontonians to use the path for exercise, and to admire the city views. Having been redone recently, the path is also very smooth and an overall easy and comfortable ride, unlike areas where the path is older and covered in cracks. The existing and expanding bike trails in Toronto make it a great choice to consider if you work downtown.

The iconic Humber Bay Arch bridge is basically a monument in Etobicoke, its unique architecture making a mark in the Etobicoke skyline. Every day, thousands of bikers, joggers, and walkers, cross paths on the bridge, as it is part of the Lakefront trail. Many even stop on the bridge to admire the Toronto skyline, before continuing down the path.

Some of the New condos coming to Parklawn

There are a few pre-construction projects that are coming up in this neighbourhood, with a major one in the works called 2150 Park Lawn. This master-planned community will have 8 condos and a whole variety of amenities for the surrounding area. The project promises to bring in a GO Transit hub, a new park, a cinema, a library, and more to the area. The GO station will connect with Union station, allowing thousands of people who live in the area easy access to downtown. This transit hub will also help to reduce congestion in the area as the population grows.

With downtown Toronto being a quick 15 minutes’ drive away, people who live in Park Lawn Lakeshore will still have easy access to all the exciting events and activities that the city has to offer. If they choose to stay in the area, there are a number of spots around. Many establishments have opened up in the area in the last few years, adding convenience to anyone who lives nearby. Right at the intersection of Park Lawn and Lakeshore is a brand-new Metro, an LCBO, a Shoppers Drug Mart, Freshii, and others. Additionally, with the population growth in the area, a number of restaurants, boutiques, and shops have opened as well, making the area filled with things to do. Scaddabush, Eden Trattoria, La Vecchia, and Firkin on Bay are some of the new restaurants that have opened on Lakeshore, accommodating the residents in the buildings nearby.

Getting around you new Parklawn Condo

Transit wise, the area has buses that take about 10 minutes to get to Old Mill Station on the Bloor-Danforth line, as well as streetcar stops close-by with the 24-hour 501-Queen streetcar taking you right downtown. There is even a TTC/GO Train shuttle bus, driving a loop around the Lakeshore and bringing residents who live in the area to Mimico GO Station, which connects easily to downtown as Union Station is only 2 stops away. This is the only TTC/GO shuttle in the city, and soon the Transit Hub will be open right on Park Lawn Rd, making it even easier to get to the GO Station. Currently it takes 30 minutes to get downtown but once the transit hub is built it will take as little as 15 minutes, since Union Station is only 2 stops away.

Every Saturday morning and afternoon, at the entrance to both parks near Lakeshore Blvd is the Humber Bay Shores Farmers Market. This market features lots of local produce, maple syrup, honey, and more. Residents of Park Lawn Lakeshore love the Farmers Market, with many people coming out every Saturday to re-stock on fresh veggies and boutique honeys, maple syrups, and more.

Just steps away from Park Lawn Lakeshore are two large parks, each making a small peninsula on Lake Ontario. The parks are appropriately named Humber Bay Park East and Humber Bay Park West, and both have trails, lookout points, and lots of green space to explore. On one side of the park there is a marina with lots of boats docked. Nearby, there is also a dog park on the West side of the park where dog owners can let their pups mingle with other pups, while making new friends with fellow dog owners in the neighbourhood if they choose.

Two of Etobicoke’s most visit-worthy spots, Tom’s Dairy Freeze and Sanremo Bakery, are within a 5-minute drive of the Humber Bay area. Tom’s Dairy Freeze has been around for more than 40 years and is iconic because of its delicious soft serve ice cream and wide array of scoop-able ice cream flavours, plus traditional diner eats like burgers and shakes. Sanremo Bakery on the other hand, is one of the city’s best bakeries, serving fresh baked pastries, donuts, cakes and more, in addition to its wide selection of sandwiches, pizza, and coffee offerings. Both locations are well known, with Sanremo being a hotspot on weekend mornings, and Tom’s Dairy Freeze being the go-to spot on summer nights.

Currently, there are a few pre-construction condos that are nearing completion in the area, such as Vita on the Lake, Eau de Soleil, Cove at Waterways, Water’s Edge at the Cove, among others. There are a few under construction as well. Empire Phoenix is currently being built on Manitoba St, part of the ‘Mystic Pointe’ community in Humber Bay. Mystic Pointe is right beside Grand Ave Park, which will be completely revitalized by Empire Communities, for the entire community.

Some of the most prominent developers in the area include The Conservatory Group (Water’s Edge at the Cove, Cove at Waterways); Mattamy Homes (Vita on the Lake, Vita Two, Lago at the Waterfront); Empire Communities (Eau de Soleil, Empire Phoenix, Beyond the Sea); and Graywood Developments (Ocean Club Waterfront).