Category: Buyers Info

Oct 09
Buying my First Condo

We understand that for most people buying your first condo can be hard. Where do I…

Sep 21
Top Pre-Construction Condo Developers In the GTHA

Your condo is only as good as the builder who develops it. The developer plays a vital…

Sep 21
What’s right for you?

Pre-Construction This is the process of buying directly from the builder before…

Sep 21
2018 – 10% Increase in Toronto Condominium Prices In The Fourth Quarter

In the last quarter of 2018, the city of Toronto’s condo prices rose to a staggering…

Sep 21
Buyers Remorse and Bidding Wars Cost Newmarket Couple $470,000

During April 2017, while looking for their forever home, David Lea and Xixing Hu…

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