Canderel Residential

A luxury focused developer well known in Downtown Toronto, BC and Montreal

Canderel residential logo

Canderel Residential has built a name for itself in the GTA areas including other provinces in Canada and have developed some luxury buildings that will forever be known in the GTA. 


YC Condos located at 460 Yonge Street was fully completed in 2019 on time as per schedule.
About Canderel Residential​
  • Inception year
    March 26th, 1998
  • Headquarters
  • Phone
    (416) 593-6122
Previous Projects
  • 900 St.Clair Condos
    North York
  • YC Condos
A relatively new developer with a great deal of potential. Previously building commercial strip plaza. Their residential focus is now on low rise condos.

Current Condos

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