Consulate Developments Group

Found by William Sorokolit, a long time real estate investor and realtor since 1969, Consulate Development Group is a boutique development company focusing on urban developments around the GTA. Also known for their commercial developments such as Central Parkway Mall. 


As of most recently, they have launched Twenty/20 Townhomes located in Mississauga which will consist of urban Stacked Townhouses, featuring rooftop suites, garden suites and bungalow suites. Recently acquired was a 430 unit development called “ Bridgewater on Georgian Bay “ located in Collingwood, ON. Grand Niagara is also another development located in Welland Ontario with over 1800 units proposed  

About Consulate Developments Group
  • NA
  • Headquarters
    377 Burnhamthorpe Road East
  • Phone
Previous Projects
  • 20/Twenty Towns
  • Grand Niagra
    Thorold, ON
A relatively new developer with a great deal of potential. Previously building commercial strip plaza. Their residential focus is now on low rise condos.
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