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Our team lead by Tal Shelef, is an industry leader when it come to condo and house assignments. Few have the experience and the knowledge when it come to assignments.


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Condo and home assignments aren't very common, ask 100 realtors and maybe 1 has any knowledge about them. The ones that do are usually part of our network. Choosing to work with us means your assignment will be seen by potential hundreds of different buyers represented by other Realtors.

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Over the years we have built a strong database of potential buyers - Some are waiting for the right time or looking for an exact unit. We market directly to them to find a buyer quickly!

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When it comes to experience and getting the best returns for you condo assignment, few can match Condowizard's team. We take pride in our full commitment to assignment sales on a daily basis and truly understand the market. We focus on working closely to guide them to a clear understanding of the process. Our focus is simply getting you, the seller of a pre-construction unit / assignment the top value possible for your suite.

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What our clients think

I purchased a unit at Platform Condos at Danforth and Greenwood and needed more space so had to assign the unit prior to closing. Tal is one of the best and resourceful go-to when it comes to assignment sales. We managed to find a buyer within 48 hours.

Mike Terion
Assignment Seller

I purchased a few pre-construction condos but I needed to pull my profits and deposit in order to invest in my new business. Tal and Condowizard were able to do an amazing job and introduced my unit to a lot out their network as I couldn't advertise the unit on MLS. Their team was just amazing to work with.

Jenifer Hale
Assignment Seller

I bought my condo years in North York and it was almost ready to move in, but I bought a house instead for more space. So I wanted to sell. Condowizard did a good job and helped us negotiate a very favourable sale.

Cindy Chan
Assignment Seller

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