Small Apartment Hacks — Room Design Ideas You Should Try

Not everyone can afford the luxury of living in a large-spaced apartment. Small apartments are beautiful, but figuring how to make the space livable is what gets many people confused. 

You can make your small apartment stylish, open, and have more space. Our professional team will explain some small apartment hacks you can use to make your space livable and enjoyable.

Small Apartment Hacks

Living in a tiny room space demands that you are creative and strategic so that you don’t overwhelm the space. This entails using cool small apartment hacks to make the space organized and free up some spaces.

small apartment with plants

Staying in a small apartment with all your properties on display will only make it look cluttered. This will make your visiting friends have a negative impression of you.

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Saving Space

Below are the best tips on saving space in your small apartment.

Hanging Lamps

Lighting is crucial in the home, as it can make an apartment look fashionable. But how you set it up is even what’s more essential. 

In an apartment with minimal space, our team recommends that you opt for hanging lamps instead of floor lamps. Hanging lamps will illuminate the room perfectly while freeing up some additional space.

You may ask, what type of hanging lamps should you go for? A classic set of wall sconces is a good option if you don’t want to stress your muscles by switching the lights on and off.

Use Curtains and Shelves as Partitions

You can use curtains and shelves to partition your bedroom or living area into different sections and make those areas distinct. In turn, this will create spaces in your small apartment.

shelf as partition

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are fashionable but only make sense if you use them in a large apartment. For a small apartment, our professional team advises that you ditch sliding doors for a single door that will act as a double-duty door. What does this mean?

Double-duty doors act as an opening and a space for storing some stuff. Although many people affix a mirror to the back, you can turn the backspace to hang your frock and some everyday clothing.

Foldable or Tiny Tables

Investing in tiny tables is another cool way of saving up some space in your living room. This small hack will also enhance the cuteness of the room, and you can place one or two items under them.

Elevated Bed for Storage

Using elevated beds is another excellent small apartment hack that you should try. You will utilize your space adequately if you use an elevated bed because you can slide in some useful items like a basket underneath. Some elevated beds come with built-in storage, which can serve as an additional place for storing our jeans and sweaters.

pallet bed

Wall Organizers

Using wall organizers will create ample space in your living room. You can use floating shelves to organize your items, such as pieces of furniture, books, flowers, etc. You can also place your speakers and woofers there.

Toilet and Closet Shelves

If your small apartment has a closet, you should make the best of it. Add some shelves to it to provide more storage options. You can get these shelves in home improvement stores and don’t need to spend much to get all these things done.

Decorating Your Small Apartment

If you want to decorate your small apartment, these simple hacks below will get the best out of your space.

Wall Gallery

Putting up some wall galleries might spice up the living room. But in a small apartment, it’s not doing the space any good. Leaving your walls covered in vintage artwork can make the space cluttered. Why don’t you opt for a single large art piece instead if you want to put on some artwork on the wall?

Hang Accessories on the Wall

Hanging some accessories on the wall will save up some space in your living room. You can use this simple hack to redesign your kitchen and save ample space for other things.

Instead of using cabinets and those large storage boxes, you can use small storage solutions like hooks to make your kitchen less cluttered. With hooks on the wall, you can store your kitchen items like pans, pots, and other utensils by simply hanging them on the wall.

hanging kitchenware

As part of saving space, you can also opt for a magnetic strip for hanging all your knives instead of the typical knife block [1]. This efficient small space hack will make your knives easily accessible.

Hang Mirrors

This is a clever hack that you need to try. Hanging mirrors is a fantastic way of adding depth to your tiny space and creating a doubling effect. It creates an illusion that the apartment has lots of space, and reflections from the mirror will also increase the space’s light.

Hanging mirrors is easy. All you have to do is place them across from a window in the living space.

Paint Walls with Light or Pale Colors

Light colors do more than improve the design of the home. It can enhance the aesthetics of the room and give it a calm vibe. Instead of choosing so many clashing colors to decorate the home, you should opt for light or pale colors to keep the living space simple.

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shelves with plants


How do you live comfortably in a small apartment?

To live comfortably in a small apartment, you need to break the apartment into sections. Each corner should serve a unique function. 

Incorporate pieces of furniture in the right places make these divisions apparent. Since you’ll have minimal space, you need to declutter the space by removing unnecessary items and installing shelves pegboards, and cabinets to create more space for storage.


Bigger is not always better. Small apartments are nice, and people have started to adapt to the idea of living in tiny spaces, as they are more affordable. These small apartment hacks listed by our experts will solve the problem of tiny spaces in your small apartment and make the space livable.

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