Small Condo Furniture Ideas to Maximize Your Space

If your condo’s space is small, the chances are that you are looking for ways to maximize the space to live more comfortably. The last thing you’ll want is to live in a cluttered place and leave out essential home furniture that’ll make your space more functional. Luckily for you, our design experts have some small condo furniture ideas you can use.

10 Small Condo Furniture Ideas

The challenges of organizing a condo to save more space are immense. Everybody seeks to live in a spacious home. Condo spaces are limited, and not everything you own will fit in.
small condo

Sometimes, it can be frustrating when you realize that your new apartment isn’t spacious enough. For this reason, you need to devise a layout strategy to transform your small space into a stylish, spacious-looking home.

The key to creating space is to select furnishings that fit the space and be used for various purposes. With small condo furniture, it’s possible to live in a home that isn’t cluttered or cramped, and you won’t feel claustrophobic. Below are small pieces of furniture you can add to your condo to save more space.

1. Tiny Tables and Furniture

It wouldn’t make sense to purchase large pieces of furniture to fit spaces in a condo. Instead, choose tiny tables and furniture. These two essential pieces will give you the needed space and make the home more enjoyable. They are also functional while allocating more space to your living room area.
small table

2. Mirrors

Mirrors and any reflective material can make a living space look bigger than it is. It’s a clever way of creating an illusion of a doubling effect [1].

Try incorporating some of them around the corners of the sitting room and bedroom. You could also make the mirrors completely cover one wall.

3. Wall Shelves

Wall-mounted shelves are another great option for small condos. If you want to arrange your books, flowers, speakers and some pieces of furniture in one place without scattering them, wall shelves will suffice. It must be large enough and slender in width so that you can store most of your items there.
wall shelves

4. Toilet and Cabinet Shelves

You should also add some toilet and cabinet shelves to keep your toiletries, towels, etc. more organized. These small condo pieces of furniture are excellent storage options that will create ample space in the bathroom.

5. Sofa Bed

Sofa beds or backless sofas are excellent, multipurpose space-saving seats you can get for your sitting room. Unlike standard or large-sized cushions, sofa beds can double as a seat and a bed. Plus, they are comfortable, and you can use them to divide two seating areas by placing them in the middle.

6. Ladders

Who would believe that ladders can save space in a condo? You must be wondering how this is useful, but ladders are another small piece of furniture that you can put into creative use. It’s not only used to reach high places.
You can use a ladder for storing books, magazines, and even for keeping some artworks. You can use it to organize accessories like pots and pans in the kitchen, turn them into a plant stand, etc.
lader with a towel

7. Floating or Foldable Desks

Some people make the mistake of pushing all their furniture up against the wall to create a pool of space in the middle. This design idea will leave the room cluttered and bulky in appearance.

Instead, opt for floating desks and chairs so that spaces are created behind the desks. This will make the room look wider than it is and project a conversation-like scene. Plus, they are better options compared to bookcases.

8. Corner Tables and Shelves

Corner tables and shelves can save up some space in the home to a great deal when positioned in the corners. Although it’s primarily made for storing books, you can use a corner shelf to keep other useful materials like music CDs, plants, etc.
side table on a room

9. Caddy

Caddies are great for organizing items, such as TV remotes, cards, car keys, etc. Depending on how big they are, you can also keep your phones inside. Just make sure you don’t keep them together with your keys.

The good thing about caddies is they are inexpensive. You can choose to buy them in the market or build one for yourself.

10. Pantry and Toiletry Carts

You can make use of pantries for food storage and storing kitchenware. Unlike a temperature-controlled refrigerator, pantries serve as a good option for canned foods, staples, and spices. Plus, they are small and won’t take up a huge space in your kitchen.

all-around home cart

You can store personal toiletries in the toiletry carts in the bathroom instead of using the standard hanging bar and shelf only. The combination of these two can add more space to the bathroom.

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Where can I buy furniture for small spaces?

You can buy furniture for small spaces in stores like IKEA (Swedish store), West Elm, Pottery Barn, Resource Furniture, APT 2B, Calligaris, CB2, etc. These stores sell good-quality small condo furniture that will fit your space perfectly at low-budget prices. You can buy homemade furniture on Etsy, whether you are looking for a used one or a brand new one.


There’s nothing worse than living in a tiny-spaced home where all the pieces of furniture get in your way. Whether your condo’s space is like a rat hole or a little bigger than that, you can still make the most out of it. These small condo furniture ideas are clever methods you can use to transform your tiny living space into a comfortable living area.
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