Top 10 Smart Home Devices to Furnish and Secure Your Home

Automating the home is a dream of every homeowner. Imagine controlling your speaker, lights, cameras, windows, and even heaters with a convenient push of the button — that’s called smart home technology.  

However, not everyone understands the home automation concept. Additionally, they don’t know which smart device to get. Our experts will list the best smart home devices to furnish your home. 

Top 10 Smart Home Devices to Furnish and Secure Your Home

Smart home devices connect to the internet, also known as the Internet of Things (IoT), and that’s how they can automate. These smart home devices give you optimum control. They allow you to control the items in your home with a button or a voice command, from turning the lights off to surveillance. 

Below are the best ten smart home devices you can purchase to furnish and secure your beautiful home.

1. Smart Speaker

When you hear about smart speakers, the Amazon Echo family and the Google Nest Hub family come to mind. Let’s start with the Amazon Echo family.

The Amazon Echo is a fantastic Bluetooth Alexa-powered speaker. With Alexa (Amazon’s intelligent voice assistant), you don’t get to control the speaker alone but other devices via pairings around your home. 

smart speakers

You can also opt for the Google Nest speakers. Like Alexa, Google Assistant allows you to control the speakers conveniently. The Google Nest Hub is one of their speakers that provides treble and bass room-filling sounds for your pleasure. 

The Sonos One is another great option. It’s one of the best smart speakers within its price range. Its voice assistant allows you to connect to other Sonos speakers, providing excellent sound quality.     

2. Security Camera

Security cameras are one of the most vital devices to install around the home for detecting movement and preventing theft. The smart cameras we recommend are the Arlo Pro 4 and the Wyze Cam V3. They are easy to install and have numerous features, such as color night vision, motion detection, etc.

3. Smart Lock and Door Opener

Smart locks and door opener intelligently locks and open doors. Among the devices that can do this is the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. This device is small but packs features that guarantee an amazing lock experience. It device supports Alexa, Google Assistant, and some third-party apps. 

smart door lock

4. Smart Blinds

Allowing light into the room in the morning automatically is one thing smart blinds like Yolax Shades can do. They can be controlled by Alexa, Google Assistant, and via remote control. 

5. Thermostat

Our technical team recommends the Ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control and the Nest Thermostat for intelligent heating and cooling. The Ecobee comes with exceptional features, such as improved Alexa, dual-band Wi-Fi, and other powerful components for heating and cooling.

The Nest Thermostat is another affordable smart home product that works like the Ecobee. It controls heating and cooling intelligently via an app or voice, allows you to observe energy consumption remotely, etc. However, you’ll have to set up temperature preferences manually.

6. Smart Outlet

Some smart devices can also control outdoor activities. Devices like the Smart Sprinkler intelligently water the lawn if it isn’t raining and turns off automatically. You can control it with Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. 

smart outlet

7. Smart Lights

For smart lights, the Wyze Bulb Color is an excellent option. Not only will it control the lights, but it support triggered automation and scheduling at an affordable price. It works via an app, Alexa, or Google Assistant. 

You can wake up in the morning and sleep at night conveniently with sleep automation. 

8. Home Sensor

Installing smart home sensors can help detect things like smoke. They help you stay ahead of emergencies to prevent further damage. The Nest Protect is an excellent product for that.

Nest Protect is straightforward to use, simple to install, and works via Wi-Fi and IFTTT. 

9. Vacuum

Smart vacuums allow you to have a hands-free cleaning experience. You need robot vacuums like the iRobot Roomba s9+ and the Roomba i7. These smart products reach difficult areas and have more suction power, sensors, and intelligent navigation to enhance your cleaning experience. 

smart vacuum

You can also consider getting the Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI if you want something that offers hybrid and advanced features. This smart device can both vacuum and mop your floors. Thanks to its Artificial Intelligence and Visual Interpretation (AIVI), you can navigate obstacles automatically. 

It works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and voice so that you can start and stop cleaning [1].

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What Is the best smart home technology?

The best smart home technologies are the Google Nest, Arlo Pro 4, August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, and the Ecobee Smart Thermostat.


Automating your home is simple with the best smart home technology. You can do almost everything in the home with the click of a button or your voice. Before investing in smart home automation, our experts suggest you get conversant with how Alexa and Google Assistant works to avoid getting overwhelmed and uneasy. 

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