New Condos For Sale In Guelph

Guelph new condos

Guelph is a small southwestern Ontario town roughly an hour west of Toronto, but don’t let its small size fool you. Guelph, including Kitchener, Cambridge, and Waterloo, is growing fast in terms of new condos and homes. 

One big reason why many people flock to homes and condo units in Guelph City is due to its very low unemployment rate. In January of 2019, it was 1.9 (compared to 5.8 nationally), being highly driven by the strong manufacturing industry. Guelph, Ontario also has a very low crime rate, ranking near the bottom for all of Canada.

With safety and employment on a strong foundation, Guelph is a great place to find a new home. Real estate developers have taken notice and started building single-family homes and new condos in Guelph. And with the relatively inexpensive land prices and demand for condo lifestyle living, new condos in Guelph City, as well as single-family townhome units, are on the rise. Speaking of homes and new condos, Guelph has 27 different condo complexes that are planned or are currently under new construction. Soon there will be more new homes and new condos for sale at an attractive price. All that for a city population of around 130,000, bringing it closer to 160,000 in 2022. With all these condos and downtown growth, one can understand why there’s a big fuss about the real estate property developments in Guelph.

One of the Guelph condos that are worth mentioning is The Studio at The Metalworks by Fusion Homes, located at Arthur Street South. The real estate property was completed in 2019 and is highly regarded for its design and proximity to downtown Guelph. There are other similar development properties, such as Solterra by Fusion Homes, The Copper Club by Fusion Homes, The Glade by Fusion Homes, and Wallacetown — also by Fusion Homes.

While not much is known about Alice Block condos on Huron Street, it’s one of the Guelph condos that are shaping up its units to be a highly desirable property. It looks like the Guelph condo complex is going to be a hard loft style build with beautiful floor to ceiling windows with tall ceilings. We are in constant contact with the developer Momentum Developments, awaiting any new information that they are willing to release about the sale of units in Guelph. 

Momentum Developments is a local property developer in Ontario. With a good reputation when it comes to quality, this real estate developer is highly recommended for new homes and condos in Guelph. 

New homes are always on the rise, some even on par with Toronto condos. Some condos for registration include Waterford Square Condos, Grange Hill Point Condos, Kingsbury Condos, Woodlands Preserve Homes, 120 Huron Condos, South Hill Condos, South Hill Condos, West Peak Condos, and Alice Block Condos.

Just south of the downtown area, at the core of Guelph, Ontario, lies the University of Guelph, so new homes and condos for sale in the area are just nearby. The university has a great reputation of excellence, which is why in 2018 it ranked 4 on best Universities by Maclean’s magazine. The Guelph Institute mainly focuses on engineering, health, and natural sciences. People view the University of Guelph as a major contributor to the Ontario economy and an important social contributor to Guelph City.

Throughout the year, Guelph is home to different festivals and events, including Guelph Film Festival, Guelph and District Multicultural Festival and the Guelph Jazz Festival. In addition to these events, there are tickets to the semi-pro hockey team, the Guelph Storm. The teams play out of the Sleeman Centre, a modern facility location used throughout the year for Guelph events and concerts. So if you’re looking for new homes or condos for sale in the city, you’ll be able to view these Ontario happenings.

Condos in Guelph

Part of choosing homes and condos, aside from the price, Travel time in Guelph City depends on traffic, but the best way to get to Toronto is by the 401. Hamilton is about 40 minutes away if you take highway 6 and Niagara Falls is about 1 hour away via the QEW. In your new home in Guelph, you’re never too far away from downtown Toronto and major cities in Southern Ontario. You can also visit the most romantic cities in Niagara and spend the day at falls or an evening at a casino in the city. You can catch a Maple Leafs or Raptors game, spend the day at Wonderland or just venture up and down Queen Street.

However, things in Guelph are set to change in the future. Current plans include the construction of a new high-speed rail system that will start in downtown Toronto. Most likely at Union Station and travel through Guelph, Kitchen, Milton all the way through southern Ontario to Windsor. While exact travel times have not been announced, our view is that it should be significantly faster than a vehicle. This new transportation project in the city is set to start soon and with a price tag in the billions, it will forever change how people view Guelph, Ontario. This, coupled with the change in work-from-home philosophy that companies will adopt in the post-Covid world, will increase the demand for areas like Guelph. The increase in property values will continue over the next few years, and our view is that new property projects, units, and new homes will be up for sale in the Guelph location.

Aside from new condos, Guelph offers tons of nature and outdoors. Guelph is relatively untouched, with the surrounding areas being covered in trees, unique geological features like bluffs and extensive caves. The Rockwood Conservation in Guelph has over 100 different campsites offering an extensive array of fishing, swimming and hiking. There’s also the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory. The outdoor options seem endless, so new homes and condo units in Guelph give you pieces of nature.

Guelph City has some great options when it comes to food, and many are near new homes and condos so you don’t have to search far to find new places to dine in the city. Some of the best in Guelph are Elizabeth Street Eatery, Bin 23 Restaurant, and Na Ha Thai’s Kitchen. All of these places scored 4.5 stars on Google. However, our favourite place that is near condos and homes in Guelph is definitely La Cucina — a cozy little place that focuses on elegant fine Italian. The majority of restaurants in Guelph are found along Gordon St, just near Reign Condo which is on 1547 Gordon. Just drive along it, you’ll definitely come across something that piques your interest, no matter the price point.

Just along the Eramosa River (which runs right through the middle of the city) lies the Old Quebec Street Shoppes. A unique Guelph City shopping centre with a rustic feel and charm unlike anything else in Ontario. The majority of the Guelph shops are smaller boutique shops like Guelph Artisans, Reids Chocolate Candy & Nut Shop and The Dragon. Part of the complex is also dedicated to offices and medical facilities in Guelph. Even if shopping and sale events are not your thing, the unique architecture and history are something to be seen. Another big real estate development in Guelph is the Baker District Redevelopment Project, which is a 500,000 sq. ft. residential and commercial community where new condos and new homes will also be built.

When you view the price of a new condo, home or property in Guelph, it’s less expensive than other areas in Ontario such as Brampton, Square One District, Kitchener, and Richmond Hill. On average, all home types for sale in Guelph, including condos, are selling for the price of $553,100. This price is up 6.9% compared to the previous year, and the price will just keep rising for condos. For the rental rate, Guelph City offers an average price of $1,500. Property vacancy rate is also strong at 1.1%. That said, the sale price of a Guelph property is still lower than condos for sale in other Ontario areas.

As you can see, there are many single-family homes and new condos for sale in Guelph, Ontario. Some of these condos and development properties include West Peak Condos, The Copper Club, Wallaceton by Fusion Homes, Baker District, Terra Condos, and Solterra by Fusion Homes. 

In Guelph, new residents will experience a small town feel with the amenities of a larger city. The Guelph real estate market is set to grow and become one of the must-live places in south-west Canada if you are looking for a new home that’s quieter than the big city. Whether you’re on the search for a single-family home, townhome development, or condo in Guelph, new properties are always abundant in this south area.