New Townhomes in Etobicoke - Townhouses for sale

Ancona Park Urban Towns Rooftop Rendering
Etobicoke over the years has seen some serious growth in the condo market. The area of Parklawn in the past 10 years is unrecognizable. The main intersection was know as a scummy area with cheap motels all along lakeshore. Thats no longer the case, condos as far as the eye can see with even more coming. However developers have largely ignore the demand for Townhome in Etobicoke, instead focusing on the more profitable high rise projects. And for those developers that do, the demand has been very high. Most projects that focus on townhomes sell out quickly and will continue to do so. For the main reason stated before – demand. There are a few in the planning stages and most of those are located close to the subway line in mid Etobicoke. If you’re considering an investment or even a place to live with a good potential for increase in value Etobicoke is something to consider. While townhome – stacked, attached or free hold don’t have the same amenities that a standard condo offers like a gym or pool they do offer space. The smallest units are usually start around 1000 square feet and the bigger free hold one can be as big as three thousand square feet. Plus with a townhouse compared to a condo parking can be a drive way of garage that is right in front of the unit. No more waiting for the elevators. Along with that if there are any monthly fees they are significantly less than an equal sized condo. It is all about the lifestyle that you are looking for. If you are looking for something specific feel free to reach out directly, there are some projects that are coming soon that art even list yet.