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New condo growth in North York has led the way for the city of Toronto in terms of the number of new condos and developments. North York is second only to the downtown core. If you’re looking for new condos for sale in North York, you are in luck. Driving along the 401 20 years ago versus today, North York has a completely different skyline. It will continue to grow for the foreseeable future because developers have seen incredible demand for pre-construction condos in North York. 

The majority of North York condos and homes are focused along Yonge Street between Wilson Avenue and Finch Avenue West. Neighbourhoods like Willowdale, Don Mills, Bathurst, Don Valley Village, and Bayview Village are great development areas of condos as well.

The main intersection of North York — Yonge and Sheppard Avenue West — is now home to some truly iconic condo complexes. Two of the most popular North York condos are Emerald City and The Hallmark Center. Emerald City is a unique two-tower building in emerald colour with an interesting flare at the top of each tower. The Hallmark Center sits right at the main intersection and acts as an entrance to the subway station. It has a nice open courtyard that is open to the public. While both these developments don’t have any townhouse layouts, there are new condos and homes all around North York like in Willowdale and Bathurst.

Other popular condos for sale include King’s Landing Condos, Willowdale Heights, Saturday in Downsview Park Condos in Keele Street, 181 East in Sheppard Avenue East, 5959 Yonge Street Condos, The Bennett on Bayview Condos, and Lumina Condos on Don Mills Road and Sheppard Avenue East.

The area will continue to expand in the development of condos and homes, especially due to the subway access. In a short stretch, there are three different stations — York Mills, Shepherd Yonge, and Finch. This gives North York locals and condo residents easy access to the downtown core. North York has an additional line that travels east to west and starts at Yonge Sheppard station and goes eastbound as far as Fairview Mall which is right beside the 404.

As of 1999, North York is no longer its own city. Locals still call it North York, but North York was actually a part of the amalgamation of Toronto and its neighbouring cities which included Toronto, Scarborough, and Etobicoke. If you’re seeking condos in another area, Oakville and Vaughan have great development projects too.

New North York Condos Coming Soon

There is a whole host of new pre-construction condos and development projects coming to North York in Toronto, including high-rise, mid-rise, and condos. Some of these pre-construction condos include Bayview Village, 813 Sheppard Ave W Condos, 110 Sheppard Ave W, 680 Sheppard Ave E, 2450 Victoria Park Condos, The Bayview Condos, 6040 Bathurst St. Condos, Central Park Condos on Sheppard Ave E, 5800 Yonge St. Condos, Yonge Park Plaza on Yonge St., Dylan Condos on 831 Glencairn Avenue, and Lansing Square Condos on Victoria Park Avenue. A pre-construction condo allows you to pick design options that meet your condo needs since the building construction isn’t complete yet. As the entire development is still under construction, the condo units will have cheaper prices. These developments are popular condo options in North York and other areas as well.

If you’re looking for something specific in a home or a pre-construction condo development in the city of Toronto, your best bet is to use our North York search page. In the meantime, at the bottom of this page will be a list of the best upcoming condo developments in North York.


Many major businesses and amenities in North York are centred around its business district — North York Centre. It continues to be one of the biggest and most important corporate areas on the Toronto map with many office buildings and businesses residing there. A majority of Canada’s big five banks also have satellite offices in North York. So if you’re one of the many employees or job-seekers in this area, living in a North York condo development would be convenient especially near Don Mills.

Near Sheppard and Allen Road on the west-end of North York lies Downsview airport. This North York airport employs over 1,800 workers and is mainly used for military testing applications. Recently, the previous owner Bombardier Aerospace sold the property. It is now in the process of being converted to Centennial College’s Aerospace campus. The purpose of the airport was more for research and development purposes, but it does not produce any large degree of noise pollution. With this development, new condo owners in the area will not be affected by noise.

Another major industry in North York is its network of hospitals including North York General Hospital, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and Humber River Regional Hospital. Communities that have a trusted place for healthcare are a major factor when considering homes or condos for sale. Fortunately, North York real estate checks the box.

The People

North York, Toronto is one of the most multicultural parts in the city with 56% of the region’s residents not born in Canada. It homes many residents born in Asia, as most North York residents have a descent of Chinese, South Asian, Filipino and Koreans. That means your North York new condo or development property is surrounded by some of the best Asian cuisines Toronto has to offer.

What to do near your new North York Condo

In the immediate area and communities of North York, new condos are nearby some of the best restaurants and food in all of Toronto. Some of the amazing places to eat include Diwan, Babel Restaurant, Kinka Izakaya (Izakaya restaurant), Bellafornia Pizza Burger Restaurant & Bar, Goa Indian Farm Kitchen, KINTON RAMEN and Sushi Moto. That’s just naming off a few as there are hundreds of great places and communities in this development area, it just depends on what you’re in the mood for.

If you live in a village or pre-construction condo in North York such as Bayview Village, you’ll find many malls near the area. Westbound from Yonge on the south side of the 401 is the premier urban shopping center in Ontario — Yorkdale mallThe Yorkdale Shopping Centre is one of the country’s busiest and it has over 250 stores, many of which focus on the sale and development of luxury products. Yorkdale Shopping Centre is also home to many firsts for the Canadian Market such as the Apple Store in May of 2005, Crate & Barrel in late 2008, J Crew in August 2011, Microsoft Store in November 2012, Ted Baker in November 2012, and the super popular Cheesecake Factory in November 2017. To this date, the Cheesecake Factory in North York still has lines that take 2 hours or more, but you’ll find that it’s completely worth it and the taste hits close to home. So, condos and other development areas in this location are just nearby.

The shopping centre in North York was also first for Tesla in Canada at the time of their flagship store was the only way besides online to purchase a vehicle. Test drives were performed with vehicles that were located in the parking lot underneath the shopping centre.

Condos in North York, Toronto are also near Fairview Mall, Sheppard Plaza, Black Creek Pioneer Village (a heritage village), and the Ontario Science Centre. The Ontario Science Centre is one of the popular amenities in North York, gathering thousands of visitors a year. Additionally, the Fairview area is home to great developments such as Spirits Condos and Verde Condos. For those who love nature, there are also parks near condos that you can visit as North York has a large share of parks throughout the city.

So if you want to find urban amenities and developments close to your home location, North York’s new condos offer you just that. North York condo communities are filled with attractions, parks, restaurants with great prices, and other development projects that cater to the downtown Toronto urban lifestyle.

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How to get in and out of North York

When it comes to transit through Toronto, travelling directly underneath Yonge street is the TTC line that travels North and South. This transit system is the optimal way of getting in and out of the city from condos and homes. It connects to all the other North York subway lines and the main base, Union Station. Union Station is the main connecting hub area for all public transportation getting in and out of Toronto including Go trains. Go transit travels in every direction out of the city. However, some transit lines are significantly busier and travel more often so keep that in mind if you’re going out of the city. 

The most used line the Lakeshore West line currently travels every 30 minutes, but future plans and expansions have it sets for every 15 minutes. That line travels westbound through Mississauga, Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton and some even go as far as Niagara Falls. There’s also the Milton line, Kitchener Line, Berry Line, Richmond Hill line, Stouffville line and the Lakeshore East line which ends all the way in Oshawa. If you’re looking to get out of the country as a whole instead of just North York, Union has a dedicated train going to Pearson Airport which is located in neighbouring Mississauga. Pearson International Airport is the busiest airport in all of Canada. With over 40 International carriers, it can take you just about anywhere you want in the world.

Looking to travel by car from your home or new condo development in North York, you are never too far away from the 401 area. The 401 travels right through the middle of North York and is part of the trans-Canada highway, which is a network of highways that travel from one end of the country to the other. It also connects to the Don Valley Parkway which is a southbound stretch of the Gardiner Expressway that leads to downtown Toronto. Following it eventually leads you to the 427 to become the QEW. Since the 401 is so popular during certain times of the day, traffic can build up so make sure if you are planning on being somewhere on time, plan accordingly.

So when hunting for new condos, North York offers easy access to public transit and private transportation, amazing choices for food, truly unique condo developments, urban amenities, great communities, and everything that the downtown core has to offer. North York is a great place to call home. If you’re interested in a new condo for sale, or you’re looking for something specific in North York, please feel free to reach out we would love to help you find condos for sale and assist in any way we can. You can also use our map above.