New Condos For Sale In Mississauga 

New condos in Mississauga are popping up all the time. So it really depends on what’s available and what you’re looking for in a neighbourhood.

But with so many real estate options — whether it’s a new condo, new townhouse or new property development in Mississauga, you might be asking yourself what’s the right one for me? Well, the best place to start is why the city of Mississauga? As Ontario’s third-largest city with only Ottawa and Toronto having a greater population, Mississauga has a ton to offer. Its population is expected to reach 812 000 people by 2031, so the real estate market will only grow too. Mississauga is also home to Canada’s largest airport, Pearson International Airport. The city is sitting next to Lake Ontario, so it has waterfront amenities and condo units available as well. 

Since Toronto shares its westernmost border with Mississauga, new condos and development properties will still be nearby even if the downtown lifestyle and urban traffic are not for you. Mississauga has so much to offer when it comes to new construction condos for sale and new townhomes in development. Mississauga’s three most desirable areas for new condos are the Square One area (which is where the second largest shopping centre in Canada is located), Port Credit, and Erin Mills.

Celebration Square in Square One is used throughout the year to hold different festivals and events like the Mississauga Rib Fest, New Year’s Eve Bash, outdoor skating and so much more. It’s a great area to consider for your new Mississauga condo. It has available access to 401 highway and GO transit. The area of square one almost has a feeling of a city-within-a-city. Almost everything that you would need on a daily basis is available with just a short walk away. It will also be home to M City condos, the tallest tower set to be the biggest development in Mississauga and to challenge Absolute Condos as Square One skyline icon.

In a few years’ time, a new LRT system development will be put in place travelling on Hurontario St. that connects Square One to Port Credit. There is a great deal of Mississauga new condos and developments that will take advantage of this Hurontario LRT construction. The Lakeside Community is also undergoing a huge evolution in the real estate market, with several new condos in Port Credit that will undergo construction. It is estimated that over 15,000 new condo units will be available in the area and some of those new condo developments are being built by incredibly desirable developers. With these development condos for sale, Port Credit will be Mississauga’s place to live. It’s littered with some of the best restaurants Mississauga has to offer, along with the Mississauga Waterfront Festival. It’s definitely a worthy location of your new home.

The third area that’s undergoing large growth is Erin Mills, with the mall at its Center (Erin Mills Town Centre) there are new condo buildings and real estate projects that are in the development stage. Imagine it as a younger version of square one with vast plans in the future to increase its capacity and desirability. One of the benefits of new Erin Mills condo units is its price is slightly lesser than Port Credit, but in a few years, it is estimated that prices will catch up with other available Mississauga condos. Erin Mills is located just north of the 401. In the area is also Credit Valley Hospital and it serves the community of North Mississauga, Meadowvale, Streetsville, Erin Mills and the areas around.

Getting in and out of your new Mississauga condo

Being beside the largest city in Canada has a list of benefits. Two different train lines cross through Mississauga, the first being the Lakeshore West line which currently stops every 30 minutes. However, there is an upgrade in the plans that will have a train stopping every 15, providing residents with a better service. The northbound line is not quite consistent although it can do a pretty good job of servicing daily commuters. GO Transit bus service is also available for residents, along with the Hurontario LRT development that’s in construction. That’s also something to consider when looking at a new Mississauga condo. If commuting is not your thing, the two major highways that service Toronto city pass right through Mississauga, the Queen Elizabeth way and 401. And as stated above, there are currently plans to connect the Square One district all the way through to Port Credit via a light rail Transit System.

Living in Mississauga condos gives you access to these transport options so you can travel with ease to any location from your new home.

Mississauga Condos

Mississauga’s Economy and how it will affect your Mississauga condo or townhouse

Over the years Mississauga has been a hotspot for a list of international companies as well as several Toronto businesses that are looking to save on rent. Mississauga currently has around 60,000 different businesses that employ close to 400,000 workers. Some of these businesses belong in the list of Fortune 500 companies, and this central economic growth can be attributed to the Pearson International Airport as well.

Available businesses range from recruitment, pharmaceutical, technology, finance and telecommunications. Some of Mississauga’s most prolific employers are Kruger Products, Microsoft, Erickson, FedEx, Marriott Hotels, PepsiCo, Samsung Electronics and General Electric just to name a few. With more room to grow and rental of commercial property being cheaper than its neighbouring Toronto, it can be seen that Mississauga will be the future home for many more local and international businesses So if you’re potentially building a business or looking for work, there are endless possibilities with condos in Mississauga.

When it comes to the price, the average selling price of an available pre-construction condo is at $379,200. For new listings, the price per square foot is at $632. As with most things in the real estate market, this price will continue to grow over the years as Mississauga neighbourhoods undergo further development.

As for the reselling price of homes, it’s a little over $744,00.

Things to do near your Mississauga condo

When it comes to new condos, Mississauga offers condo developments for sale that’s located near various activities. Mississauga isn’t exactly small to get from one end to the other — generally takes about 30 minutes without traffic on the highway. With Mississauga condos being near amenities, there’s definitely much to do around neighbourhoods in the city of Mississauga.

Celebration Square

Connected to the iconic Mississauga City Hall building, this venue is used throughout the year for many different concerts, cultural events and food fests. It has a huge outdoor TV that is available for use in streaming events including Raptors playoff games, certain Toronto Maple Leafs games and other National sporting events. Attached to the Mississauga Celebration Square is an outdoor skating rink which in the summer is a water feature. In the nearby area are established condo developments and several different new condo buildings such as M City condos, Limelight condos, Absolute condos and the Chicago Tower.

celebration square

Square One Shopping Center

Arguably some of the best shopping in the world can happen in the Square One neighbourhood. The mall itself is the largest in Ontario, Canada and has more than 360 stores and services available. The mall is anchored by Walmart, Hudson’s Bay, Holt Renfrew, Sport Chek and Simons. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, it’s most likely available in this location. One new condo development just south of Square One is the Exchange District Condos, located in City Centre Drive. Like many condos in City Centre, Exchange District Condos boasts stately amenities and a lavish exterior. City Centre is also home to the Art Gallery of Mississauga and Kariya Park. If you’re looking for other Mississauga condos in City Centre, there’s also EX2 Condos.


Mississauga has the benefit of being part of the Waterfront Trail which is a 750 km trail running along the shores of Lake Ontario. There are 9 Waterfront parks available in Port Credit alone and most of those connect to the trail. Residents love cycling, walking and rollerblading on this trail. It also passes through Mississauga and connects to its neighbours on the southwest Oakville and to northeast Toronto. The Port Credit region of the waterfront is home to the annual Mississauga Waterfront Festival. The festival which is held towards the end of June has many different forms of entertainment including concerts, amusement rides, entertainers, busters and food trucks. The best part is admission is absolutely free. So if you’re a fan of waterfront amenities, a list of new condo developments in Mississauga is worth investing in.


port credit


Sandwiched between Erin Mills and Square One is the quaint little community of Streetsville. It’s a unique location in Canada with a small town feel, something that you might find in Midwest neighbourhoods. While there are no condo developments in its future, Streetsville has available boutiques, coffee, ice cream, restaurants, parks, and shops that can fill an afternoon. On the first weekend of June, the people of Streetsville host the bread and honey festival. The annual tradition is always a great way to start off the summer with a wide range of events for residents like carnival rides, hands-on education, games and bread and honey of course. Another event worth mentioning is the bread and honey Fun Run. Runners can register for a 1 km, 5 km or 15 km run and best of all you are treated to a parade. Even without developments in the future, neighbourhoods like this are the perfect location to find a property at a good price.


Sporting events

Mississauga itself doesn’t have any professional sports teams that residents can cheer for. Still, people can see a list of teams play which include the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, Toronto Blue Jays, TFC or any other teams. It’s only a short 30-minute GO train ride to Union Station. From there, the Scotiabank arena is less than 2 minutes away and the Rogers Centre is no more than 10 minutes walking distance. If you’re looking for something locally available, several playoff games in the 2019 season were shown at Celebration Square.

Final thoughts on a new Mississauga condo

Mississauga has many of the perks available in downtown Toronto, with a slightly slower pace of life. Through its proximity to the city, 30 minutes by GO Train gives you access to everything Toronto has to offer. It’s also less expensive than downtown developments. So if you’re looking for an urban lifestyle that’s just a bit slower but equally desirable, a new Mississauga condo or new townhouse development might be right for you.

Below we have a list of some of the more desirable upcoming new condos in Mississauga. Every buyer or investor has their own set of criteria for what they’re looking for. Using the Condo Wizard search tool – it’s available for you to explore. If you are interested in any new development or existing condo units, please reach out we will be glad to help you any way we can.

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