New Townhomes For Sale in Pickering

Pickering is a city located in the South of Ontario, Canada, and is home to over 91,771 people. As the closest community to the east of Toronto, Townhouses in Pickering include various apartments, condominiums, detached dwellings, and more to accommodate different people.

To date, the community is experiencing an increase in population because of the many developments that leave residents with a wide range of options.

Location benefits

Owning a townhouse in Pickering comes with a lot of benefits. The city is nestled along the Lake, Ontario, giving residents a great view. It is also very close to Toronto — 30 minutes drive by car or Go Train -— so residents have easy access to the major cities.

Pickering is also home to most of Canada’s internet marketing businesses. Its advantageous location and linked road give business people access to global markets. 

Residents have access to over 20 schools located in different corners of the city, especially for people with families. You will also have access to the Pickering Town Centre, Pickering Recreation Complex, and other amazing places.

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Townhouses in Pickering are affordable despite its proximity to the city and other benefits. The price range is about $600k and above.


Pickering has a lot of perks and beautiful neighbourhoods. If you love to get a feel of more rural life, Claremont will be best for you. The village is filled with agricultural life, and you will have a real rural life experience away from the city life.

But if you love to get a taste of more city life, you would love apartments in Frenchman’s Bay area. Although houses located in this area are a bit far from dining, transportation, and other activities, it will give you a typical city life experience.

Amberlea, Rosebank, or Duffin Heights is another great place to settle in the Pickering neighbourhood. The area is best for people who crave the traditional, suburban feel. It is a great place to raise a family and settle because it’s close to schools, highways, and other amenities.

People and townhouses in Pickering are rapidly increasing, and we hope you will find an apartment that is most suitable and affordable for you.

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