New Condos For Sale In Scarborough

Scarborough is a great budding urban haven that’s the easternmost boundary of Toronto, bordered by Victoria Park Ave to the west, Steeles Ave to the north, Rouge River on the east, and Lake Ontario to the south. Its easterly location may be a far move from downtown Toronto, but that’s exactly the reason why new condos for sale in this area have lower prices.

Scarborough was once considered one of the least desirable areas to move in in Toronto. New condos in Scarborough may have been scarce, but condos are abundant now. The “Home Above the Bluffs” has gone through major gentrification over the past few years, mainly because the prices of new condos in downtown, midtown and North York area have exceeded what most can afford. Since they’re seeing a great deal of investment in Scarborough, new condos and development projects quickly sprouted. It has become one of the most diverse areas in Greater Toronto. Scarborough condos, therefore, are great options to move in.

With affordable real estate prices, Scarborough attracted investors looking for new condos with the best value. New condos for sale in Scarborough are reaching peak demand. With the prices of a condo in Scarborough at several hundred less per square foot, it’s nothing new. Developers have noticed the sale increase and are purchasing land with the idea of building new townhomes, low-rise or high-rise condos for people to move in. Future growth for pre-construction condos in Scarborough is also expected.

New condos in Scarborough are popping up, and currently, there are more than 4,000 condominium units in the community. Still, some notable new condo developments in the neighbourhood include The Boroughs Condos on Lawrence Ave, Nahid on Kennedy Condos, and Birchcliff Urban Towns. The latter are some really nice condos by Core Development Group. These new condos will be move-in ready in 2023 and have great finishes like modern European style kitchens. If you’re looking for condos or townhomes to move in, Scarborough has you covered. 

The majority of condo development projects they sell in the 25 neighbourhoods within Scarborough are stacked townhomes or attached to the main complex. Condo developers like Tridel, Tribute Communities and Greybrook Partners, Core Development Group, Daniels, and Lash Group of Companies are attracted to developing condominiums due to the beautiful beaches and reasonable prices. Scarborough certainly has some of the best condos in the neighbourhood, and condo living in Scarborough is great. As a popular destination for immigrant families, Scarborough has lots of great communities, close to schools, parks, residential homes, festivals, and more.

Scarborough’s population is roughly 650,000 people, so there are many great residential options located in Scarborough right now. If you’re looking for a great home, Scarborough’s new condos are perfect. They also have luxury condos coming soon, such as on 7437 Kingston Rd, Scarborough and 670 Progress Avenue, Toronto. Now, we have The Manderley Condos on 1478 Kingston Rd, Scarborough (ON, M1N 1R6) which is developed by the Nova Ridge Development Partners Inc. We also have the Tricycle Condos on 1151 Markham Road, Scarborough (ON, M1H 2Y5), Birchcliff Urban Towns on 1665 Kingston Road, Scarborough, Daniels FirstHome Markham Sheppard Condos on 5131 Sheppard Avenue East, Scarborough (ON, M1B). There are also some condos that are now selling: The VIC Towns on 1682 Victoria Park Avenue, Scarborough (ON, M1R), 1940 Lawrence Avenue Scarborough (ON, M1R 2Y7), East 3220 Condos on 3220 Sheppard Ave E, Merge Condos, Midland Avenue Condos, Clonmore Urban Towns, The Borough Condos, Finch Avenue Condos, and Pinnacle Toronto East Condos.

If you’re looking for amenities with access to TTC, GO trains or the highway, there are few better condos when it comes to low prices. Comparing condos in other areas to Scarborough, new condos closer to the downtown core have more expensive rent and selling prices. The average price of a condominium apartment for Scarborough was around $369,000 in 2017. The prices for new listings are at $523 per square foot, but prices still grow each year. When it comes to rental prices, it’s at $2,100. As for resale prices, it’s around $780,000.

Whatever your choice in new condos, Scarborough has something new for everyone. Scarborough and condos practically fit like a glove, and the prices are attractive too.

Connections to Scarborough

Speaking of transit options for Scarborough, Scarborough lies at the eastern end of the Bloor/Danforth Line of the subway and LRT system. Victoria Park, Warden, and Kennedy are the three stations in the area, but the Kennedy Station is where Scarborough RT starts. This then runs north and east toward Scarborough Town Centre.  The GO Transit Authority has two major commuter train lines running across Scarborough, and it operates seven GO train stations for the public. Many buses run 24 hours to help you move from condos anytime.

If you want an incredibly accessible and easy trip through the map of Toronto, Ontario, condos on Scarborough are a good choice. When you’re living above the bluffs, Scarborough transit options are abundant.

As expected, most new condo development projects in Scarborough, Toronto are being built along the 401 (or just south) which connects to Don Valley Parkway — the main artery into the city. This means getting in and out of the Toronto map from your condo is Scarborough is relatively quick. However, if you don’t drive, most of Scarborough has access to the TTC or GO Transit. This is a must if you’ll be spending the majority of your time in downtown Toronto. So, rent or move into new Scarborough condos that are closer to the subway or train.


Scarborough Attractions

If you want to buy a pre-construction condo or even new condos in Scarborough, there are some unique attractions that differentiate it from the rest of Toronto city. The neighbourhood is growing, and it’s home to the majestic Scarborough Bluffs, a popular escarpment located in Ontario, Canada. The Scarborough Bluffs is a large landscape, and it’s one of the things that put Scarborough on the map. At its tallest point, the bluffs are 90 metres high and span over 15 kilometres from edge-to-edge. In addition, the cliffs in Lake Ontario and the Rouge River on the eastern side provide scenery as well. The Rouge Park in Scarborough certainly is a great national park too, although there are nine parks and a beach in the Scarborough area. 

So if you’re living in one of the neighbourhoods or master-planned community condos in Scarborough,  you’d be near this beautiful piece of nature on the map. Outside of the landscapes and condos, Scarborough is home to the Toronto Zoo. Malls are also close to the condos, providing a shopping centre for those living in nearby condos.

When you buy new condos in Scarborough, the real estate location of the condo development project will place you close to popular golfing amenities. The topography of Scarborough led to the development of many different golf venues in the area. Right beside the Scarborough Victoria Park subway station is Dentonia Park. Also in the area, you can find Toronto Hunt Club, Scarboro Golf and Country Club and The Cedarbrae Golf & Country Club. So if golf is your game and you spend a lot of your free time on the green, Scarborough condos got you covered.

There are also a lot of new condos coming soon in the place if you want to move or rent in the future. Some are 3060 Eglinton Ave E Scarborough Condos, 253 Markham Rd Condos, 2567 Eglinton Ave E Scarborough Condos, 320 McCowan Rd Condos, 20 Cowdray Court Condos, Brimley Rd, and 2499 Victoria Park Avenue, Toronto. Other good condos include MILA Towns on 2740 Lawrence Ave E Scarborough, 670 Progress Avenue Condos, Merge Condos, Clonmore Urban Towns, Manderley Condos, Linx Condos, Ksquare Condos, Matrix City Centre Condos Scarborough, The Guild Condos,  Nexxt Condos, Midland Avenue Condos, Trinity Ravine Condos, Perch Condos, Golden Mile Condos, Birchmount Road Townhomes, Terrasse Condos, 411 Victoria Park Ave Condos, and Brimley & Progress Condos on Brimley Rd.

It’s worth mentioning the Scarborough Town Centre — the fourth-largest centre located in Toronto. There are plans to turn Scarborough into an urban haven, with already some 4,200 condominium units planned in the entire Scarborough Centre, with applications for 2,300 more units coming soon. If you’re after new condos, Scarborough City Centre Condos would offer a lot of variety, whether you want high-rise or low-rise condos.

Besides the Scarborough Town Centre, there’s also a hub for public transit with a bus and Scarborough RT station that serves as a stop along line 3. Future plans involve making line 3 into a subway and connect to future Scarborough subway expansions. For now, though, you will have to make a connection if your plans involve going to the downtown Toronto area.

A combination of attractions, transportation and low prices makes Scarborough a great location for anyone who wants to find new condo developments, a home unit, or property investment. Despite being located on the east end of Toronto, Scarborough offers new condos close to urban amenities and scenic attractions like Lake Ontario. For more information on new condos for sale, you can contact us directly or use the map search above.