The growth in new condos for sale in Hamilton City is starting to takeoff. Just a few developers that have real estate projects within the city are Brad Lamb Development, Stinson Properties, New Horizon Development, LJM Development, and Hue Development. Brad Lamb Development is one of the most reputable builders in Toronto, having built some of the most desirable property developments in the real estate market. 

Stinson Properties is responsible for some of the most unique development projects in the greater Toronto Hamilton area. One of their amazing projects is Candy Factory Lofts on Queen street west in Toronto. The visionary – Harry Stinson, was making hard lofts and similar development properties before they were ever cool. Him and his team bring the same concept to Hamilton at Beasley Park. The Stinson’s pre construction condos are located just 5 minutes from downtown Hamilton. This development will be some of the most desirable not only in Hamilton City, but in southern Ontario.

If you looking for new townhomes and housing in the real estate market, Hamilton has some great developments too. While there are not as many choices or units as in downtown Toronto, developers have seen the property demand grow over the years. So if you’re looking for tonwhomes or condo units, you might be in luck. Stoney Creek, King Street, and James Street are popular places on the map to find condo units, townhomes, and single family homes. If you don’t see an ideal home location in our map search just contact us and we can hunt one down for you.

When it comes to new condos in Hamilton, the prices are significantly lower compared to Toronto. With this price difference, Hamilton is quickly becoming a great choice for those that desire the city life, but want to pay half the price in downtown Toronto. Hamilton is also home to some great entertainment and restaurants. Like liberty village before the 90’s, Hamilton City is in the grips of a gentrification the closer you get to the downtown. We consider it one of the best spots to invest considering its price per square foot to rent rates.

In addition to the price of homes and units, Hamilton is set to see more development projects in the industrial area, but it’s too early to say what will take place. These developments within Hamilton City will likely make it significantly cleaner and more appealing.

Running through Hamilton in the QEW, which can get you to Toronto in about 30 minutes (assuming that traffic is light), in the opposite direction is Niagara Falls. If you want to rent in Hamilton, new condos within that area are near GO trains if you work in Toronto. The QEW during peak time is a very long commute. The GO on the other hand is about an hour. It has been suggested that Hamilton may get an express train directly into Toronto. If that were to happen that would make Hamilton a fantastic choice.

While Hamilton does lack a subway or light rail transit, something neighbouring Toronto has, it’s significantly smaller and there is much less traffic. You can search for buses that can travel across the city relatively quickly. And if you’re lucky enough to own a car, getting from one end of the city to the other is simple and much less of a headache. The benefits of having a car in Hamilton are much greater and compared to Toronto, parking is ample.

To Do

Hamilton City has some great things to do, with some so unique that even people from downtown Toronto venture down to visit. If you’re looking to spend some great family time and don’t mind your car being damaged, try out African lion safari. Drive through a wildlife preserve and see many native species to Africa. Nairobi Sanctuary, Simba Lion Country, Timbavati Lion Country are just a few of the regions in the park. In total, there are over 1000 unique animals and birds. Also consider the African Queen – a boat ride to see African pink-backed pelican, lemurs and even spider monkeys.

If that doesn’t interest you but you do like spending time outdoors, one of the most unique aspects to Hamilton is its abundance of waterfalls. That’s something not very common in the communities of southern Ontario, Canada, so if you want to live in Hamilton, new condos in the area places you close to these natural wonders. Take a beautiful hike to see one of the 10 major natural attractions, each of them has there own unique paths and parks that surround them. The pinnacle of these is Webster Falls it is the largest waterfall within the region with its 22 metre drop. It is truly something special, however it’s small in comparison to what you can find a short 30 minute drive. Though not in Hamilton City itself, the world famous Niagara falls is located just east along the QEW. Along with the absolutely unreal view of the fall the Niagara offers some of the best entertainment in Ontario, Canada. It has 2 casinos, Fallsview indoor water park, Skylon Tower, Wildplay Ziplining, The Great Canadian midway and so much more. This is all about 30 minutes away by car from Hamilton, so condos in the real estate market prove a worthy investment.

In the opposite direction on the QEW about 30 minutes away is Toronto, the largest and most popular city in Canada. Hamilton does have some semi-professional sports teams like the Tigercats and the Bull Dogs, Toronto has the Maple leafs, TFC, Blue Jays and the world champions (2019) Toronto Raptors. The Leafs and Raptors both play out of the Scotia Bank area which is just steps from Union station. Union is the main transit hub for all of Toronto and if you’re planning to take the train into the city from Hamilton, you most like will end up here.

Hamilton is situated right between these two entertainment mecca and with what is available to do in your own backyard, Hamilton communities are an awesome condo location for anyone.

Speaking about backyards, Hamilton has some great places to eat that are near new condos and homes. Just to name a few The French, Perogie Bar, Berkeley North, and one of out personal favourites – The Mule. Known for its taco and ceviche, the Mule will definitely not disappoint. It doesn’t matter what you’re in the mood for,  Hamilton and its vast array of options on the street offers something for everyone.

So while it doesn’t have the same downtown vibes as Toronto, new homes or condos for sale in the area provide tons of amusement.

Condo Opportunities

When it comes to condos, Hamilton provides great options. It’s in the middle of a gentrification and the real estate market is booming. The old industrial ways have slowly disappeared in Hamilton and the flock of value-seeking home owners has swooped in the city. New condos in Hamilton have prices that are roughly 40% of the Toronto prices in square footage. Price is also one reason why many people search for homes and condos in Hamilton.

We believe that with how commercial world will evolve to allow more to work from home, Hamilton City will continue seeing an influx of people and with its new and exciting condo units and developments.

If you are looking for specific homes and condos in Hamilton and can’t find it on the page, just reach out and we can point you in the right direction