New Condos For Sale In Vaughan

Vaughan Condos Pre-construction

If you have ever had the opportunity of exploring just north of Toronto, you know Vaughan has a quiet but vivacious vibe. It’s the initial city in York region. In fact, it’s the only municipality in the York region with a city status. With six population centres including Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, Concord, Kleinburg, Maple, Thornhill, and Woodbridge, there are many developments, condos, and homes with attractive prices.

Vaughan is mostly regarded as a suburb. While this is not so far from the truth, Vaughan has developed a renowned entertainment area. It’s centred around Canada’s Wonderland – just off the 400 at Major Mackenzie Dr. Canada’s Wonderland, as its commonly abbreviated Wonderland, is one of Canada’s go-to attractions. The amusement park is one of the biggest in the world with 17 rollercoasters, 11 water rides and a total of 70 different rides. Its crown jewel is Yukon Striker – currently the tallest drop coaster in the world. Wonderland sees an average of 3.8 millions visitors annually and considering the park is only open a portion of the year is impressive. So if you live in Vaughan condos or nearby Toronto condos, Wonderland would be a great way to spend your free time at.

Vaughan has another attraction for the shopping type – Vaughan Mills. It’s a 120,000 square meter mall providing exceptional services to over 13 million individuals in the suburb on a daily basis. If you’re looking at homes or new condos in Vaughan such as SXSW Condos on Woodbridge or Murals Condos on Hwy 7 and Woodbridge, Vaughan Mills is just a short distance.

Additionally, the area has numerous heritage museums and many renowned attractions. With these amenities and developments, condo prices in Vaughan are highly reasonable.

The Vaughan’s Transportation

Would you like to live in a city that doesn’t provide room for its citizens or visitors to enjoy a reliable transportation system? Absolutely not. Before the Vaughan bill that steered massive development was passed in 1991, residents had a hard time with transit options. This applies to the communities of Thornhill, Concord, Woodbridge, Maple, and Kleinburg. Currently, Vaughan has a long list of transportation options to choose from. 

With the vast number of reliable transportation options available in the city including the York Region Transit, you wouldn’t have to spend hours on the road to get to commercial destinations from your homes. This transit connects Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond HIll, Vaughan, and Markham. Condos nearby have access to some reputable transportation infrastructures, highways, and municipality funded roads. Residents or visitors looking to tour the city can utilize the Toronto Pearson International Airport available located in the Vaughan Metropolitan area. You can use TTC, the Go Train system, or the Viva bus transit in York Region, all patronized transport systems available in the city. The buses are connected to a subway station for added convenience. The Hwy 400 also makes travel easy to north and south areas.

A more recent development is the VMC subway station, which on the TTC extension and located under Millway Avenue. It’s just north of Hwy 7. The subway station was opened in 2017, providing transit convenience for homes and condos in the location too.

The government has initiated the development of 6 new transport stations for easy transit. The new Vaughan subway stations include Finch West station, Downsview Park station, Highway 407 Transitway, Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, Pioneer Village, York University, and Highway 407 Transitway. 

With highly accessible transit options and development projects that are nearby condos, Vaughan offers good condo prices and property developments to choose from.

Vaughan’s New Condos

There are many New Condos for sale in Vaughan. Vaughan suburb has grown to become an elegant community in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada. The unique cultural values adopted by most residents of the city have made it one of the most sought-out Canadian locations, much like Richmond Hill, Markham, and Oakville. With lots of intriguing heritage and style powering the affairs of the city, purchasing a condo in this suburb would provide you with the unique lifestyle.

In Vaughan, new condos are built every year. Mostly known for the elegant family condos and townhouse it offers, recent reports reflect the increase of the development of high-rise condominiums in Vaughan. Whether you’re looking for a townhouse or condo, there’s a long list of high-rise and low rise options for sale that have been completed. Pre-construction condos are also available like 8188  Yonge Condos and North East & West Condos. Some of the exciting Vaughan new condos include Nord West Expo 4 Condos, Cosmos Condos, Mobilio, Highway 7 & Jane Condos, SXSW Condos on Woodbridge, Park Avenue Place Condos, Park Avenue Place 2 Condos, Charisma Condos, Promenade Park Towers, Promenade Park 2 Condos, and 180 Steeles Avenue West Condos on Yonge St. 

Pre-construction condos and  new townhomes are plentiful, with Hwy 7 and Jane St., Vaughan being the most popular development places. Hwy 7 offers many condos including CG Tower, 2101 Highway 7 on Concord, and Allegra Condos. Upcoming developments are expected at Maple, 2901 Hwy 7 Rd, 3201 Hwy 7, and Jane St. VMC Condos, a QuadReal development, is also coming to Hwy 7. 

The CG Tower by Cortel Group on Hwy 7 and Jane St., Vaughan is a particularly popular choice. Nord Towns, also by Cortel Group and located on Hwy 7, is another great community. However, if you’re looking at other areas like Rutherford Rd., we have the Abeja District Condos on Concord and the Abeja District Condos 2 – which are also by Cortel Group. Rutherford Rd. has other condo developments as well, such as Charisma Condos and Heritage Village.

Besides Highway 7, Jane St. is another area with a list of condos in Vaughan. Several Vaughan condos including Mobilio Condos and Festival Condos are located on Jane St. Transit City is one of the good areas for condos as well. Alternatively, if you’re interested in other new condos, Vaughan also has Thornhill Condos, Expo Condos, Boutik Condos, and SXSW Condos 2.

As for condo prices in Vaughan, the pre-construction condo prices are averaging at $407,400. Furthermore, the condos for new listings are at $679 per square foot. However, condo prices grow over the years, so investing today is wise.

Vaughan may not be as busy as Toronto, but it’s known for its peaceful and artistic ambiance. Unlike most cities in Canada, Vaughan provides the perfect atmosphere for growing a family or building a home. And with good prices and the list of new developments like condos, Vaughan is an ideal place to call home. Richmond Hill and Oakville have great communities too. 

Vaughan Condo Lifestyle in the Early 90s

Before we go into details about the exceptional features and amenities that most Vaughan condos come with, let’s take a peek at what the suburb looked like before its development take-off stage in the early 90s. Vaughan formally operated as a quiet community widely-known for its remarkable cultural and ethical values. Most of the houses that occupied the city during the 70s wore an artistic design entirely different from the current display. Before the city-wide reformation took place, the residents of Vaughan might not have been able to boast credible amenities. However, the lifestyle they displayed still perpetuates the incredible aura gotten from the city in recent times.

Vaughan hospital

Exceptional Features of Condos in Vaughan

With lots of Vaughan condos being built, grabbing a piece with the first-hand information on the features and amenities associated with these amazing Vaughan Condos is essential. This will go a long way in ensuring that your dream of living in a serene and peaceful suburb neighbourhood comes true.

A greatly reputable location in the suburb is the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre in Hwy 7. Considered as the new downtown, Highway 7 is where most of the vibrant activities being carried out in the city daily take place. Most of the businesses, real estate market, companies, and social amenities available in the suburb are located in the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre. Businesses in the centre also have direct connections to Toronto and York University. 

 If you are planning to purchase a new condo in Canada neighbourhoods, then the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre should be your preferred location due to good prices and amenities. While Vaughan still retains its stance as a reputable city in the Greater Toronto area for families looking out for a quiet and peaceful environment, business owners and retailers looking for an opportunity to expand can utilize the privileges it provides.

The Greater Toronto suburb area is currently on the verge of launching the new Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital. The health infrastructure development in the community is expected to be launched by 2020 with job accommodation for over 1900 individuals. Over 1.5 billion dollars has been invested in the creation of the infrastructure.

In addition to the many development phases Vaughan has experienced over the years, especially in Highway 7 and Interchange Way, a project ensuring that residents and visitors of the city are provided with condos of remarkable quality has been launched. The project comprises a list of added amenities including walkways, bicycle lanes, pedestrian crossing, etc. Budgets for the creation of high-rise and low-rise master-planned communities in Vaughan are attributed to this project.

Final thoughts on a new condo in Vaughan

Given an opportunity to pick an area in Canada to purchase a condo or home, there’s no better city offering the rare accommodative services, community amenities,  welcoming neighbourhoods, and good condo prices that Vaughan offers. Situated just north of Toronto, the developments in the market offer good condo prices so you’re sure to find homes in the neighbourhood. When it comes to condos, Vaughan offers a lot including Festival Condos on Interchange Way, Vincent Condos on Concord, Princeton Village 2, Mackenzie at Maple, Boutik Condos, Mobilio Condos, Murals Condos on Woodbridge, Promenade Park Towers, 8188 Yonge Condos, Promenade Park 2 Condos, Expo Condos 2, and Abeja Condos 2.

Unlike any other city in the Greater Toronto Area, residents of Vaughan enjoy a legal tax-cut while still having access to top-notch services proffered to residents who have homes in other cities. And with the Metropolitan Centre, you get the urban downtown feel right in the neighbourhood. If you want condos or homes in a town down south, Oakville is a good choice.

Vaughan is in its development stages. A  list of development projects are on the way to provide street level retail and an added downtown vibe to the city. However, with remarkable growth, especially in the real estate market, the city is poised to reach its peak in development soon. If you are looking for the best ways to invest or live in a development property, buying one of the new condos in Vaughan would be a single sure-fire step to making this dream a reality.