New Condos For Sale In Oakville

Oakville downtown

Located that the west end of the Greater Toronto Area, Oakville is considered one of the most prestigious areas in Southern Ontario. Oakville lakefront is home to some of the biggest and most expensive residential properties in the country. At the time of writing this, there is a mansion that is listed at 66 million dollars. You would be hard-pressed to find a detached home that is under 1 million. So when it comes to condos, Oakville can be expensive. However, developers are now seeing a new opportunity.

In Oakville, new Condos for sale are especially a new market. Many millennials that move away into a more dense area like downtown Toronto are looking to move back, especially those that are looking to start a family or to be closer to family. This is why the growth in pre construction condos and new townhomes has been growing the way it has. This demographic is looking for the same peace and quiet that they had when they were growing up, and a condo in Oakville is a solution.

There has always been a great desire for large homes, but many younger individuals are just looking for something more affordable in the market like a townhouse or condo. With easy access to the GO Transit system and the QEW running right through the city, Oakville condos are a good option for those that travel into the city for work. The GO trains in Bronte and Oakville Station depart every 30 minutes, but future plans will have them leave every 15 so you never really have to worry about missing a train. Plus during rush hour trains depart even more frequently. The trains from Oakville station or Clarkson take around 25 if you get on an express or 40 or so for an all stops. That’s not too bad considering that it almost takes as long to get to Union from Liberty Village via the street car. If you prefer driving, Highway 403 provides north/south access. With these options, condos for sale in Oakville are worth looking at.

Twenty years ago, Oakville still had the same prestige in real estate, but it did lack entertainment in the location. If you were looking for a night out near Oakville condos, your list would’ve been short. Downtown Oakville had one major theatre and shopping centre. The former was quite small and had few stores that of interest. It was the definition of suburbia. Since Oakville condos were missing a list of nearby amenities, most people drove to Mississauga’s square one area or into Toronto. But when property developments emerged, that’s no longer the case. Oakville has some great places to spend your spare time, much like a Toronto neighbourhood. The Winston Churchill entertainment area is just one example – a modern movie theatre surrounded by some great restaurants like Trattoria Timone, 3 brewers and K&B sushi.  There’s also Dave and Busters — an arcade for adults with hundreds of games and prizes and Ifly Canada’s first indoor skydiving. Definitely, Oakville is not the old boring suburban neighbourhood that it once was.

Aside from condos and property developments, Oakville is home to a list of annual events like the Waterfront festival and Kerrfest. The biggest of them all is the Canadian Open. While the event is annual, Oakville’s Glen Abby golf course is not always the location. However, since 1977, it has been in Oakville on 31 occasions.

Oakville shares its borders with Mississauga to the east, Burlington to the west, northward is Milton and the southside rests along Lake Ontario. Running through Oakville is the waterfront trail of interconnecting roads and paths that stretch over 3600 kilometres. In Oakville, this waterfront trail connects various different parks from end to end. So if you’ll be doing a list of activities outside- running, enjoying a picnic, suntanning, rollerblading or biking — your best bet is to start in this place in Oakville. Plus, the great lake view on the waterfront trail gives you a piece of nature.

Oakville condos

Oakville has an excellent reputation for its educational system. Whether you’re looking to put your children in public, Catholic or private school, all have exceeded provincial standards. Some noteworthy schools near new condos in Oakville are St. Thomas Aquinas located in South Oakville just off Dorval road. Originally a military complex, it was recently renovated and not much is remains of the original building. Now it more closely resembles an upscale shopping centre with state of the art equipment. If you are looking for a private school, Appleby College is among the best in the country. It is Canada’s only school to be part of the G30 schools and is based around the liberal arts. It is known for its athletic and academic facilities, the former includes facilities for football, hockey, rugby, soccer, squash and swimming.

A majority of the recent expansion in Oakville has still detached homes, but scattered in there are some Oakville condos or big condo developments all of which are happening near or on Dundas road. Up until a few years ago, that was a farmland. The need to continue to expand Oakville really took off in the late 2010s, with areas like Bronte Village and Downtown Oakville. With the population growth, Oakville’s main hospital wasn’t able to handle the spike. So the process of closing the existing hospital in south Oakville, near Trafalgar Road and opening the brand new started in the mid-2010s. It was completed and open in December of 2015 and serves on average 240,000 patients annually.

As for condo prices, the most recent price average of pre-construction condos for sale is $443,950. One pre-construction project is the 2477 Old Bronte Road. But as the real estate market grows, condo prices would, too. It’s a good idea to look at condos for sale today so you can invest earlier.

Oakville has come a long way from being a boring suburb, it has evolved into a city that’s best to live, work and play in. With the promising demand to live in Oakville, new condos and real estate will continue to grow. If you have any questions about a condo in Oakville, condo prices, or anything real estate related please reach out. We will be happy to help.