New Condos For Sale In King West

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It is arguably the trendiest neighbourhood in Toronto — and for the right reasons too. King West is known for its eclectic townhouses, unique shops, art studios, and attractive condos. If you’re ready for urban living, then you have your hands full. The renaissance transformation of King West didn’t happen by chance — the new condo in King West played a critical role. Little wonder the neighbourhood is one of the most sought after in Toronto. Several years ago, the city used to be characterized by old-looking buildings like the Macgregor Socks — but such eyesores are gone! Now, Victorian-style houses are the talk of the town; even the trendy condos are holding their own.

You’ll fall in love with King Street — it runs across this neighbourhood. It is known for its beautiful nightlife, catering to several new businesses. Take, for instance, the slew of fantastic nightclubs, restaurants, and galleries that can never go unnoticed. The Old Yorke Pub and Grill, Thuet Cuisine, and Navarro Gallery are constant reminders of what the city has to offer.

What to do near King West

New condos in King West comes with a unique variety of amenities for your modern convenience. They are in their numbers — spas, well-equipped gyms, balconies, pools, BBQ areas, etc. Amenities come with their appeal. The 504 streetcar allows you to access the downtown core. The streetcar runs east and west via King Street. If your unit is directly along this route, you get an excellent return on investment. Amenities like the Royal Alexandra Theatre, TIFF Bell Lightbox, and also the shops of Queen Street West make this neighbourhood a place not to be forgotten in a hurry. Even the Andrew subway station is only a stone throw away.

Aside from the hotels, lounges, and retail buildings, the condominium amenity upgrade has taken shape. The new condo in King West comes with new features and services to accommodate an array of tastes and preferences. There seems to be something for everyone — the nail salons, the yoga studios, funky barbershop, and not forgetting the stylish boutiques. What’s more, the creative art scene — galleries, record stores, concert halls — avails residents with a wide range of activities.

King West Fashion District and Liberty Village

Get your day started in the King West Fashion District — an area between Spadina Avenue and Bathurst. It used to be the heart of the Toronto textile industry. But you’ll still find clothing outlets to give you a great start to any shopping day.

  • Walk west from the Andrew subway station. Go through the Cynthia Findlay Antiques — characteristic for its wide selection of jewelry and antique décor.
  • You’ll find T.O Leather Fashion up north. It is a premium local garment manufacturer — known for its quality gloves, jackets, and more.
  • A visit to Lorne Coats will present you with a wide variety of men and women wears. Call it a wrap with Lifestyle Shop and get some home décor inspirations.

There’s so much that comes to play for that sophisticated and trendy shopper at the Liberty Village. For fashion-savvy fellows, they can enjoy the most exquisite selections of eveningwear, jeans, and women blouses. The Cadeaux Boutique is a stone throw and offers you unique trinkets and gifts. Re-energize and relax at the Mildred’s Temple Kitchen where you can have a meal or better still, a cup of coffee at one of the coffee shops around Liberty Village.

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New condos in King West, is there a demand?

Everywhere you go, a new condo in King West seems to be springing up. That is seemingly so because of the sky-high prices of traditional detached homes. More buyers are going for lower-cost housing. And condos come handy. There is no gainsaying the healthy state of the rental market is an added advantage to the condo development industry. An average 1-bedroom unit in Toronto is around $2300. Not only the young urban people are interested in condo living, families and their children are jumping on the opportunity — to live in a condo. You cannot rule out the role of investors in all of this. With a rise in such investments, developers have no headache getting buyers who purchased when it was at the pre-construction stage, and as soon as construction was over, they flip or rent out.

The transformation in recent years has given rise to King West being one of the fastest-growing rental markets in Toronto. And the array of new businesses has opened doors for people to make the neighbourhood their new home.

Developer for new condos in King West

More and more people will invest in a condo in the coming years — as a source of income for retirement. Older people are willing to reinvent their housing style — and that creates a new market but on a smaller scale. Retirement is stirring boomers in the face, and they’re grabbing comfort in a community they know too well. When it comes to developments, it is not just a building — you’re making a shelter for all kinds of people. You may have several backgrounds in the building, but what matters is fulfilling their needs every step of the way.

Bottom line of condos in King West

Some asked if the boom in King West will continue. From all indications, it seems so because the demand is still high. More jobs, the population influx and lower interest rates will influence buyers’ demand. As the trend continues, one thing is sure — condo developers will always have buyers at their beck and call.