New Condos For Sale In Yorkville

11 Yorkville Condos Skyline Toronto View

Yorkville, Toronto is one of the swankiest neighbourhoods in the city. This Toronto neighbourhood is belted by Davenport Road on the north, Yonge Street on the east, Avenue Road on the west, and Bloor Street on the south.

Before we talk about Yorkville condos and amenities, it would be best to mention that Yorkville, Toronto is home to one of Canada’s most unique and high scale restaurants and shopping areas, including the Mink Mile that travels along Bloor Street. This section of Bloor Street is considered to be the 22nd most expensive street in the world. Rent is roughly $210 per square foot, more expensive than other areas like Yonge Street. Back before the financial crisis of 2008, the Mink Mile rents closer to $300 per square foot, making it the seventh most expensive streets according to Forbes Magazine. It wasn’t uncommon for tenants to see a return of $1500 to $4,000 for every square foot rented. 

Then again, the economic bustle in Yorkville, Toronto lies in a list of locations, including Yorkville Avenue, Hazelton Avenue, and Bloor Street. You’ll find restaurants and shopping centers nearby. Yonge Street and Yorkville Ave. are also popular sites for new condo units.

As you can see, Yorkville, Toronto is in fact very exclusive and very desirable. In the past few years, condo developments have been springing up in the neighbourhood. Like their commercial real estate brothers, development in residential real estate, especially condos, are in high demand.

To meet that demand, there will be a lot of new condo developments springing up in this Toronto neighbourhood over the coming years. These developments in downtown Toronto will not be your average high rise condominium units. As stated above, Toronto demands every building, construction, and development to be ultra-luxurious to meet the clientele and living standards of the area. Of course, that means that the majority of any development or new condos in Yorkville will be on the more expensive scale relative to the rest of Toronto.

In Yorkville, new condos start upwards of $1,000,000 and others vastly exceed that figure in sales. Some Yorkville condos that are worth mentioning are Renaissance Plaza, 10 Bellaire, Windsor Arms Hotel, Hazelton Hotel & Residence, Prince Arthur and the Hazelton Lanes. At the bottom of this article, there will be a list of new condos in development that will be coming soon to Yorkville, Toronto.

Yorkville, Toronto is situated with Davenport in the north, Bloor Street in the south, Yonge Street in the east and Avenue Road in the west. The latter is part of The Annex, immediately west. Within the vicinity is the University of Toronto campus. There are plenty of business opportunities in the neighbourhood as some of the notable companies within Yorkville are IBM, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox film Corporation, MTV headquarters and the Retail Council of Canada.

Along with Toronto businesses, amenities, and developments, there are many art galleries — 17 to be exact. The list includes Gallery One, Ingram Gallery, Kinsman Robinson Gallery, Gallery Gevik, Drabinsky Gallery, and Mira Godard Gallery. These are in constant development to display new exhibits.

Although the neighbourhood location doesn’t have the best access to a subway or any of the major highways since it’s located in midtown, it’s a fifteen to twenty-minute drive to either Gardiner ExpressWay or Don Valley Parkway. Condo units in this luxury development area do have great access to the TTC subway system. Through the subway, you can get to Union station in a relatively quick ten minutes. So you can get to any end of the city from your new Yorkdale condo or property. If you’re planning on visiting neighbouring cities, Union station is also home to GO transit.

But if you’re living in any of the units or developments in Yorkville, Toronto, you don’t have to go far for luxury food, mall sales, and entertainment options. The Royal Ontario Museum is a 5-minute walk depending on your exact location in Yorkville. The ROM does have an event called Friday Nights — where visitors can enjoy a variety of live performances and artists.