Toronto Waterfront

For some having a condo that sits on the shore of Lake Ontario is a dream. Being able to enjoy a leisurely walk along the shore in the summer or just enjoying the view is not out of reach. Waterfront condos in Toronto near the core of the city can be reasonably priced relative to others in the core. As with all projects prices depends on several factors like finishes, location (directly on the water or close by) and the developer. An upcoming project is the One Yonge project by Pinnacle developments. It is a multiphase project with the first tower having a lower starting price than the second and third.

If you’re looking for waterfront condos in Toronto, there are only a few right now.  Over the years the desire to have condos along Lake Ontario has seen a great increase in demand. Developers has taken notice. However according to city zoning there will be plenty more available in the coming years especially in Toronto. Port Credit in Mississauga is also set to see new developments just along the water. If you’re looking for something a bit less expensive then maybe you should consider a new condo in Port Credit.

If you’re looking on the less expensive side, but being on the waterfront is still a must. Head eastward into Scarborough. The further you go out from the core the lower the prices will be.

Not a fan of Scarborough, there are some great offering in Etobicoke too. Both have great access to GO trains to get you downtown which is a luxury compared to sitting in traffic. Especially if you work and need to get into the core daily.

If You’re willing to living outside Toronto there are a great deal of options coming to Port Credit along the waterfront. Over the next few years there are 3 large condo complexes that are coming to the area ranging from basic to luxury. The prices are relatively lower compared to Toronto, Etobicoke and almost the same as Scarborough.

There are plenty of options when it comes to Waterfront condos in Toronto. Use our map above to narrow down your search. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or just have questions regarding any project please feel free to reach out. If we don’t have the answers, east assured that we will get them for you.

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