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Downtown Toronto Skyline

Consistently, various worldwide publications consider Toronto as one of the best places to live in. No wonder why the condo market and new condo developments in Toronto have been flourishing. The growth of existing and condo developments since the early 2000s can only be considered fast and furious, with attractive home selling prices as well. Most of the skyline has changed because of the great demand for condo living in the city, and it has never been higher.

Whether you searched google for new condos for sale in Toronto or townhomes in Toronto, we have you covered.

But before we get into the Toronto condos for sale, it’s worth noting that pre-construction condos sometimes go by build, new condo construction, pre-build and presale condo.

Toronto is on various different top 10 list for best cities to live in which includes

All of which praise its economy, stability, education, health care and low levels of crime.

Toronto is the largest by population city in Canada and only Mexico City, New York and Los Angles are larger in North America. Over the next few years, with the additional housing and immigration, Toronto will start catching up to Los Angeles.

Toronto skyline condos

New Condos in Toronto Investment Opportunities

If you invested in the condo market right before its sales boom in 2009, you would be looking at a development return of over 100%. The average one-bed condo in 2010 was selling for 280,000. Now, that same condo in 2020 would be selling for an average of 580,000.

1 year 7.36%

5 year 68.9%

10 year +104%

These prices are roughly the same 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom condo units. If you invested early in the development stage, you would’ve made a great sales return from pre-construction developments and condos in this location. Still, there are great development opportunities to invest in Toronto with pre-construction condos selling year-round.

Real Estate Growth — New Condos Toronto

Over the past 20 years, the desire to live in downtown Toronto has grown immensely. With that, the density of real estate and development projects in the market is growing. It was common to see world-class condos with selling prices of $300 per square foot in the early 2000s. These prices have ballooned with condos and development sales averaging at $1,000 per square foot. There are even some sales in the city with selling prices as much as $2,000 per square foot. The sale of condos and pre-construction property developments have also risen in this address.

Once considered a bit of a novelty in the Toronto real estate market, condo growth and development sales in the early 2000s was growing high. Growth and pre-construction sales were even stronger in the 2010s as of 2018 Toronto has added the selling of 110,000 condos – with many of the sales of Toronto condos being purchased by millennials, investors and new home buyers. Toronto’s developer desirability and access to opportunities, stemming from its strong economy, will continue to drive sales and the average selling price for the foreseeable future.

Neighbourhoods that you can Find Toronto New Condos

Toronto, Ontario is unofficially broken up into four separate sections: Toronto, Etobicoke, North York and Scarborough. These were all individual cities, but in 1999 the regions were amalgamated into what’s known today as Toronto. However, locals still commonly use these names to differentiate the areas within the city. Some of the more popular an exciting areas are listed below.

North York
King West
Park Lawn
Liberty Village

It doesn’t matter which neighbourhood or project developer you prefer. All of them have new condo developments and pre-construction condos for sale that will meet your needs. The price per square foot varies the more condos are away from downtown, so selling prices are more expensive if your home address is near the district.

toronto neighbourhoods
new toronto condos


The economy is another factor for choosing development properties or condos, and the price can depend on this as well. Toronto’s main economy is centred around Canada’s Big 5 Banks, all of which has its head offices in the city. Not only are they the major economic contributors, but they also have access to employment and businesses.

Toronto and its neighbouring city Kitchener are considered to be Silicon Valley North with plenty of startups in development plus Fortune 500 companies. 

Most large Canadian corporations have their headquarters address in Toronto which includes the Woodbridge Company, Manulife Financial, Canadian Tire Corp, and Sun Life Financial. Along with that, most international companies have a presence in their neighbourhoods — Microsoft, Apple, Paypal, eBay and Coca-cola.

The majority of the economy is centred around this area. That’s why in Toronto, new condos and developments are filling up and the selling prices are driven up as well.

Transportation near my Toronto Condo

There are two major highways that service the residents of downtown Toronto. The Gardiner Expressway is the major artery through the downtown core. Running parallel is the 401, providing access through the northern part of the city. Connected to both of them is the 427 which runs north and south.

The public Toronto transit system is called the Toronto Transit Commission.  Toronto has a unique combination of subway lines, streetcars and buses that deliver residents to their desired location through the area. The North York line is a pretty busy area in the district, connecting at Sheppard Yonge and having five stops through Don Mills. There’s also a subway project coming soon.

Something unique to Toronto is the PATH system, a series of underground and ground-level walkways that encompass many shops’ services and entertainment.

Toronto public transit

The Go train system is what connects Toronto to its neighbouring cities and towns. The above-ground Toronto transit system allows access to 8 separate lines with its main hub being Toronto’s Union Station. The most used line in the system is the Lakeshore West line. Lakeshore West Toronto has stops in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, and even Niagara Falls, with plenty of stations within each community. Mirabella Condos is located in Lakeshore Boulevard West.

The GO’s other train lines also connect other communities such as Kitchener, Brampton, Newmarket, Barrie, Richmond Hill, Pickering, Markham, and Oshawa. With your condominium in downtown Toronto, you don’t have to search high and low for transportation.

As such, residents living in condos, pre-construction properties, and homes nearby have great transit access, which is best if you have a fast-paced life.

What to do near my Toronto condo

Toronto is one of the world-class locations, only falling behind New York and Los Angeles. Most concert tours will stop in the Toronto area, so condo life in the neighbourhood gives the best access for entertainment.

The CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario is also an attraction, with an observation tower that gives visitors a 360 view. Then, just north of the pre-construction developments and condos in the city is Canada’s largest amusement park, Wonderland. Built in the 1980s, this park has evolved to include 17 roller coasters. More locally, Toronto has Centreville Amusement Park, Fantasy Fair, Playdium and Casa Loma, just to name a few.

Will I be safe in a condo in Toronto?

The simple answer is yes. If you’re looking for a safe residential place or development in Toronto, condos in this address checks the box. Crime rates are very low compared to other major cities, so  investing in pre-construction property developments and condos is wise. The Economist ranked Toronto as the safest city in North America and fourth safest major city in the world, so  life and occupancy in a condominium or home address is worthy.

Pre-construction and New Condos in Toronto and why it’s right for you

Toronto is the financial capital

Whether you’re looking for work or starting a top-notch business, investing in a new home or development property in the Toronto area is a smart move. Sales of pre-construction property developments are ongoing, so you have access to condo living in different neighbourhoods like Queens Quay and North York.

Amazing opportunities for employment

With many financial institutions nearby condos, new residents have access to abundant employment opportunities. Those living in condos in Toronto are closer to some of the highest paying jobs in North America, and this drives up condo sales too. The search for homes, condos, or pre-construction developments is easy as there are tons still on sale. Whether you want low or high-rise condominium units, there’s a developer out there to provide, whether you want something from the Times Group Corporation or The Daniels Corporation.

Never a dull moment

With its collection of sports, music, festivals and amusements – you can always search for activities because property homes and pre-construction condos are nearby.

The city has seen amazing growth not only in Toronto real estate sales, pre-construction properties, and condos, but in opportunities and entertainment. It’s not too late to invest in condos or pre-construction property developments in one of the most livable cities in the world. A new condo or development in Toronto might be one of the best investments around, with selling prices set to increase over the years. And, if you want waterfront condominium units, they’re always selling homes and condominium units overlooking Lake Ontario.

Some of the condos that we highly recommend are listed below, whether you’re after a high-rise or low-rise home project. The price of condos varies, but some popular communities that are ready for selling and occupancy include Yonge Street, King Street West, Queens Quay, Eastern Avenue, Forest Hill, Dupont Street, Eglinton Avenue East, Queen Street East,  North York, and Front Street West. Using Condo Wizard’s search page, all sales info are there for you – leading to the condo life. Happy condo hunting!

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