New condos in Square One

At the heart of Mississauga lies the square one area – home to Mississauga’s city hall, celebration square, where is gets it name from Square One shopping centre and potentially your home – a new condo in Square One.

Square One is growing at a pace only seen in Toronto downtown core. In the early 2000’s the area directly around Square One Shopping centre was empty or used as parking lots. Over the past twenty years the skyline has developers into a metropolitan landscape with iconic developments like the Absolute condos and Limelight condos. The area has attacked some best developers in the country and in turn they have created some great condo developments.

Absolute Condos built in the mid 2000’s stand as one of the most unique building not only in Canada but internationally. Two of the five towers have a unique shape that earned them the nick name the marlin monroe’s. As well as international acclaim, in 2012 the council on tall buildings and urban habitat ( a Chicago based group of architects) name the Absolute condos as the world’s best new skyscrapers.

Other condos with mentioning are the limelight condos (A two tower condo complex that has podium the connect the two. Its unique that it has a basketball court, the only one in the area.), 225 Web (What makes this one special is that it has units the are two story with an opening to the floor below. These units also have two story windows that give you a magnificent view of the city) and the Chicago Condos (In the summer – enjoy your free time on the 6th story that has a communal outdoor entertainment area).

In the near future Square One will continue to grow over with new projects like

Mississauga’s city hall is located just next to celebration square where throughout the year is home to many different types of festivals and gatherings. In the summer celebration square host the Mississauga Ribfest which is the second biggest in Ontario (Only the Burlington Ribfest is larger),Fresh Air Fitness, Movie Nights, MCLC farmers market as so much more.Winter is equally busy in the square – Winter in the Square, a Warm Hug, family day skate 2020, just to name a few.

And of course there is Square One shopping centre. Originally built in the early 70’s the area was just farm land and over the years its expanded and evolved multiple time and now it Canada’s second largest shopping centre and one of its most prestigious. Which anchor stores – Walmart, Hudson’s Bay, Simons, Holt Renfrew and Sport Chek. The mall is at the centre of the area and most condo projects are walking distance from there.

Getting In and out of your New Square One condo

Doesn’t matter if you’re planning on using public transit or driving your own car Square One has a great deal of options.
There are two different Go stations that are running along the Milton line so getting to Downtown Toronto in 25 minutes during peak times of the day. If you’re more of a driver running along the Northside of Square one is the 403 which is part of the trans Canada highway system. Travelling westbound leads you to Oakville and eventually all the way to Niagara Falls. Travel eastward takes you to the 427 – that leads you to Queen Elizabeth Way and Downtown Toronto. Or you can continue east bound takes you through the northern part of Toronto and it takes you all the way to Ottawa which is about six hour drive.

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