Biddington Homes

Amazing Projects that are built around people

Biddington Homes Developments

Biddington Homes is a development company based out of Oakville, Ontario, that has built a wide variety or different developments since their inception in 2012. Having built everything from the beautiful fully detached dwellings of the Estates of River Oats in Oakville, to the J Davis House condos in the heart of midtown Toronto, Biddington Homes has shown to be a very capable builder with a variety of strengths. 


Biddington has a variety of great projects in the works right now. Some projects to look out for include their upcoming Vita on the Lake, an upcoming condo development in the Lakeshore East area, as well as the Wilmington  Towns in North York, Toronto. 

About Biddington Homes
  • Inception
    August 29th, 2012
  • Headquarters
    1962 Yonge St., Ste. 200, Toronto ON
  • Phone
    (416) 924-2244
Previous Projects
  • J Davis House
  • Estates of River Oaks
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