10 Most Iconic Canadian Architectural Gems That Will Take Your Breath Away

Exhausted of deciding which among the enormous list of impressive cityscapes in Canada you should visit? Worry no more, because our experts are making your search easier with a list of sceneries to ensure your visit in Canada is worth every walk. Our team gathered a list of our top 10 projects that carved the tapestry of Canadian architecture, and all the history behind it.

Top 10 Most Iconic
Canadian Architectural Gems

1. Habitat 67

This sophisticated social ambition turned into world-renowned Canadian architecture in Montreal, Quebec City. The famous building isn’t just a testament to a revolutionary masterpiece, its emblematic landscape also serves a greater purpose as a modular house complex ,envisioned to reconcile the quality of life by refining living spaces.

Habitat 67

 Housing 354 identical and completely prefabricated modules, the Montreal-based architectural icon–Habitat 67 resembles a stacked house cube–now a structure that continues to influence the landscape of global architecture. 

2. Art Gallery Of Ontario

The Art Gallery in Ontario, Toronto houses a gallery that will enthrall you. Coined as one of the largest museums in North America, this futuristic Canadian museum was redesigned by Canadian Architect Frank Gehry, and was completed in 2008. 

Gehry’s goal on the re-construction of the museum was to create an architectural expansion that will build a deeper rapport between people and art for powerful experiences. 

3. Sharp Centre for Design

Apart from the prominent Michael Lee Chin Crystal in downtown Toronto, this Toronto Architectural wonder and landmark- Sharp Centre for Design, is also one that you should not miss. 

Situated at  Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD), this building that features a white table atop 12 multi-coloured rigid steel legs is one of the most praised even by Canadian Architects. Affixed on the site, the stunning building caters two studio and teaching areas while the iconic ‘table-top structure’ allows a pedestrian under, preserving the artistic landscape for nearby residents. 

These Toronto based iconic buildings are collaborative projects of Will Alsop with Canadian Architect Robbie/Young + Wright Architects Inc and structural developers.

4. Banff Springs Hotel

Coined as Canada’s “Castle in the Rockies,” the historic hotel has incessantly been furnishing a remarkable hospitality experience to its guests for more than a century. 

Banff Springs Hotel

Situated at the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage – Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada features the prominent picturesque architecture of one of Canada’s most remarkable grand railway hotels. 

5. Chan Centre For Performing Arts

The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts is located just adjoined to the University of British Columbia. It is home to a universal theater, and concert hall prominent for its orchestra music and stunning musically-inspired architectural space. 

Surrounded by Vancouver evergreens, the vividly pleasing zinc-panelled buildings structure is also a house to the notable drum-shaped sections and black-box studio with reconfigurable seating and a 150-seat cinema.  

Financial constraints in the design prompted the famous architects who collaborated, to utilize concrete and wood in the seams of the building. Such budget restraint fabricated the acoustical canopy that stemmed enormous flexibility to the concert halls, and is now acclaimed one of the best halls by world-renowned performers. 

6. Canada Place

Situated at downtown Vancouver harbourfront, Canada Place is an iconic architectural landscape that houses Vancouver-Alaska cruises, Convention Centre East, Pan Pacific Hotel, the World Trade Centre, and WestPark car. 

Canada Place

It’s white billowing ‘sails’ makes it the perfect example for your postcard view of the city.

7. Royal Canadian Mint

The plethora of glass in this triangle up-thrust iconic Canadian architecture echoes an assertive yet welcoming presence to those who enter on the east side of the Winnipeg’s Royal Canadian Mint. 

The need for additional facilities to mint coins birthed the construction of this delicate yet visually-appealing project. The Ottawa-based facility was preserved and constructed as a national historic site serving a late gothic architectural impression to both locals and visitors. 

The architect designed the building’s stone cladding and architectural approach as a symbolism of the government’s stylistic approach in creating its capital identity back in the day.

8. Science World

Built as a signature building, the 17-storey geodesic dome is not only the icon of Vancouver skyline, it’s manifested as a representation of the 1986 World’s Fair and a commemoration of the town’s century-old celebration.

Science World

Rising after the ashes of the Great Fire of 1886, the eminent dome was completed a hundred years later at the exact false creek where people started to rebuild. 

9. Fogo Island Inn

Expect a heaven on earth experience as you set foot to tranquility and get a glimpse of the majestic community at the Fogo Island Inn. It is nestled off the northeast coast of Newfoundland, Canada. 

Apart from the multi-colored clapboard houses, sea-cliff footpaths, and lust forest, what you’ll absolutely love more is its way of life, centred on boat-building, and fishing which  was accustomed to the village since the 18th century.  

10. Parliamentary Buildings

Apart from its federal role to the people, these gothic revival styled parliament buildings in Canada serve an aesthetic that will surely enchant those old souls. These historical and iconic buildings also act as visually striking landmarks, overlooking Ottawa river. 

Parliamentary Buildings

Composed of three famous buildings mainly Centre, East and West Blocks respectively, the picturesque landscape is a variety to the rest of the country. The Canadian architects, John A. Pearson and Jean-Omer Marchand who re-designed the Canadian Buildings after it was destroyed in the 1916 fire.

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What is the most famous architecture in Canada?

Habitat 67 is one of the most famous architecture in Canada. It still tops the list of Canada’s most iconic landmarks. Constructed as the epitome of brutalist architecture in Montreal, Canadian Architect Moshe Safdie, who also conceptualized the Vancouver Public Library, originally completed the Habitat 67 building as a pavilion for Expo 67 [1].  


Canada as a country has so many architectural gems, considering how talented its architects are. The ones our experts mentioned above, the uncharted and lowkey architectural sceneries, will make your visit worthwhile. Aside from the CN Tower, Quebec’s Chateau Frontenac and Monique Corriveau Library by Jean Marie Roy, always on top of one’s bucket list, our picks are also just as spectacular. 

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