Ottawa Greystone Village Community


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2 years ago

Greystone Village Community

175a Main St, Ottawa, ON K1S 1C2, Canada

Developer: eQHomes


Project Info
Type: Townhomes
Units: TBA
Status: Selling Now
Est. Completion: TBA
Price: 282,900
Location: Ottawa

In Ottawa, eQHomes and The Regional Group are building a new townhome community developed in Ottawa called Greystone Village. Inspired by the 100-year heritage of the area and current architectural concepts, Greystone Village is a 26-acre master-planned community. 

A total of 900 residences will be built in this neighborhood, including singles, condos, and townhouses. Ottawa, Ontario, is where it’s now being built at 175a Main Street.

Features and Amenities

The complete buildout of Greystone Village will include 950 residences, spread out over five stages and ranging from single-detached townhomes, condominium towers (ranging from mid to high-rise), rental apartments, and a Greystone Residence Retirement. To revitalize the city’s Main Street, Greystone Village is a crucial part of the plan.

Additionally, the plan emphasizes the need to provide a wide range of housing options, from tiny apartments and condominiums to row houses and townhouses, to single-detached homes and senior residences, with several unit types and tenures on offer.

Location and Neighborhood

Greystone Village’s stunning riverside setting and respect for the neighborhood’s existing layout and character make it unique. These elements combine to create a harmonious neighborhood that is further improved by the addition of newer construction, cutting-edge technology, and well-established trees.

Every street in the Village leads you down to the river since it was designed for people rather than automobiles. There is no limit on who may visit the site. The construction team might use this area to host a farmer’s market or festival in the future. It’s all about promoting a sense of belonging.

Repurposed to provide communal facilities and services to nearby neighbors, the Deschâtelets building is at the new development center. As the “living room” of Old Ottawa East, Greystone Village maintains the original historical design’s flavor. It uses the Deschâtelets building as its core organizing concept, with the Grand Allée and a formal tree-lined Forecourt.

The idea is based on cultural and natural environmental aspects to foster community and public realm engagement. Several parks and open spaces around Greystone Village and newly constructed ones to encourage healthy living and community involvement.

This “backyard” is meant for people who live in condos or residences where the classic suburban backyard concept has been supplanted by parking. In addition, the neighborhood is planned to encourage residents to use public transportation, walk, and bike instead of driving. Residents and tourists have limited street parking options, with the bulk of parking provided in underground or rear-lane garages.

Accessibility and Highlights

The design incorporates an allée system that directs pedestrian traffic through a tree-lined linear park to a forecourt, terminating at the Deschâtelets Building, used for community activities and apartments.

The new design, businesses, pedestrian-friendly boulevards, an event plaza, lovely green areas, a multi-use route, and a picturesque shoreline are all part of the concept, which promotes a strong sense of community and a connection to both Main Street and the river.

Pedestrians and cyclists are encouraged by this modern urbanist design, which restricts automobiles and parking to back roads and underground.

About the Developer

With over 40 years in the business, eQHomes has worked with some of Canada’s most prominent and best-known home builders in the Ottawa area. The condo construction company has been honored with honors, including those it has garnered over the previous 15 years while running a highly regarded house construction company. The eQ Team can only build a quality house.

Unique designs, attentive customer service, high-quality craftsmanship, and pride in artistry are the trademarks of this company. EQuinelle’s major builder, eQHomes, was formed out of those similar experiences and competence. Clients can be sure that they’ll get a high-quality house and a stress-free home-buying experience with eQ Homes’ trademark.

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