Markham Union Square in Markham Condos


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2 years ago

Union Square in Markham Condos

16th Avenue, Markham, ON

Developer: WP Developments


Project Info
Type: Condo
Units: TBA
Status: Selling Now
Est. Completion: TBA
Price: TBA
Location: Markham

As part of WP Development Inc.’s new mid-rise project in Markham, the company has unveiled the Union Square Condos. Located in the Unionville district, this pre-construction project is next door to Berczy Square at 16th Avenue and Kennedy Road. This condominium complex will offer a dynamic and diversified landscape to reflect its standing as a cutting-edge metropolis.

Features‌ ‌and‌ ‌Amenities‌

The glass and steel front of the Union Square Condos will reflect the city’s role as a technology powerhouse. This is expected of a structure developed by one of Southern Ontario’s most seasoned architectural companies. Kirkor Architect + Planners has left an indelible stamp on the GTA and beyond, with structures that can be found throughout the city.

Suppose you want to know the building’s height and unit allocation. In that case, we can only tell you that this developer is attempting to produce a project that exceeds expectations on every level. In addition to the Union Square facilities that will make it one of Markham’s most fantastic places to live, we are eagerly awaiting the specifics of this new development.

Location and Neighborhood

There’s no denying that Markham is one of the most significant areas in Southern Ontario for real estate investment, and the evidence supports this claim. Many municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) are referred to as “bedroom villages” since most of its population must commute to Toronto for employment. 

However, this is not the situation with this municipality. Markham has one of the most booming businesses in Southern Ontario, thanks to headquarters for firms such as IBM, AMD, and Blackberry there.

Located in the Unionville neighborhood of the city, Union Square will be a public gathering place. A unique feature of this location is the antique buildings and old-world atmosphere. Heirloom towns popped up all across the area throughout the 19th century, and this is one of the few remaining examples of them. Today, it is surrounded by cutting-edge technology companies, yet it draws large groups of people who are fascinated by the country’s historical roots.


This is the ideal location for individuals who need to go to the GTA. Head west on 16th Avenue to get to Ontario Highway 404. There is only one route to get to Toronto’s downtown area from here: drive south on the 404, which turns into the Don Valley Parkway. 

This new condo project is situated minutes away from downtown Markham. Unionville GO Station is easily accessible by heading south on Kennedy Road. This is a quick and easy way to get to Toronto’s Union Station, which is located at the base of the Financial District. Some instances of how convenient it is to go around the neighborhood are shown here.

About the Developers

Every aspect of the development sector is WP Developments’ objective to surpass expectations at all times. They’re accomplishing this by putting the needs of their customers first at every step of the building process. 

For any corporation, regardless of its sector, this is an uncommon inclination to put customers and the quality of their houses ahead of financial gain. Even if you don’t intend to use the product yourself, this developer is worth keeping an eye on.

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