Top Reasons Why You Should Move to Toronto — Sights, Transportation, & More

Choosing the best place to relocate is a tricky process. So if you’re looking for a diverse culture and a booming business sphere, Toronto is among the most multicultural cities in the world that you can consider. To highlight this city’s contribution to Canada’s economy, our experts listed the top ten reasons to move to Toronto and end your frantic search.

Reasons Why You Should Move to Toronto

1. One of the Best Places to Live in the World

When we talk about world-class lifestyles, New York City always gets the spotlight. However, if you want to lead a highly productive but fun life, it’s only a matter of time before you realize that moving to Toronto is the best favor you can do for yourself.

Considering the factors of diversity, incredible restaurants, education opportunities, well-developed real estate industry, and other business leverages — it’s no surprise that The Economist has hailed Canada’s most populous city as one of the best places to live in the world.

Topping the shortlist of 50 amazing cities along with Montreal, even Toronto residents would agree that their neighbourhood showed extensive development throughout the recent years.

2. Top Finance District in Canada

If you’re worried about building your career when you settle in the city, our travel enthusiasts assure you that Toronto definitely doesn’t lack in terms of job opportunities and business ventures.

As Canada’s top business hub and one of the largest financial centers in North America [1], it’s completely understandable why big companies in the country chose to station their headquarters in Toronto.

While the neighbourhood residents find plenty of professional pursuits rooting from different key industries established in the city, their primary economic leverage is Toronto’s Financial Centre. Some of the largest banks and insurance companies in Canada also reside here, resulting in impressive financial growth pacing with the likes of New York City and London.

3. Endless Sights and Activities

Besides the world-famous maple leaves that most tourists look forward to when visiting Canada before winter, our travel experts are in deep awe with their impressive nightlife entertainment featuring live music that will surely ignite thrill and excitement within you.

Restaurants, pubs, and other hot spots with breathtaking sceneries can be found left and right on these busy streets. If you fancy drinking beer to relieve stress after a day’s work, many dance clubs and bars that serve locally brewed liquor could accommodate your needs.

When you decide to live in Toronto, there’s no way we’d miss the chance to recommend the best food market in town. Have you ever heard of St. Lawrence Market? This public trading spot, a staple in Ontario and Vancouver, has been around since the 19th century.

And did we tell you that the sports spirit in this area is pretty intense? They got impressive facilities where you can watch national teams like Maple Leafs in a multi-purpose arena, Rogers Centre, and the CN tower with 147 floors! In the CN tower’s viewing platform, you can freely view the beautiful cityscape and skyline.

(For a list of famous landmarks in the country, here are the top iconic architectural gems in Canada)

4. Diverse Communities

Considering that you’re reading this post and looking for useful tips for first time home buyers, you’re probably aware that more than half of Toronto’s population are from outside of Canada. This city is one of the few places in the world that openly embraces different ethnicities within the community.

When we walk around the area, we quickly notice the touch of different cultures in the city, such as Little India, Koreatown, Chinatown, or even Little Italy. The level of diversity in this place is rarely seen in other cities in the world.

5. Clean and Spacious

If you’re concerned about your health, there’s no need to worry because open and green spaces are typical sceneries in Toronto. The buzzing metropolis has the perfect blend of urban and calming atmosphere that’s good for your physical and mental health.

6. Great Public Transportation

Other reasons to move to Toronto are their world-class public transportation routes. With the immense population of the city, our team found it completely natural that people opted to ride public transit instead of gambling through traffic.

Besides the transit that routes most of the city, you can leverage their subway system, streetcars, buses, and commuter rail if you intend to travel around Toronto or nearby places in North America.

7. Free Healthcare

Among the perks we mentioned, the healthcare offerings and system that Toronto offers sets the bar high above everything else. The city guarantees its constituents accessible healthcare services regardless of race, age, income, or religion.

8. One of the Safest Cities to Live in

If you’re purchasing a house to settle in, we’re sure you’d be pleased to know that Toronto, Canada, is listed among the world’s safest cities. Despite being a major city, many travel fans like us find it enticing and reassuring to know that Toronto has a low crime rate compared to its metropolitan areas.

9. Friendly Locals

It’s not hard to adjust and live in Toronto, especially if you’re trying to be independent and you know no one within the city. Whether you prefer quiet surroundings or a lively and active neighbourhood, you have various options in Toronto.

If you’re the type who likes to mingle around and explore, we suggest visiting Distillery District or Kensington Market to fully enjoy local interactions within Toronto.

10. Easy Travel

As the world’s safest city with a vast selection of transportation services, going around Toronto City is bliss. We didn’t have to drive around a car as we explored because the town has an easy-to-follow block system.

(If you plan to rent an Airbnb in Toronto, here are the things you should know about Toronto Airbnb condo rules)


Why should you move to Toronto?

You should move to Toronto if you’re looking for a place with a diverse living environment and a developing economic sphere. Apart from the lively communities that promote different cultural settings, this city guarantees continuous financial growth with major financial centers and innovation firms currently stationed within the area.

Why is Toronto a good place to live?

Toronto is a good place to live because it’s globally known as one of the safest cities to live in. As a multicultural area, you can expect the place to boost with different delicacies, festivals, traditions, and artistic references. If you’re the type who likes places with a modern urban lifestyle and serene environment, this is a city you must consider.

Is Toronto a good place to move to?

Yes, Toronto is a good place to live, especially for people looking for community, personal, and work balance. Apart from its diverse neighbourhood affluent in cultural touches, this city offers excellent professional growth with its massive job opportunities rooting from the developing financial sector and global recognition.


If you already found enough reasons to move to Toronto, then congratulations on finding your new home! However, as enticing as it is, our experts advise you to take your time and consider factors like your financial status and lifestyle preferences. Nonetheless, we assure you that this city will offer you the opportunities and the quality living conditions you most desire.
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