Ten Condo Developers You Should Know In Toronto Today

Your home is an important place. It is where you wake, sleep, eat and share some of the best memories of your life with your family and some of your closest friends. It is perhaps the reason for the rising trend of family-sized units in GTA. This is why more than anything, where you choose to make home is not a decision you can afford to take lightly.

When you’re looking to buy a condo, there are generally a few key things you ought to keep in mind. Most times, you want a location that’s comfortable, and offers easy access to places you go to or need to be at often. For instance, when you’re faced with a choice between a good number of condos you really like, you’re more likely to choose one that affords you the opportunity to easily get to work conveniently and on time, and lets you meet up you’re your friends easily, right? All things considered, that is actually a very sound reason to base the choice of your new condo on.

But, wait a moment. What if there were some other very important factors to consider as well before finally settling and picking a condo? You may be thinking, what more is there to consider once the place I have in mind meets all my present demands? Well, you’d be surprised.

One detail that most people tend to overlook when it comes to picking a condo building to live in is the type of condo developers Toronto offers. What does this even mean? It means that the type of developer who handles that condo development you’ve fallen in love with largely determines quite a lot of things for you. This is more so the case at the pre-construction stage of things. No matter how much you love that condo unit, or how much you have your heart set on getting it, you can’t start living in the unit when it’s not yet completed, can you? That’s just one of the many things you need to give some thought.

When we’re talking about Toronto condo developers, and the structures they put up, you need to make the choice of where you’ll make home based on how this benefits you not just short term, but also in the long run. For instance, when securing an assignment in a condo building still under construction, you need to be sure that the developer in charge of that property is one that’ll not only complete the project within the time frame advertised, but also get it properly registered in time.

Another factor to consider is what happens should you decide you’re ready to move on. The simple truth is all condo buildings are not created equal. This means that some condos are easier to sell than others. One thing that usually decides how easy a unit is to sell off is the developer in charge of that building. Condo units with developers who have a record of being very competent builders usually sell out faster than others.

See what we mean? If you’re wondering where to start when it comes to finding out the best developers in Toronto and the surrounding areas, we have something that might help with that.

Listed below are some of the very best condo developers Toronto has right now.

  1. Great Gulf

Many in the Toronto real estate world consider the Great Gulf development company to be one of the more powerful forces that shaped and mould the real estate market into what it is today. As one of the very oldest developers in all of North America, the Great Gulf has been building excellent structures for more than forty (40) years.

As a testament to just how desirable the property that this company builds is, you can find at least a few good Great Gulf in a lot of cities, even outside the country. There are several Great Gulf real estate properties within Toronto and the greater Toronto area. There are almost as many of the company’s buildings in some major areas like Washington DC, Florida, Alberta, all the way to even Texas.

Condo developers Toronto

The brain behind this mega real estate development agency is none other than Christopher J. Wein. Under his leadership as President of the company, he has been able to use his vast knowledge and wealth of experience to further plant the roots of this company in the real estate world by delivering fantastic condo buildings that remain highly sought after, even as the years go by. This real estate development company is a real pace setter and they have several accolades accorded them over the years to prove that fact.

One of their most appealing pieces of real estate yet in Toronto is the One Bloor. The One Bloor stands at seventy-five (75) storeys high and is situated between Young and Bloor. The condo units in this building are simply delightful while the various amenities to be had here are some of the newest and finest out there. Viewing the skyline from the vantage point this condo offers, you’ll never want to leave.

  • The Daniels Corporation

Another big name in the real estate world in Toronto today is the Daniels Corporation. Founded by the famous John H. Daniels, this developer is responsible for some of the finest condo buildings you spot in Toronto today. People often say that when duty calls, experience counts. With more than thirty-four (34) years in the real estate business, should you get a condo built by this agency, you can rest assured that you’re getting your money’s worth.

The Daniels Corporation understand that beyond just erecting a building, there are a number of social and cultural infrastructure that need be put in place to ensure that the condo buildings they build give you that unique sense of place. This is perhaps what has helped this developer construct a total of well over 30,000 homes, condos and retail spaces. Some accolades that the Daniels Corporation has easily won in recognition of their dedication to real estate over the years include the “Toronto Arts and Business Award”, the “Toronto Urban Design Award”. They have also clinched Ontario’s highly competitive “High Rise Builder of the Year Award”.

One highly commendable feat of this developer is that they successfully set up and established Gateway Communities. Today, Gateway Communities ranks as one or the most coveted places in Toronto and the greater Toronto area to settle down. Considering the kind of heart and effort that they put into each building they develop, we weren’t really amazed when we learned that they had been chosen to partner with the TCH (Toronto Community Housing) on the project to revitalize Regent Park.

One of the most luxurious condo buildings ever constructed by the Daniels Corporation is the Festival Tower. It is situated right at the heart of Toronto’s Entertainment District, and is just a stone’s throw away from the Bell Festival Centre. The Bell Festival Centre is always alive with the comings and goings of some of the most popular names and faces in the entertainment industry. So if you’ve got a taste for the elegant lifestyle and you enjoy going out on occasions, the Festival Tower is one place you’ll feel right at home.

  • Tridel

Following the track record that this development company has managed to set over the years will show you without a doubt that they deserve a spot on this list. If you’re going to be choosing what condo developer you’ll be settling with based on the number and quality of buildings they have successfully set up, it’d be no surprise at all if you chose Tridel.

One reason you’ll see Tridel condominiums virtually everywhere you look in Toronto is because their buildings stand the test of time. Currently ranking as the largest condo building company in all of Toronto, they have been able to complete and successfully register a staggering 171 condo buildings within Toronto as well as the greater Toronto area (GTA) so far!

The fact that they are known to deliver such quality structures is one reason why buildings erected by this developer are so easy to sell and resell. You can always expect that all projects that the agency embarks on are completed in record time. As you can imagine, Tridel is very well recognized for their high level of competence and have received several awards in recognition of the very good work they do. Most notable of these awards include, “Green Home Builder of the Year”, and “Home Builder of the Year”, to mention but a few.

One of the latest and greatest structures put up by Tridel is the Ten York. This building is an excellent piece of real estate offering an array of very tastefully designed suites to choose from. Spanning sixty-five (65) storeys in all, the building offers one of the best views of the lake. And the best part of it all? Even though they’re almost all gone, if you hurry, you could still snag a lovely suite in this building today!

  • Cresford

As an organization ages in a field, the demands for it to meet certain standards only increase. While many real estate developers fold under this kind of pressure, Cresford has only been able to thrive. Cresford developer has been a strong presence and influence on the real estate world in Toronto. Having been set up and fully operational for nearly fifty (50), this condo building giant has made itself a force to reckon when looker for the most desirable condo assignments with Toronto and the GTA.

Perhaps what makes them successful is the level of effort they invest in staying ahead of their counterparts in the field. One would think that as a builder who has been in service for so long, they would make changes at the same pace as other condo developers. In reality, the reverse is the case. In fact, Cresford sets the pace. They remain the first developers in all of Canada to employ the services of internally recognized fashion labels in the interior design and set up of their condo units.

Those who have worked with or used condos built by this developer will tell you that Cresford places a great deal of value on the beauty and style of their buildings, on the inside as well as the outside. This is one reason why the designs of their buildings stand out so elegantly and the amenities they offer in each condo always worth trying out.

Of particular interest is the collection of Casa Condos that this developer built not so long ago. Situated in downtown Toronto, Casa, Casa II and Casa III, as they are so famously called offer some of the best condo assignments, particularly to the young and hip as everything about the properties is modern and cool.

  • Diamante Development Corporation

While this company is certainly not the largest or the most popular developer on this list, it does have something unique that places it among some of the very best in the city.

One thing that Diamante Development does really well that not many others can copy is the blending of North American efficiency with European sensibility when it comes to how they design and construct their buildings. While this definitely sounds like a lot of talk, the beautiful buildings that they have managed to erect so far speak for themselves.

As proof of just how outstanding this developer is, and how valued their condo units have become, the Tarion Warranty Group awarded them an Excellent Rating for the quality and taste of their structures. They’ve also received the Grand Sam Award for Project of the Year on multiple occasions.

Their speed when it comes to completing projects in urban areas is praiseworthy and as such, pre-construction deals with them are perfectly safe to make. At the same time, their condos go for very decent prices once you’re ready to have a resale.

One piece of real estate they constructed that truly defines their unique taste is the Florian. This condo building is on Davenport and Bay and is considered a very lucky get for those who could secure a unit.

  • Menkes Development Ltd

Menkes Development Ltd has been on the Toronto real estate scene for a very long time now. Founded more than sixty (60) years ago by Murray Menkes, this developer has managed to successfully carve out a niche for itself in the real estate industry. A family-run business, they are a fully integrated corporation that does everything from construction to ownership and management of all types of residential real estate properties.

At the helm of affairs are the three Menkes brothers who are the serving co-presidents of the corporation founded by their father. They’ve stayed true to his dreams and goals, which is why the standard of Menkes constructed and managed properties continue to soar. Menkes Development Ltd is currently considered one of the biggest developers not just in Toronto, but in Canada as a whole.

Undoubtedly, the Four Seasons Private Residences is the Menkes pride and joy as it competes evenly with the best condos anywhere in Toronto in terms of location, design and luxury.

  • CentreCourt Developments

Coming into the real estate scene a little later than the other names on this list, this developer has however duly earned a seat at the big boy table. Founded about a decade ago by Andrew Hoffman, CentreCourt has taken the condo building world by storm.

In only a few short years the number of standard condo buildings, fully equipped with the best amenities you would expect in any condo is amazing. The 13-point philosophy that guides their actions virtually sees to it that they deliver only top quality service. A particularly remarkable thing about CentreCourt is the developer’s unshaken attention to detail. This isn’t something you see every day. They approach each problem, big or small with every mind to have it sorted without hesitation or delay.

Unlike a good portion of the other developers out there, they remain strong in their belief that the condo market in Toronto isn’t maxed out yet. This, among many other reasons is why they launched their latest project, the Transit City Condos two years ago. As if to prove their belief right, the amount of demand they have seen for assignments in this condo at the pre-construction phase alone is mind-blowing. Expected to be completed in only a few more years, this condo is sure to be in high demand.

As far as their completed projects go, Peter Street Condos takes the cake as one of their very best. The location, coupled with how well-designed it looks is a source of delight.

  • Pinnacle International

As one of the very few developers out there with the ability to build very impressive mid-rise and high-rise condos, Pinnacle International is one of the very best. They are also seasoned veterans in the field of real estate in Toronto with well over forty (40) years of experience building lasting homes for home buyers in and around the area.

Although the company’s main office and headquarters is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, the vast majority of the work they’ve done so far has been across Canada. Only a handful of other developers can rival this titan when it comes to successfully setting up a master-planned community.

One major reason for the unrivalled level of success that Pinnacle International continues to enjoy is the man at the helm of affairs of the corporation. Michael De Cotiis is a highly recognized voice in the real estate market today. As a result Pinnacle International has been able to record the successful construction of more than 7, 000 residences so far! These buildings span the length of Toronto, San Diego and of course Vancouver. What’s more, the corporation intends to build more than double that number of residences in more strategic locations as well.

By and large, one of their most awe-inspiring creations throughout the years is Pinnacle Grand Park. One of the best buildings in the Mississauga area till date, Pinnacle Grand Park carries with it a good amount of comfort and elegance for interested homeowners.

  • Concord Adex

Concord Adex is yet another development corporation that meets and exceeds expectations in terms of the quality of the buildings that they put up. One reason they remain so popular is because of how dependable they are.

Concord Adex has never set a deadline for the completion of a project that they failed to meet. This developer is resourceful and uses that resourcefulness in a manner that yields results that are worthy of applause. This is one reason why there are precious few other developers who can claim that their property sells as well both at the resale and pre-construction stage the way Concord Adex properties do.

Concord Adex has developed a notable reputation for acquiring somewhat ordinary pieces of real estate and making it into something that’s just amazing to behold. From the famous acquisition of the Expo 86 property back in ’87 to the 1997 acquisition of property on the waterfront that they would later call CityPlace, they truly are gifted with the ability to make beautiful structures.

This developer is also one of the few that goes beyond the real estate market as they also dabble in the software and ICT industry.

It’s a bit hard to pick just one out of the several really good condo pieces they’ve managed to put up over the years. If we had to choose though, it’d be Canada House. Getting a condo here can be highly competitive as it is one of the very best in Toronto.

  1. Alterra

While a lot of development corporations are very community-friendly, not so many takes it quite as far as Alterra does. A founding principle for the development corporation isn’t just to build condos and residences and make money. Their aim, wherever they set up shop to erect a building anywhere is to positively influence the district in that location. This is why they go the extra mile in understanding the structure of a community first and foremost, before gearing up for construction work proper. This is a philosophy that they’ve successfully employed all through the more than forty (40) years that they’ve been in business.

A true revolutionary in the real estate empire, Robert Cooper who is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of the corporation remains the youngest person ever to be awarded the Home Builders Association Lifetime Achievement Award. This is no small feat as this award remains one of the most prestigious accolades any builder could receive in the real estate world.

The philosophy the corporation holds so dear, coupled with the impressive figure running the affairs of the company sees to it that the products of their work is of such fine quality, you rarely ever find homeowners complain about their units. They meet deadlines without fuss, and their properties go off the market with remarkable speed. This is because when condo buyers who know the real estate niche hear the name Alterra, they usually know just what they’re getting. Now that you know the household names in the condo development world, making your choices as far as a condo is considered in Toronto should be a bit easier. We wish you happy hunting!


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