Best Condo Developers in Toronto in 2021

With property values rising in big cities such as Toronto, it’s more crucial than ever to make sure your hard-earned money goes into a good home. You need to choose a developer that will not take advantage of your time and will deliver what it promises. To help you out, our experts have reviewed the best condo developers in Toronto.

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Reviews of the Best Condo Developers in Toronto

1. Tridel Condos

Looking for condo development in the greater Toronto area? You can use the easy search filter located on the right to narrow down the real estate market. Tridel also condenses their projects by area including North York and downtown Toronto. 

They have 80 years under their belt with condo building, and their developments in Toronto are built green. To add even more to their portfolio, Tridel was named builder of the year in Ontario in 2019.

You can also get a say in how your home is built by meeting with their team in The Lobby, a design sector of Tridel. Tridel also offers a first look at pre-construction condo developments.



2.  The Daniels Development Corporation

If you are looking for condo development and construction, then you may have heard of The Daniels Corporation. They are among the most well-known and established condo developers in the Toronto area and have master-planned communities under their belt. They have an extensive list of awards to back up their nearly 40 years of experience.

Some of the awards they have racked up include the Toronto Arts and Business Award, Community Impact Award, and the Toronto Urban Design Award among many others.

They make everything easy for you by introducing a step-by-step guide to help you purchase your first home. Of course, they also care about the environment as The Daniels Corp builds green and sustainably.



3. Menkes Developments

Menkes is a veteran in condo development and community buildings. They have been around for over 60 years and are known for their quality of work. Their portfolio consists of detached houses, semi-detached houses, and many condos. Other than homes for families, Menkes is also known for commercial real estate development.

Among their most noted buildings is the Four Seasons Private Residences. The Four Seasons Private Residences takes luxury and quality to a whole new level and is a very well known construction in the Greater Toronto area. They even list their pre-construction Toronto real estate options for you to get in on the ground floor.



4. Great Gulf 


These condo builders have won many awards including the BILD Home Builder of the Year 2020 for high rise and low rise developments. They have had a hand in the Toronto skyline and are responsible for a percentage of what it looks like in a modern-day.

Similar to the other veterans on our list, Great Gulf Group has accumulated over 40 years of experience in condo building and developments. One Bloor, a funny-sounding name but a renowned newly developed condo is one of Great Gulf’s masterpieces.

One Bloor by Great Gulf is a new condo building development that stands as the 40th tallest in the world. One can only imagine the breathtaking views of the city it can offer on the top floors.



5. Pinnacle International

We also have Pinnacle International, which is a very fitting name because they are at the pinnacle of development projects. Instead of private homes, this condo developer has put the focus on mid-rise, high-rise condo development, and commercial establishment projects.

They know the Toronto real estate market well and complete their projects on time with exceptional quality. Not only do they offer their real estate services in Toronto, but they are also considered one of the best condo developers in Vancouver, Mississauga, and all the way down to San Diego. Their real estate profile is modern and has pre-construction condos listed.



6. Concord Pacific


The Concord Pacific[1] boasts being Canada’s largest commercial developer, although they have both residential and commercial building options under their belt. Like all the other condo developers on our list, you can get great views of the city from some of their buildings and they complete their project in the given time frame.

This company has deep pockets to make things happen and are responsible for many tower buildings around major cities. Concord Pacific has more of a footprint in Vancouver, but it has left a major mark in downtown Toronto in the form of Canada House, on Spadina Avenue. 



7. Cresford Developments


As one of the best condo developers in Toronto, Cresford Developments puts most of its focus on this great urban city. Their new tower designs are very sought-after for home and business owners alike. Once they are committed to a project, the group stays focused to get it done.

They are well-known in the industry as the first to incorporate international fashion into their designs. This is also why their aesthetics vary from project to project, which truly sets them apart from the competition.

They place a lot of importance on aesthetics, to make sure their clients experience a unique living space and appreciate their attention to beauty.



8. Diamante Development Corporation

Diamante Development Corporation

Diamante, meaning diamond, is really a gem in the condo developer industry. They are a smaller scale establishment and do not have the most well-known building designs. How does it make it on our experts’ list? Their building designs are consistently high quality, including The Florian.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and while Diamante is quite a new addition to the roster of Toronto Developers, this group is well on their way to making a permanent name for themselves. Diamante has received some awards to date, including the Grand Sam Award for Project of the Year more than one time.



9. CentreCourt Developments


Centrecourt is another one of the best condo developers Toronto has to offer. They are still a small establishment, one that cannot compete with some of the larger and more well-funded corporations, but this group is also well on their way to making a name for themselves.

They are on the trajectory to becoming one of the top high rise developers in the Toronto real estate market today. They are very active and very involved in improving the Toronto skyline and have multiple projects going on at once. Even with their busy schedules, they still complete their projects promptly and the standards never waver.



 10. Alterra


Alterra cares about every building it constructs. It does due to diligence to understand the community in which it will erect its next project to customize the experience. They have a hand in every one of their projects and monitor every step closely by themselves. 

They handle everything and do not outsource, so you can trust that they will not pawn off the work to others and ensure high quality in the finished project.

What’s more, Alterra proves to be a very promising corporation with their CEO being the youngest to ever receive a Home Builders Association Lifetime Achievement Award[1].



 11. Nascent Developments


Nascent Developments in Toronto is a great developer to turn to for custom homes. You can be involved every step of the way to design your dream house. The developer focuses their efforts on “trust, discipline, and integrity” as they state. With 30 years of experience and counting, you can trust the firm to make your dreams come true.

Aside from building houses and condos, Nascent also provides other services such as construction management, project management, the designing and eventual building of properties. 

The developers are transparent with their clients, using a systematic approach to reaching their goals and taking client concerns very seriously to create a constructive relationship. 



A Guide To Choosing Toronto Condo Developers

How do you know which developer is right for you? How did we rank the best condo developer Toronto has to offer? Our experts believe that experience and years in the field aren’t the only things to look at. New and upcoming establishments can bring innovation and forward-thinking skills that a veteran might not.

The cost is something to factor in, as most of us work with a budget when looking for our next home. Aside from that, the quality guarantee, the timeline, and the design are also important. 

A good way to get a taste of whether or not the developer is an ideal choice for you is to take a look at their portfolio. What projects have they done? Can you visit their completed projects? You can take a tour of their existing buildings to get a better idea.

Pre-construction projects are a little riskier because they may only provide virtual tours. However, there may be some model homes you can visit. Our experts always suggest getting an in-person tour of what the developer has to offer.

Our Top Pick For a Condo Developer in Toronto: Tridel

Our expert team has landed on Tridel as the best condos developer Toronto has to offer. They specialize in condos, communities, and pre-construction. Unfortunately, you won’t find a lot of houses in their portfolio, but they have won many awards for their buildings.

They currently have more than 85,000 homes built in the Toronto area and have an amazing 80 years of work in the field. Tridel cares and builds green and sustainably. They even have a CSR program that implements the best building practices to benefit the community, society, industry, and environment.

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