What is a Detached Condo? — Learn the Differences From a Typical Condo

A condo is usually in a building, so how can it be detached? It’s important to understand the terms correctly when you are looking to invest in a property, just in case you accidentally put a down payment on the wrong type. Our team is here to prevent you from making that mistake by answering what is a detached condo.

What is a Detached Condo?

A detached condo, or better known as a single-family home, is a small house that is free-standing without being attached to any other properties. They are usually in a community of similar housing that shares amenities. It’s similar to living in a condominium where you share walls in a building with other residences in the sense that it’s a community that shares public spaces.

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Cost and Ownership

The cost is similar to that of a detached home or a condo in a building in Toronto, depending on the location you choose and how large your property is. In terms of ownership, detached condo owners can also have strata or a condo association to answer to, but it can also be a freehold property. Again, this depends on the community and property.


Similar to living in a condo building in Mississauga, you will have access to shared amenities with your fellow residents. The amenities available can include a pool, playground, BBQ area, and more. You will be free to use whatever there is, with the added benefit of not having to maintain the surroundings. This is also very much like some condos in Etobicoke in building communities where you just pay a fee each month for regular upkeep.

Privacy and Security

Our experts reiterate that privacy and security are very important aspects to address. Some people might be concerned with safety compared to condos that are not detached. So, what is a detached condo security measure like? Some may be gated communities, which adds a layer of security, but for the most part, you will have to install security cameras and other accessories on your own.

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The privacy aspect can be better than attached condos. Because you aren’t sharing walls with your neighbors, you won’t have to hear conversations and have people know about your comings and goings. Although these communities are well-planned, they tend to be very quiet and still demand hushed tones at night or voices can carry.


The condo communities in North York are usually master-planned with all the houses looking identical or very similar to one another. They are usually grouped in a way where the amenities are easily accessible and the roads are broad and geometrical.


As our team briefly mentioned above, you won’t have to conduct any of the routine maintenance on the surrounding common areas. However, you are responsible for the inside of your house. Some communities will require residences to keep up with the trimming of their lawns on their own, but others may have someone come by and take care of it for all residents.

With this convenience comes extra fees every month, but our team feels it’s worth it to not have to worry about the exteriors.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

What is a detached condo and what advantages and disadvantages does it offer? Our team is here to explain.

Detached condos are low maintenance, where the common areas and possibly the exteriors of your property will be taken care of by the condo association. They offer more privacy than attached condos as you do not share any walls with your neighbors. These expertly planned communities are often very safe and can even be in a gated area.

In a detached condo community, there are usually many shared amenities for all the residents to enjoy free of cost. These planned neighborhoods are also usually close to schools, the bustling city, and stores and restaurants. This type of housing is ideal for anyone looking for a rural environment close to the urban city. 

Detached condos aren’t without their drawbacks. The first one is the rules you need to follow. Similar to attached condos, the condo association or strata [1] will set rules for everyone to follow. Some of them are quite understandable such as no loud parties after 10 pm, but there are also other ones that can be deemed disagreeable such as the length of the grass.

Although the homes are detached, they are still within a close distance of each other. Also, these neighborhoods tend to be very quiet, which means loud conversations can be heard by your neighbors. 


What is considered a detached condo?

A detached condo is a standalone unit that doesn’t share walls with another structure, but still gives access to amenities and offers benefits similar to condos in buildings. They are usually located in a master-planned community with structures that are identical or very similar.

What is the difference between a site condo and a detached condo?

The difference between a site condo and a detached condo is shared walls. A site condo can be compared to a townhouse where you share walls with your neighbors but the structure still resembles a traditional house. A detached condo is a standalone home.

Do you own the land in a detached condo?

No, you do not own the land in a detached condo. That is the main difference between a detached condo and a detached house. With a detached condo, you own the structure but not the land, whereas with a detached house you have full ownership of the house and the surrounding land.


What are detached condos? In short, they are single units that do not share walls with other buildings but still offer residents the benefits of an attached building condo such as access to amenities. Our experts recommend detached condos to people looking for a single-family house life for a more affordable price. This type of home is also cheaper because you do not own the land. 

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