Which are the Best Luxury Condos in Toronto? — Find the Crème de la Crème of Canadian Residences (2021)

What is the definition of luxury? Ideally, it’s a unit or property located in nice neighbourhoods with a high standard of living and offers great comfort. With housing prices in Canada at an all-time high, you want to be sure you’re choosing the right condominium for your money. Our team is here to help with the best luxury condos in Toronto.

Reviews of the Best Luxury Condos in Toronto

1. One Bloor


One Bloor is an award-winning luxury condo design. With 75 stories, it’s considered a high rise and the pinnacle of Toronto luxury condo standards. The condo market in Toronto has listings at lower prices, but to live lavishly, One Bloor in the neighborhood of Yorkville sets the standard.

The single-family units can range from just under 2000 sq feet to larger units of almost 6000 sq feet. Not only will the interior of your new condo and the amenities provided by the building exude an air of opulence, but the surrounding brand-name boutiques in the neighborhood will further reflect the high prices of these apartments.



2.  Four Seasons Residences

Four Seasons


You may associate Four Seasons with luxurious vacations, but they now also offer living accommodations that have also garnered the attention of many real estate investors. These luxury condos are also situated in the Yorkville neighbourhood of Toronto with two east and west towers making up the community.

The Four Seasons Residences also feature condos in a wide range of sizes ranging from just under 2000 square feet to over 9000! As you can imagine, the price does reflect the level of luxury and the amazing leisure facilities in the condo development include an outdoor terrace, a treatment room, pool, and fitness center among others.



3. One Thousand Bay

one thousand bay


One Thousand Bay is not a towering skyscraper but more of a modest abode. While the exterior might not be as eye-catching as some of the other property options on our list, One Thousand Bay still features amenities and designs that make a regular condo look bare.

If you seek to have lots of light in your home, then One Thousand Bay will definitely impress with floor the ceiling windows to let in the sunlight. The European-style kitchen is complete with stainless steel appliances that really deliver on the new-home feel.

If you intend this home to be your last purchase, then you will be glad to know these homes are positioned in an area that’s considered one of the busiest neighborhoods.



4. Museum House

Museum House


Just the name along brings a certain expectation for those looking for an extravagant but quaint residence. Museum House is a lot lower compared to the other condos in its surrounding location with only 18 floors. Museum house has a contemporary design that might please many in such a modern location.

The building is great for those looking for large and spacious homes for sale. Their homes come in staggering sizes much like the Bloor and Four Seasons. Since they don’t have as many units as the other top choices on our list, you’ll be lucky to find a listing that’s free, so take action when you do!



5. St. Regis Residences



The St. Regis is a very luxurious condo development on Bay Street and is considered a more “budget” option for luxury condos due their average cost in the lower millions. Bay Street is in the City Centre neighborhood in Toronto and is known as a quieter part of downtown. 

Yes, St. Regis, like the Four Seasons is better known as a hotel, but like our number 2 recommendation, they can bring the standard of 5-star living into your everyday life. The facilities justify the price tag as do the hardwood floors and granite countertops[1] that can be found in their studio units.

A Guide in Choosing Luxury Condos in Toronto

There is no debate about the sky-high cost of settling down in major provinces in Canada such as Ontario. Average prices for luxury properties are famous for coming in at the million marks with many going above and beyond that.

When you’re looking for the best luxury condos in Toronto, it takes a skillful balance between cost, comfort and the surroundings. Does the potential residence have all the facilities you desire such as a pool, fitness center, concierge, or even a private access elevator? 

Is the condo designed in a way that appeals to you with floor finishes to ceiling windows, hardwood floors, and marble countertops? Do you like the overall layout of bedrooms, living, and dining spaces? The geographical locale of the building will also affect its price and your standard of life. Noisy neighborhoods and residents can take away from the grandeur of your condo but quiet neighborhoods and residents may be out of the way.

When choosing a luxury residence, make sure you address all these featured points and information to find one that speaks to you in terms of design, living standards, and price.

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Our Top Pick For a Luxury Condo in Toronto: One Bloor


As an award-winning edifice, it’s no wonder One Bloor is our team’s top pick for the best luxury condo in Toronto. They check all the boxes with an elegant design, all the amenities you could want to suit any lifestyle, and of course, it’s located in a convenient area with access to supermarkets, shopping, and the subway station.

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